Griffin will wear Eddie’s number, play corner


First-round draft pick Michael Griffin has just done two interviews on Nashville sports radio with a few interesting comments.
The most surprising is that he will wear the number 27 uniform for the Titans, the same number he wore at Texas and the same number that used to be on Eddie George’s two-tone blue uniform.
The Titans still have a banner featuring Eddie which adorns one side of the Coliseum, now LP Field. Most people, myself included, believed the Titans had reserved number 27, awaiting the appropriate time to retire it.
Wearing Eddie’s number will come with high expectations and shows the level of confidence the team has in Griffin’s abilities and character. They must believe he will continue the tradition of bringing credit to the uniform, team and city, as Eddie did before him.
A former Heisman trophy winner at Ohio State, Eddie is the franchise’s all-time leading rusher with 10,009 yards and has been selected to four Pro Bowls.
The other big news from the interviews — Griffin was asked if the Titans had told him what position they’d like for him to play and he said he will begin at corner. If that doesn’t work, then they’ll move him back to safety.
He said a lot of good things which showed why the Titans were high on his character. Griffin said he doesn’t drink or use drugs and said nothing good happens downtown or late at night.
Griffin’s parents were both in the military and he was raised to say “yes, sir,” “no, sir,” “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am,” which he did throughout the two interviews.
Mack Brown’s Texas program was credited for the high quality of character in their players, with names such as Vince Young, Ahmard Hall and Bo Scaife used as examples.
Griffin credited Hall for making him a better player, saying that after taking on his blocks in practice it was a lot easier to take on lead blockers in games.


5 Responses to “Griffin will wear Eddie’s number, play corner”

  1. 27 Says:

    It’s kinda interesting that Eddie is mentoring Brandon Jacobs who also wears #27

  2. Andrew Says:

    Edit: I made a change to the above post.
    I first wrote that the Titans used to have an Eddie George banner on one side of LP Field. I was somehow under the impression it was taken down after Eddie left to sign with Dallas.
    This morning I passed LP Field on that side of the stadium, which I normally don’t pass by, and noticed Eddie’s banner is still up there. (Or had been taken down and subsequently replaced.)
    I apologize for the error, which has now been corrected.

  3. Oiler Troll Says:

    Bud is not big on retiring numbers. I believe he has retired only Earl’s and obscurity Jim Norton’s who was the longest to last from the original 1960 Houston Oilers. Elvin Bethea may also get his retired, no?
    Then consider these indignities:
    George Blanda #16 – Hall of Fame QB and winner of 2 AFL titles (and a runner up OT game) for the Oilers
    Cliff Parsley #16 – Punter
    Dante Antonio Pastorini #7 – nearly beat the 1979 Steelers all by himself in the AFC title game, and took a beating for 9 years.
    Tony Zendejas – #7 – K
    Eddie George is great and I miss him, but Bud is not about to give up a number for him.

  4. Matt Votaw Says:

    I am as big of an Eddie fan as there is out there, but I do not think we should retire his number. That is an honor that should be reserved fopr the truely great amoung the NFL ranks, not team ranks. If you ask any NFL fan what number Elway had, they would know it. Ask random NFL fans what number E.G. had, and see how many know. It may surprise you.

  5. Andrew Says:

    Update – Although Griffin said he would be wearing #27, he’s now wearing #33 in practices.
    Note to Oiler Troll – The Titans have also retired the numbers of Warren Moon and Bruce Matthews.

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