Titans add veteran WR Moulds


It’s good to see a veteran receiver signed up by the Titans. At first, I wasn’t really thrilled when I found out the veteran in question was Eric Moulds. Jeff Fisher said this spring the Titans weren’t interested in him. I noted then that Moulds had played for Titans receivers coach Fred Graves in Buffalo and wondered if Graves had anything to do with that opinion.
I felt better after hearing some good things about Moulds from The Houston Chronicle‘s John McClain, a NFL Insider and Hall of Fame selection committee member. Moulds caught 57 passes last year, his lowest total since 1997, and McClain said that was because David Carr stopped throwing him the ball.
The 57 receptions were for an average of only 9.8 yards, a career low, but there’s a reason for that too. Carr has taken so much punishment that he’s become gun-shy, as Titans fans have witnessed over the years. He’s abandoned the vertical game in favor of quick, short passes, which doesn’t translate into a high yards per catch average. Andre Johnson had only 11.1 yards per catch and much of it was run after catch yardage. Moulds’ career average is 13.2 yards, a much more respectable number.
Other career numbers include over 700 receptions for nearly 10,000 yards, which should merit serious consideration for the Hall of Fame, though it would be questionable if he makes it.
I like something else McClain said about Moulds, that he worked well with the Texans’ young wideouts last year, and should do the same in Tennessee. He said having Moulds mentor the young ‘uns was like having another coach.
Of course, the best thing about his addition is what he should be able to do for Vince Young, giving him a dependable, reliable veteran target. I hope they’re able to get a lot of good work in together in training camp.
Moulds certainly makes the Titans overall receiving numbers look better.

Career Stats REC YDS AVG LNG TDs
Eric Moulds 732 9,653 13.2 84 49
Justin Gage 64 908 14.2 57 4
Brandon Jones 50 683 13.7 53 6
Roydell Williams 29 420 14.5 50 2
Courtney Roby 23 317 13.8 32 1
Total 898 11,981 13.3 84 62

5 Responses to “Titans add veteran WR Moulds”

  1. Andrew K Says:

    Yeah, I completely agree. I think this was a great pickup. The biggest part I like about this is the part about teaching the young guys since we have 4-5 players in there first 2 years.

  2. steve Says:

    Hey guys, check out this article on Fisher’s training camp preview. He makes some promising comments about Moulds’ abilities as one of our new recievers…sound pretty good to me!!!!
    (on what Eric Moulds will bring to this roster)
    Playmaking ability. We are going to plug him in here and there. We are probably going to utilize him inside a little bit because he can bang around and get open. He is a very experienced receiver and he is strong. His hands were excellent in the workout. He did a great job catching the ball. He is excited about the opportunity. He is excited about the opportunity to play with Vince [Young] and get comfortable with Vince. We will see where it goes.

  3. Garo Dykstra Says:

    I like the signing. For all we know Fisher could’ve been “poker facing” when he made the comments about Moulds in the spring. I prefer Moulds over Keyshawn and am very thankfull we didnt sign Freddie Mitchell.

  4. Chris M Says:

    After the draft I had serious doubts about where my team was heading. I’m not saying that Eric Moulds is the answer to a Titan playoff run, but I sincerely feel by the end of training camp the Titans will add at least one if not two more competent players to make this a very interesting, dangerous team to watch.

  5. Bobert Says:

    I’m torn on this one, to be honest, but if he can separate, he’ll be great. We all know he has fantastic hands (dropped one pass all last year, according to stats inc.). I just didn’t see a lot of separation from him in the Texans games I watched. But who knows how much of that is route running or decoy routes, or whatever. If Chow can get him open, he’d be a nice option for Vince…reliability is the key here.
    That said, I don’t like having to cut one of our young WRs.

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