Pacman involved in another incident


WSB-TV and The Atlanta Journal Constitution are reporting that Pacman Jones has been involved in another incident at a strip club.
A 2:30 a.m. altercation at Club Blaze, a DeKalb County strip club, was followed by a shooting on I-285. Fortunately, no one was shot but one man was scratched by flying plastic. Investigators want to question Jones about the incident.
If Pacman had any hopes about commissioner Roger Goodell reducing his yearlong suspension to ten games, they are now dashed. In a meeting with Goodell before his suspension, Pacman told the commissioner he was imposing a curfew on himself and would stay out of strip clubs.
It doesn’t look like he intended to abide by his pledge and doesn’t look like he really means what he says.
After his suspension, Pacman promised to change his ways:

“I understand my responsibilities to my teammates, the Tennessee Titans, and our fans, and I am committed to turning my life around and being a positive member of the NFL going forward.”

Pacman still faces charges in Georgia and may face charges in Nevada and Tennessee in other incidents.
The question is no longer whether Pacman will be back with the Titans this year, it is now if he’ll be back with them at all.


4 Responses to “Pacman involved in another incident”

  1. cld12pk2go Says:

    Wow, just Wow!
    Pac, please get a clue…

  2. brian Says:

    this kid is a fool, why doesn’t he just have the girls come to his place? i’m tired of hearing about him.

  3. Tim McClellan Says:

    You do know that Pacman withdrew his appeal of the suspension last week and agreed to the 1 year banishment, right?
    There wasn’t any hope of him coming back this year regardless of what he did this past weekend. He had already accepted his fate and was done with the Titans for 2007.
    More detail about this incident has subsequently come out, and the police in Atlanta are now saying that Pacman wasn’t involved in the shooting, or even present when it occurred. However, witnesses still say that he was involved in a dispute at a strip club, and that the shooting was the end result of the actions of his entourage. So, it sounds like his proclomation that he was going to keep his nose clean, starting with staying away from the people that were considered bad influences was just more lip service from a thug who has absolutely no intention of changing his life.
    It’s a shame because he’s a truly talented athlete. The fact that he’s either not smart enough to realize what he’s costing himself, or man enough to set his own path and separate himself from the influence that has gotten him into hot water on so many occasions, or he just doesn’t have the slightest bit of respect for authority. Whatever the issue is, he has done a stellar job of pissing his NFL career away, and when that money dries up because he’s not playing, he’ll finally find out what life is like without his posse in tow.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Well, Tim, Pacman did withdraw his appeal but Goodell will still review the case after Week Eleven for possible reinstatement. It seems like just a formality though, before Goodell officially makes it a full year. Thanks for the update on the Atlanta police. I should have made that clearer, the police only wanted to question him about the people he was with and what, if anything, happened at the club.

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