Titans positional analysis – offensive line


The strength of the Titans offense this year is their offensive line. As mentioned in the review of the Titans running backs, the best thing they have going for them is the o-line, which paved the way for 2,214 rushing yards in 2006, fifth best in the league. If the line can perform well again this year, they have the potential to make average backs look good.
The o-line had the same starters in fourteen games last season, including the final 13 games. There’s no reason to think any of the reserves will break into the lineup, excluding injury. That lineup consists of center Kevin Mawae, right guard Benji Olson, left guard Jacob Bell, left tackle Michael Roos and right tackle David Stewart.
The Titans normally keep eight linemen on the roster, and that leaves three spots for the others to battle over. I expect the team to keep one backup each at center, guard and tackle.
Fourth-round draft pick Leroy Harris looks to be a lock as the backup to Mawae at center.
Center/guard Eugene Amano is entering his fourth year in the league and is the best guard on the team after Olson and Bell. He may also be the sixth-best lineman and should also be considered a lock to make the roster.
That leaves the reserve tackle position, which should be contested between three guys. Dan Loper held that roster spot last year until a lacerated spleen ended his season. Seth Wand was picked up off the waiver wire to replace Loper and filled the spot the rest of the year. Wand is a four-year veteran who was released last year by the Houston Texans. Seventh-round draft pick Mike Otto rounds out the competition.
The following guys have little chance to make the team: Third-year C/G Justin Geisinger, who was signed off the practice squad when Zach Piller went on IR last year, G Isaac Snell, who was also on the practice squad last year, and second-year man OL Marques Ogden.
Amano and Bell are both tendered restricted free agents. Stewart, Loper, Wand and Snell are in the final year of their contracts.


2 Responses to “Titans positional analysis – offensive line”

  1. Bobert Says:

    Another nice article, though I would like to see more about the strengths and weaknesses of each player. For example, while Bell is quite good at pulling and getting to LBs, he’s not exactly massive or strong. This makes him weak at the POA in some cases. But to me the weakest link on an otherwise very good OL is Olson. He just seems to be slipping, and I don’t think we are getting good value out of him. I hope that Amano can step into that role.
    Harris will need some time to adjust, so I hope that Mawae doesn’t go down. In fact, depth is our biggest concern. Amano can fill in for G or C, but our backup tackles don’t inspire me at all. Wand can play a bit, but there’s a dropoff there. Roos is outstanding, and we have no one to cover for him that can do as good a job. Otto might be able to play RT, but not this year.
    So depth is my biggest concern.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the good words. I did analyses on all the position groups in January and February, and some of them, including the one on the o-line, included the type of analysis you said you’d like to read. I omitted that this time around, so as not to be repetitive by recycling old material. Click here to read what I wrote on the members of the o-line at that time. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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