Pacman To Wrestle?


Reports are surfacing that you can soon see Adam “Pacman” Jones in a wrestling ring.
It will be the first time in a long while that he’ll be making news for something other than his escapades which have resulted in legal problems and a NFL suspension.
Pacman has supposedly signed, or is about to sign, with TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which is based in Nashville. Jones’ agent, Michael Huyghue, has neither confirmed nor denied the report.
One of his lawyers, Worrick Robinson, has partially confirmed the story.

      Robinson said Pacman wouldn’t be wrestling, but “would participate in their line of entertainment.”
      “Pacman is talking with TNA at this time and we expect an announcement to be made in the next several days,” Robinson said. “It is not anticipated that he’ll be wrestling, but discussions are taking place for him to have some role in their profession. But details have not be finalized.”

I wonder if Pacman will stand on the top rope and make it rain. Will his posse get involved? How about nightclub dancers and bouncers?
Since he has mounting legal bills and won’t be drawing a NFL paycheck this year, I guess he has to do something to earn a buck.


One Response to “Pacman To Wrestle?”

  1. Samuel Lam Says:

    The thing about it is that TNA is looking for ratings and with the attention Pacman brings with him, it could work
    The WWF (now WWE) brought in athletes like Karl Malone and Mike Tyson to their program. Tyson at the time was a huge controversey, but his presence elevated the ratings for the WWF.
    This could be the same thing, although I don’t know how Pacman will do in the ring. It looks like that even though he has been charged with assault, not like anything worse like dogfighting or murder, TNA, a still rather new name to the mainstream world, can afford Pacman on their program.
    As for Pacman’s image. I don’t know if it would better or worsen it, but I can see a lot of attention going to TNA for this.

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