Titans squander second-round pick


With the selection of Arizona running back Chris Henry, the Titans have still not addressed their two major needs, defensive end and receiver.
Maybe the Titans feel they can still get a good DE in the third round and believe Mike Williams is the answer at WR. And maybe some adults still believe in the Easter Bunny.
I look forward to the draft every year like a kid looks forward to Christmas, but so far in this draft Santa hasn’t shown up, the Grinch has left two lumps of coal in the stockings of Titans’ fans, and Mike Reinfeldt is auditioning for the role of Ebenezer Scrooge.
The Titans needed another back, but they needed a veteran to team with LenDale White, not a rookie. White is still a virtual rookie himself and I don’t know why Fisher and Reinfeldt would trust a pair of inexperienced backs to pass-protect for Vince Young. Give me a veteran third-down back for passing situations. I recall one situation in training camp when a rookie missed his blocking assignment and Fisher was not happy. “#$%&*@!,” he yelled. “Travis, get in here and show this rookie how it’s done.”
So the Titans have now drafted a safety, not a position of need, and a running back, a position of secondary or tertiary need.
Still on the board were receiver Steve Smith and defensive ends Charles Johnson, Victor Abiamiri, Dan Bazuin and DT/DE Ray MacDonald.
Henry gained a grand total of 892 career yards rushing in his four years at Arizona. His highest yards per carry average was an unimpressive 3.5 (twice).

  • Here’s the summary of the NFL’s scouting report on Henry:

    Compares To: Michael Bennett, Kansas City Chiefs The Scouting Combine “darling” after his impressive workout, one needs to realize that Henry was hailed more for his track exploits coming out of high school than his ability on the football field Sure, some team will draft him higher than his stock dictates due to his quickness, but speed wasn’t enough to turn Bennett into an NFL star due to a lack of field instincts, impatience waiting for blocks to develop and inconsistent pad level Others might disagree, but based on his production, or lack of, and less than stellar approach to his benching in 2006, we can’t see Henry being labeled anything more than a workout warrior at this time.


2 Responses to “Titans squander second-round pick”

  1. Andrew K Says:

    This could not have been a worst draft. We waisted a whole days worth of picks. Mike Reinfeldt should be fired now. He has no idea what the hell he is doing.

  2. Junebug Says:

    wow! did I miss a free agent acquisition on the DL? how the heck do you pass on Georgia’s Johnson or Abiamiri or McDonald or Mebane for ….track speed?

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