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Titans training camp report, Tuesday morning, July 31

July 31, 2007

Ken Stabler wrote in his autobiography Snake that training camps made leaf-raking look like an exciting occupation and that the veterans had to turn to the diversions of whiskey and women to break the monotony.
I wouldn’t go that far in characterizing Titans’ training camp, but this morning’s practice didn’t do much to dispel that notion either. Although it was good to be at practice and see more familiar faces, there isn’t any exciting news to report, but there are some tidbits I hope you’ll find interesting.
It’s still going to take me awhile to get used to the uniform changes. For years, the offense has worn navy blue jerseys while the defense has worn white. This year, the offense is wearing white while the defense is wearing Columbia Blue, or as UNC alum David Thornton calls it, North Carolina blue. (more…)

Pacman To Wrestle?

July 30, 2007

Reports are surfacing that you can soon see Adam “Pacman” Jones in a wrestling ring.
It will be the first time in a long while that he’ll be making news for something other than his escapades which have resulted in legal problems and a NFL suspension.
Pacman has supposedly signed, or is about to sign, with TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which is based in Nashville. Jones’ agent, Michael Huyghue, has neither confirmed nor denied the report.
One of his lawyers, Worrick Robinson, has partially confirmed the story.

      Robinson said Pacman wouldn’t be wrestling, but “would participate in their line of entertainment.”
      “Pacman is talking with TNA at this time and we expect an announcement to be made in the next several days,” Robinson said. “It is not anticipated that he’ll be wrestling, but discussions are taking place for him to have some role in their profession. But details have not be finalized.”

I wonder if Pacman will stand on the top rope and make it rain. Will his posse get involved? How about nightclub dancers and bouncers?
Since he has mounting legal bills and won’t be drawing a NFL paycheck this year, I guess he has to do something to earn a buck.

Titans positional analysis – cornerbacks

July 30, 2007

There’s an old debate whether quality or quantity is more important. The Titans may find out this year — they’ve lost their quality cornerback and will try to compensate with quantity.
The best thing the quantity brings is depth at the position, and many coaches and general managers believe you can’t have enough cornerbacks.
Six is the magic number that all those corners will look at. That’s how many the Titans usually keep on the roster. The following nine players will compete for those projected six roster spots. (more…)

Titans positional analysis – linebackers

July 28, 2007

Although the defensive line has problems, the rush defense should be better this year than last season’s 30th-ranked unit. The reason is simple — the linebacking corps should be improved and be the strength of the defense this season. It also has very good depth.
There are two reasons for the expected improvement. David Thornton was slowed a little last year with a shoulder injury but is healthy now. Secondly, and more importantly, the middle linebacker position was upgraded with the acquisition of Ryan Fowler.
The Titans usually keep six LBs on the roster, plus LB/LS Ken Amato. Following are the players who will compete for those jobs. (more…)

Titans add veteran WR Moulds

July 26, 2007

It’s good to see a veteran receiver signed up by the Titans. At first, I wasn’t really thrilled when I found out the veteran in question was Eric Moulds. Jeff Fisher said this spring the Titans weren’t interested in him. I noted then that Moulds had played for Titans receivers coach Fred Graves in Buffalo and wondered if Graves had anything to do with that opinion.
I felt better after hearing some good things about Moulds from The Houston Chronicle‘s John McClain, a NFL Insider and Hall of Fame selection committee member. Moulds caught 57 passes last year, his lowest total since 1997, and McClain said that was because David Carr stopped throwing him the ball. (more…)

Titans positional analysis – defensive tackles

July 25, 2007

Tennessee was 30th in the league defending the rush last year, which is not a sign of stellar defensive tackle play. It doesn’t help any that they lost starting DT Robaire Smith, who will probably be replaced this year by last year’s backup, Randy Starks.
About the only good offseason news at the position was the re-signing of Rien Long and selecting another DT in the draft, who may or may not help.
Like they do with the defensive ends, the Titans usually keep four DTs on the roster. Following are the guys who will compete for those four roster spots. (more…)

Titans positional analysis – defensive ends

July 23, 2007

The defensive position which gives me the most concern this year is defensive end, specifically on the right side. It was a liability last year which wasn’t addressed at all in free agency and not until late in the draft.
I did another positional analysis on the DEs in January, if you’re interested. I’ll try not to repeat too much of it here and give some fresh outlook after the offseason developments.
The Titans generally keep four DEs on the roster but usually make one of them inactive on game days, rotating the other three in and out. (more…)

Titans’ 2007 Season Preview

July 21, 2007

I was contacted recently by someone who asked me to write a Titans’ season preview for their publication. Before I send it to them, I want to let my regular Total Titans readers get the first look at it.
Following is the info they wanted, with my responses.
Last Year’s Record: 8-8
Last Year’s Summary: After an 0-5 start, the Titans finished strong by winning eight of their last eleven. Rookie of the Year Vince Young, a retooled offensive line, and RB Travis Henry were the keys to Tennessee’s turnaround. Young was 8-5 as a starter and the reshuffled o-line paved the way for 2,214 rushing yards, fifth best in the league. Henry led the way with 1,211 of those yards with 13 starts after wresting the starting job from Chris Brown. The defense was the weak link, ranking last in the league. (more…)

Pacman Might Practice

July 18, 2007

I hadn’t planned on posting anything about Adam “Pacman” Jones for a while.
The recent statement by Jones’ agent that he could be able to practice with the team in training camp drew response both from the league and the Titans. If they found it necessary to comment, I suppose I can too, since it could have an effect on the other players and the team.
If allowed to participate in camp, Pacman will be a distraction to the team. Worse, he’ll take valuable reps away from the guys competing for jobs and those who will play.
I have no reason to believe Jeff Fisher is in favor of it. He should be concerned about the players who will be available this season, not ones that won’t. (more…)

Titans positional analysis – quarterbacks

July 15, 2007

We conclude the analyses of offensive position groups with the quarterbacks. It’s one position that’s set in stone. The only question seems to be whether the Titans will keep two or three QBs on the roster.
They’ve done it both ways in the past, although when they’ve kept two, they’ve usually had a third on the practice squad. Last year they started the season with three on the active roster, but ended with two. The Titans did not acquire a replacement after trading Billy Volek.
Vince Young will be the man again this season, with twelve-year veteran Kerry Collins as the number two. Tim Rattay will be the third, if there is a third. (more…)