Fans camp out for Titans tickets


Every year, fans arrive early to camp out for Titans single game tickets, to be at the head of the line to buy the tickets to the games of their choice. I went down to LP Field Thursday evening to meet some of the fans down there.
David Blevins, his family and a friend were at the front of the line. They arrived Wednesday evening, hoping to be among the first in line.
David told me this is their fourth year of doing this, saying they not only get their choice of tickets, but also thoroughly enjoy their time with other Titans fans. I didn’t need to look at his Titans gear and paraphernalia to know he was a kindred spirit.

      “Lots of people think we’re crazy but we have fun and have a good time,” said Blevins.

The Blevins’ tents were the closest ones to the Titans ticket office. They were well prepared for their wait, as evidenced by the folding chairs and other gear. Plenty of pizza, Gatorade and bottled water were on their table, compliments of Don MacLachlan, the Titans’ Executive Vice President of Administration and Facilities.
David said that MacLachlan goes out of his way every year to take care of people. He said the Titans always make sure the fans are fed and he doesn’t worry about food.
He also said he didn’t need to take vacation days to get away from work since his boss knew where he’d be.
We talked football for a few minutes and he regretted the losses of Travis Henry, Drew Bennett and a certain cornerback. David’s favorite Titans are Keith Bulluck and Kyle Vanden Bosch.
It’s fans like David and the others camping out that make me look forward to spending Sunday afternoons at LP Field again this fall.
Blevins plans on using his coveted status as the first in line to purchase tickets for the games against Atlanta and Carolina.
Titans single game tickets go on sale Saturday at 10:00 a.m. CT and they’re always in high demand. The Titans have sold out every game since moving into LP Field, formerly The Coliseum, in 1999. If you plan on buying your tickets online through, it’s a good idea to have an online Ticketmaster account set up before you wait in the queue Saturday morning.


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