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Thoughts on the Titans’ 2007 draft

April 30, 2007

Overall, I’m disappointed with this draft. The major positions of need were not adequately addressed, while other players were selected at positions which were not priorities. It seems like the Titans drafted too many times for potential and not for proven on-the-field productivity.
Rd 1, #19 — Michael Griffin, S, Texas
An extremely disappointing pick. Griffin has the potential to be a star and will be an upgrade over Lamont Thompson, but safety was not a primary need, especially with Calvin Lowry able to take over the position. Jeff Fisher defended the selection by saying Griffin had the ability to play both safety spots, corner and nickel. So which one is he, Jeff? Where are you going to play him? Corner is the only primary need in the secondary, but if the Titans wanted a corner with this pick, Aaron Ross and Chris Houston, both proven corners, were available and should have been better selections than Griffin. (more…)

Titans’ draft recap, rounds 5-7

April 30, 2007

The Titans had five draft picks in the final three rounds and used four of them on positions of need. The drafting to fill multiple needs was too late, in my opinion, but at least the needs were addressed.
Following are thumbnails on the five final members of the Titans’ class of 2007.

  • Rd 5, #152 – Mississippi State DT Antonio Johnson
    Summary of NFL’s scouting report:

    Compares To: Larry Triplett, Buffalo — Like Triplett, Johnson has the foot speed and quickness to penetrate and gain initial advantage He is a typical two-gap player who works well in space, but it does take him time to recognize the play and he lacks a good feel for blocking schemes His inability to grasp a complicated playbook is a concern and he lacks a feel for locating the ball like Triplett Still, his size/speed will factor into where he goes on draft day.

    Andrew’s take — Could use a little more bulk on 6′ 3″, 305 pound frame. Could be a good fit in Titans’ two-gap defense. Very inexperienced, started only five games in Division 1A after playing in junior college. Will need to be coached up, but will have a great teacher in Jim Washburn. With as many negatives on him as there are in the scouting report, a lot of Wash’s yelling will be directed towards him. Has many similarities to Jesse Mahelona, a fifth-round draft pick last year. A project, but at least I’m glad this position was addressed.

  • (more…)

Titans select center Leroy Harris

April 29, 2007

Tennessee used their first pick on Day Two by selecting NC State center/guard Leroy Harris. It appears the guard part is secondary to his projected position of center.
Mike Reinfeldt seems determined to tick off a lot of fans by not addressing immediate needs. I will remain disturbed about the DE position. I’m not exactly thrilled about the corner and receiver situations either.
I’ve been under the impression that the Titans, including O-line coach Mike Munchak liked Eugene Amano, who until now appeared to be the heir apparent to Kevin Mawae. Whether or not that’s so, the fact remains that the Titans just used a valuable draft pick to replace a reserve. (more…)

Titans’ draft has not gone well so far

April 29, 2007

I have little doubt that not too many Titans’ fans are pleased with the selections made on Day One. The only people who should be happy about it are the three selectees, their families and their agents.
First-round pick Michael Griffin is a guy who has the talent to become a very good player and should be an upgrade at free safety. The problem is, drafting Griffin is like putting a bandaid on a patient who has more serious injuries to other parts of the body.
The second- and third-round selections are guys who, according to the scouting reports I’ve read, are reaches. They have good measurables but don’t produce on the field, guys who look like Tarzan and play like Jane. (more…)

Titans take receiver Davis in fourth round

April 29, 2007

Florida State receiver Chris Davis is the second fourth-round pick for the Titans. It’s good to finally see a guy with some talent drafted at a position of need.
Davis does have some shortcomings, most notably his size. At 5′ 10″, 180 pounds, he’s a smurf.
His attributes include precise route-running and the ability and willingness to catch the ball over the middle and in traffic. He has good run after catch ability with his moves and elusiveness.
As a bonus, he’s also a punt returner and can run the ball on reverses.

  • Here’s the NFL’s scouting report on Davis:

    Compares To: Troy Walters, Indianapolis — Davis is a slippery runner with good acceleration in the open, but once a defender gets a piece of him, the battle is usually over. He is a fearless sort, though, who will go vertical to make the tough catch. Like Walters, he shows some adequate return skills and is capable of gaining positive yardage on the reverse due to his cutback ability.

Although I would have preferred a defensive end with this pick, I’m satisfied with the selection of Davis.

WR/CB Williams selected with Titans’ third pick

April 28, 2007

Finally, the Titans address a legitimate need in the draft. Or maybe two needs. Or maybe none.
Fresno State’s Paul Williams is listed as a receiver/cornerback. Sounds to me like an athlete without a natural position, who hasn’t found a home. A jack of several trades and master of none.
Mike Reinfeldt’s last two picks are very reminiscent of picks Floyd Reese used to make — guys with high measurables, good size and speed, but unable to translate it into performance on the field. Guys who are labeled by scouts and analysts as reaches. (more…)

Titans squander second-round pick

April 28, 2007

With the selection of Arizona running back Chris Henry, the Titans have still not addressed their two major needs, defensive end and receiver.
Maybe the Titans feel they can still get a good DE in the third round and believe Mike Williams is the answer at WR. And maybe some adults still believe in the Easter Bunny.
I look forward to the draft every year like a kid looks forward to Christmas, but so far in this draft Santa hasn’t shown up, the Grinch has left two lumps of coal in the stockings of Titans’ fans, and Mike Reinfeldt is auditioning for the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. (more…)

Titans select Griffin with first pick

April 28, 2007

Oh my gosh, they’ve named the Unknown Soldier!
Well, not really, but pretty darn close to it. Texas safety Michael Griffin certainly wasn’t on the radar of any analysts as a Titans’ pick, as far as I know. Nor was any other safety, to my knowledge.
Safety is by no means a position of primary concern on a team with multiple needs. Chris Hope is firmly entrenched as the strong safety and proved to be an excellent free agent acquisition last year. The free safety position is certainly in need of an upgrade, but the Titans already have a cluster of players to compete for the position.
The top four defensive ends in the draft were already off the board before the Titans’ turn at #19 arrived. However, some good receivers and cornerbacks were still available. Receivers Robert Meachem, Dwayne Bowe and Dwayne Jarrett were all on the board, as were cornerbacks Leon Hall, Chris Houston and Aaron Ross. (more…)

With the 19th pick, the Titans select…

April 28, 2007

Live Blog This Weekend
MVN’s draft experts Dan Wernery and Chris Maier will be doing a live blog this weekend with gavel-to-gavel coverage on NFL Draft University. They’ll have analysis and commentary on each pick in the first two rounds, and then by groups or rounds thereafter.
Dan predicted Tennessee would select Ted Ginn, Jr. in his final mock draft and Chris agreed with him in his latest mock.
I browsed the web a little while to see what some other draftniks thought. (more…)

Titans’ Draft Expectations

April 25, 2007

What will Reinfeldt do?
Mike Reinfeldt has never been in charge of a team’s draft before, so it’s not easy to predict what he’ll do this weekend. However, there are a few clues about him that we can use as a guide to what he may do. Following are my expectations of what will happen.
Tennessee’s new GM stated he viewed his position in managing the draft for the Titans to be as a consensus builder, compiling input from scouts and coaches alike. Translation: Jeff Fisher and his staff will have their opinions carry more weight than they previously did. Former GM Floyd Reese said he valued the opinions of his scouts more than the opinions of the coaching staff. Referring to how much his opinion was valued, a Titans assistant coach once said that Draft Day was always a good day to play golf. (more…)