With the 19th pick, the Titans select…


Live Blog This Weekend
MVN’s draft experts Dan Wernery and Chris Maier will be doing a live blog this weekend with gavel-to-gavel coverage on NFL Draft University. They’ll have analysis and commentary on each pick in the first two rounds, and then by groups or rounds thereafter.
Dan predicted Tennessee would select Ted Ginn, Jr. in his final mock draft and Chris agreed with him in his latest mock.
I browsed the web a little while to see what some other draftniks thought.
The guy whose opinion I respect the most is nfl.com’s Mike Mayock, and he predicts the Titans will select Robert Meachem.
SI’s Don Banks, whom I also respect and who did very well in his mock last year, is predicting in his final mock that Tennessee will select Ginn.
The Dallas Morning News‘ Rick Gosselin, also well-acclaimed for his draft knowledge, picks Ginn for the Titans in his mock.
Here are the predictions from nfl.com:
Pat Kirwan – Marshawn Lynch
Vic Carucci – Robert Meachem
Charles Davis – Robert Meachem
Jamie Dukes – Paul Posluszny
I have to wonder what Dukes was smoking when he made that choice. The Titans will probably draft a linebacker, but not until the second day, and then only for special teams and depth. Dukes said the reason the Titans would pick Poz was because they wanted to draft a player with good character. As if that doesn’t apply to any other top prospect.
Other mocks of note include:
CBS (Clark Judge) – Robert Meachem
CBS (Pete Prisco) – Marshawn Lynch
CBS (Charley Casserly) – Dwayne Jarrett
ESPN.com – Robert Meachem
ESPN (Mel Kiper) – Ted Ginn, Jr.
ESPN (Todd McShay) – Ted Ginn, Jr.
Fox Sports (Jay Glazer) – Jamaal Anderson
Fox Sports (Peter Schrager) – Ted Ginn, Jr.
Fox Sports (Derek Harper) – Robert Meachem
Fox Sports (Adam Schein) – Robert Meachem
SI.com (Peter King) – Robert Meachem
Scout.com – Robert Meachem
I’m going to predict Ginn will be the pick. He was off the board when I selected Meachem in the MVN football writers’ mock draft.
The general consensus seems to be Meachem or Ginn. I prefer Meachem for having better hands, being much larger, and for his route-running. Ginn was able to get by on his speed in college but needs to work on his routes and improve his hands. On the other hand, he has the potential to be a dynamic return man. I wonder, as a lot of teams probably do, about his ankle.
In related draft news, it’s being reported that the Titans are once more actively pursuing trades with San Diego for Michael Turner and with Detroit for Mike Williams. Either trade would certainly change Mike Reinfeldt’s perspective on the first-round pick. One report says the Titans may be offering to switch first-round picks with the Chargers (30th overall selection) and throw in a fourth-rounder for Turner. Williams is expected to cost a fifth- or sixth-round pick.
I wouldn’t mind that deal for Turner. The Titans get their running back to pair with LenDale White and still retain a first-round pick. They can afford to part with one of their fourth-round picks.
Trading a sixth-rounder (Tennessee has three this year) for Williams might not be a bad move. It’s low risk with a potentially high reward. It’s boom or bust, and he’s been a bust so far, after being selected tenth in the draft two years ago.
These are the Titans’ scheduled picks:
Rd 1, #19
Rd 2, #50
Rd 3, #80
Rd 4, #115
Rd 4, #128 from Baltimore (Steve McNair)
Rd 5, #152
Rd 6, #188
Rd 6, #204 from San Diego (Billy Volek)
Rd 6, #206 from Indianapolis (Rocky Calmus 2005)
Rd 7, #223


3 Responses to “With the 19th pick, the Titans select…”

  1. Junebug Says:

    I SAID another playmaking safety was a critical position to win a championship, and you all “mocked” me! Tennessee will regret not taking Nelson instead…my guess is the “Bud” factor ruled. I do like that I was positionally correct!

  2. Junebug Says:

    Looks like we will get to see if I was correct twice a year with Nelon going to Jax… for the Titans sake I hope I eat crow, but it aint gonna be pretty I fear. Nelson’s playmaking wins one of our two matchups this year for Jax. We will do better in the 2nd round picking up….Mebane, Georgia’s Johnson, Rice or Mccauley if lucky!

  3. Andrew Says:

    June, congratulations, you picked it! You hit the nail on the head.

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