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Dillon to Visit Titans

March 31, 2007

Adam Caplan is reporting free agent Corey Dillon will visit the Titans, his first official visit to any team.
Somehow, this makes a little more sense to me than the reports of Chargers restricted free agent RB Michael Turner coming to Tennessee. San Diego has tendered Turner at the first- and third-round level and I imagine they will match any reasonable offer made to him. I just don’t see Mike Reinfeldt offering much money to Turner, let alone giving up the picks. He hasn’t offered much to anyone else yet, especially the Titans’ own Travis Henry.
I doubt if Reinfeldt will offer Dillon more than a one-year deal. He’ll turn 33 years old this fall, ancient for a running back. Dillon has over 11,000 yards rushing in his 11-year career, so he’s got a lot of mileage and wear and tear on him. But if Reinfeldt can get him for a year, I’d like to have him.
Last year Dillon split carries with rookie Laurence Maroney in New England and gained 812 yards on 199 rushes, a 4.1-yard average.

Some Pub for Brocato

March 30, 2007

I found a good read on longtime Titans scout C.O. Brocato this morning. Despite being a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a legend in scouting circles, C.O. is little-known by average fans. It’s good to see him get some pub.
C.O.’s stomping grounds are the Southwest, particularly Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, but he also holds the title of National Coordinator of College Scouting for the Titans. This basically means that every college player considered for the draft by the Titans has to get C.O.’s stamp of approval.
The article mentions that Brocato has no intentions of retiring, even after a life-threatening infection which hospitalized him at the Indy combine last year. For him to miss the rest of the combine told everyone that it was very serious.
There are a few things I’ve heard about him that I’d like to mention here. (more…)

Pac’s Lawyers Speak

March 28, 2007

Two of Pacman Jones’ lawyers were on a radio interview this Wednesday morning, doing damage control. One of them, Manny Arora from Atlanta, did most of the talking.
I looked Arora up and found this bio on his law firm’s website.
Manny is extremely intelligent, as evidenced by his nuclear engineering degree, followed by his law degree. He’s very sharp and quick on his feet to answer questions. He can respond to a question immediately, even though he often doesn’t answer it directly, instead deftly steering it in another direction to avoid a direct answer. (more…)

Pacman’s Lawyers To Speak

March 28, 2007

Two of Pacman Jones’ lawyers, Manny Arora of Atlanta and Worrick Robinson of Nashville, will be the guests on The Wakeup Zone, 104.5 FM in Nashville, this Wednesday morning at 9:00 CT. You can listen on the station’s website.
These two guys were on the radio about two weeks ago and were pretty open and forthcoming by saying Pacman had made some mistakes, used poor judgment, and put himself into some bad situations. Of course, they didn’t acknowledge any criminal wrongdoing on Pacman’s part. The interview lasted almost an hour, and I expect about the same this time.
In their last appearance, Arora did about 95% of the talking, with Robinson occasionally chiming in. Arora has also been front and center as Pacman’s mouthpiece in most of the statements to the media. Arora previously defended Ravens players Ray Lewis on murder charges and Jamal Lewis on drug trafficking charges. (more…)

Pacman Facing More Charges

March 26, 2007

It’s not a good day for Pacman Jones and his fans. Multiple sources are reporting that the Titans cornerback is facing three charges in connection with a Las Vegas strip club altercation.
In a Monday afternoon press conference, Las Vegas police said they are recommending to the district attorney a felony charge of coercion and misdemeanor charges of battery and threat to life. Charges have not yet been filed in a triple shooting, which occured after the incident.
The manager of the strip club has accused Pacman of being an acquaintance of the gunman, saying the shooter arrived with Pacman, sat at his table, and then left the club with him before the shooting occured outside the club. It’s my understanding that if true, he could possibly face charges as an accomplice. (more…)

Free Agency Ratings

March 26, 2007

Three articles in the Tennessean have caught my attention.
The first article says that free agency is about the same this year as it always has been, except for the money.
The next two are analyses of how each team has fared. Here’s the report card on the AFC teams and this is the one for the NFC.
It was no surprise that the Titans were rated as having a significant downgrade in the talent on their roster. (more…)

Titans will miss Carr

March 24, 2007

All good things must eventually come to an end. The Houston Texans have released David Carr, which is sad news to many Titans fans.
Fairly or not, Carr was a handy scapegoat for many Texans fans who disliked losing, especially to the team which used to play in Houston. They’re just as happy to see Carr leave as Titans fans are sad. The Tennessee faithful used to kid Texan fans that Carr was the backup in college to Billy Volek, the Titans former backup.
The first player selected in the 2002 draft, Carr quarterbacked the Texans to five losing seasons, compiling a 24-56 record. His record against Tennessee was 2-8, with the only two wins coming in the Titans’ injury-riddled 2004 season. (more…)

Scott signing shows no confidence in Thompson

March 22, 2007

A week or two ago, Jeff Fisher said there would be competition for the free safety position between incumbent Lamont Thompson and a pair of fourth-round draft picks, Vincent Fuller and Calvin Lowry. Now the Titans have added another man to the mix in free agent Bryan Scott.
Fisher called Thompson out after the Dolphins game last year and his proclamation of a competition, plus GM Mike Reinfeldt’s addition of Scott, is a vote of no confidence in Thompson.
Drafted by the Falcons as a second-round pick in 2003, Scott played strong safety and had 36 starts. He was the backup to free safety Josh Bullocks in New Orleans last year. Here are Scott’s stats and a partial bio.
This is the scouting report on Scott coming out of college: (more…)

Tied to the Whipping Post

March 21, 2007

Peter King thinks Pacman Jones will never play another snap for the Titans.
Don Banks opines Pacman will be suspended for a year.
The NFL Players Association is all in favor of stricter player conduct policies and is meeting to discuss what measures they’d like to see taken. Roger Goodell, the new NFL commissioner, needs an issue to make a mark for himself and has taken up the cause. He wants this to be his baby.
Fifty NFL players have reportedly been arrested in the last year and it looks like the poster child for player transgressions will be Pacman, if he isn’t already. (more…)

A Look at the Newest Titans

March 20, 2007

Anytime the Titans pick up a player who’s been in the league a while, I like to get some perspective on the player from a writer who’s covered him with his previous team.
With that in mind, here’s a look at what some writers think about the three newest Titans.
Jason Owens of the Colts Couch Crew has this to say about cornerback Nick Harper:

I can’t imagine that an aging cover-2 cornerback would garner a sizable contract when joining a team that relies predominantly upon man coverage. However given the trouble that the Titans are having with their “star” corner Adam Jones it is understandable that they would be looking to buiild some depth at the position. Depth is also likely the reason the Colts thought that they could allow Harper leave via free agency.