Titans’ 2007 Season Preview


I was contacted recently by someone who asked me to write a Titans’ season preview for their publication. Before I send it to them, I want to let my regular Total Titans readers get the first look at it.
Following is the info they wanted, with my responses.
Last Year’s Record: 8-8
Last Year’s Summary: After an 0-5 start, the Titans finished strong by winning eight of their last eleven. Rookie of the Year Vince Young, a retooled offensive line, and RB Travis Henry were the keys to Tennessee’s turnaround. Young was 8-5 as a starter and the reshuffled o-line paved the way for 2,214 rushing yards, fifth best in the league. Henry led the way with 1,211 of those yards with 13 starts after wresting the starting job from Chris Brown. The defense was the weak link, ranking last in the league.
Key Losses: Henry, WR Drew Bennett, WR Bobby Wade, CB Pacman Jones (suspended) and DT Robaire Smith.
Key Additions: MLB Ryan Fowler, CB Nick Harper, CB Kelly Herndon
Team Strengths: The offensive line and linebackers.
Team Weaknesses: Receivers, right defensive end, defensive tackles, free safety.
2007 Projected Team MVP: Vince Young
2007 Projected Record: 7-9
2007 Season Projection Summary: Inexperienced receivers and questions about the running backs will likely result in an offense which is inconsistent at best. Defensively, the addition of Fowler should help against the running game. The Titans desperately need a better pass rush from the right edge and will play more zone coverage this year. If the Titans can succeed in running the ball again this year, they should find themselves in a lot of close games but they’ll probably also get blown out badly a few times.
Division Projections:
1 Indianapolis
2 Jacksonville
3 Tennessee
4 Houston


5 Responses to “Titans’ 2007 Season Preview”

  1. Mike F. Says:

    Good article, can I ask what this is being published in?
    I know your the professional here Andrew, ha, but maybe toss WR Justin Gage as a key addition?!
    Another IMO point, is that regardless what running back is in the backfield this season, I believe that with our powerful offensive line and Vince having the ability to run, it could really lead towards us having another 1000yard back this season.
    I just hope they do something about Lamont. The guy was always late to the ball whether it be on the pass.. or even a run, the guy never stuck his ground.
    Cheers, good reading once again Andrew.

  2. Garo Dykstra Says:

    Pretty good write up. It’s a fair perspective. I agree with Mike that WR Justin Gage is worth mentioning as a free agent pick up and also agree about the RB/O-line situation. Similar to Denver, someone will get 1k yards, just dont know who yet.
    I disagree about being involved in blow outs. I think that day is over. We will lose some games and get handled a few times but I dont think we’ll see the total bashings we have recieved the last few years. Our overall team and depth is better than it has been in 3-4 years which imo is what prevents blow outs. We’ve already cut a LB Rob Reynolds who has been a backup and special teamer due to depth which to me means we’ve upgraded. We dont have the name brand players but we have decent players throughout the roster. I agree with Norm Chow when he said he doesnt know how good we will be but we will be competitive.
    Also would disagree with the normal opinion of Colts and Jags being the clear cut favorites in the division. I believe both of them have just as many questions as we do just in different areas. (Colts defense was horrible last year until the playoffs/superbowl and now it’s depleted coupled with the fact that many predict a Bill Cowher-like season from Tony Dungy who will retire soon. Jags have QB, WR, Safety and coaching questions and under achieve each year.) I personally think the Colts will take a step back like almost every team does after a Superbowl and it will be Jacksonville then us as 1 and 2 followed by Colts and Texans as 3 and 4.
    We did in fact have the best division record last year which is often over looked. We had a good chance to sweep the Colts last year if it wasnt for Lamont (ywt again) or Bobby Wade dropping a perfect TD throw from VY late in the first game that would’ve sealed the win. I think the gap is closer than people think.
    My last point to be made is if we can in fact keep the games close until the 4th quarter then we have a better than average chance at winning it. That’s both Fisher’s and VY fortiet. Hence the reason I think we will be better than 7-9. We could be anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6 depending on injuries and our question mark’s delvelopment. I will guess 9-7 at this point.
    Keep up the good work Andrew…it’s almost real football time.

  3. Tony from the UK Says:

    As one of the few Titans fans on the other side of the Atlantic I’d like to thank you for keeping me informed.
    I agree with most of what you said, but I think that you are being over optimistic in predicting where the Titans will finish. With the personnel losses and Pacman’s suspension I think it will be more like 5-11 and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Titans ended up 4-12.
    Hopefully some of the losses can be made up before the season starts

  4. Andrew Says:

    Thanks, guys. I thought about including Gage, but since they asked for “key” additions I decided to omit both him and Bryan Scott. Gage only caught only 31 balls as a career high and with the number of receivers who will compete for playing time this year, I have no reason to believe he will approach that number again. Scott should be no more than a backup and special teamer.
    I agree the Titans can be successful running the ball behind a good o-line, but it depends on if the backs can satisfactorily answer the questions about them. There are injury concerns about Brown, White hasn’t demonstrated commitment and Henry is an unproven rookie.
    Reynolds wasn’t released due to any on-field issues. He had more than enough ability to make the team and make contributions.
    I agree the Colts will take a step back but they still have the horses on offense to outscore most other teams. They’ve built the team that way, sacrificing defense to strengthen the O. Jacksonville is still superior to the Titans and badly outplayed them in both games last year. The Titans were lucky to get a split. The Texans also outplayed the Titans in the first meeting last year and the Titans were fortunate to win that one as well.
    The Titans gave up 40 or more points three times last year and the defense also played poorly in the games mentioned above. The defense doesn’t look much better this year, which is why I fear they’ll get blown out a few more times.
    Tony, thanks for thinking I’m overly optimistic. Most readers believe I’m too much of a pessimist, so perhaps my opinions are somewhat balanced after all.

  5. Ben Johnson Says:

    Well RB situation should be practically set….. Henry should be the definite starter for the Titans….. WHY might anyone ask, because yes Brown is getting injury prone every year, and yes White is not making a good amount of effort to commit to the team, but those are just small reasons for it…… Reason one…… Henry is neither injury prone (through college that is), and has a full commitment to everything he does. Secondly Henry ran tied for the fastest 40 by a RB at 4.4 i think it was which is pretty crazy fast. And finally for a speed like that and for his size and build he will be like a Brandon Jacobs but so much faster. Those are all you need to know about who will start in the backfield for the Titans. Let alone he has already majorly impressed the coaches especially Chow!!

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