Titans training camp report, Tuesday morning, July 31


Ken Stabler wrote in his autobiography Snake that training camps made leaf-raking look like an exciting occupation and that the veterans had to turn to the diversions of whiskey and women to break the monotony.
I wouldn’t go that far in characterizing Titans’ training camp, but this morning’s practice didn’t do much to dispel that notion either. Although it was good to be at practice and see more familiar faces, there isn’t any exciting news to report, but there are some tidbits I hope you’ll find interesting.
It’s still going to take me awhile to get used to the uniform changes. For years, the offense has worn navy blue jerseys while the defense has worn white. This year, the offense is wearing white while the defense is wearing Columbia Blue, or as UNC alum David Thornton calls it, North Carolina blue.
I missed the first hour of practice today and who knows, maybe some exciting things happened then. When I arrived, there were seven on seven drills on one end of the first practice field, while the lines were down on the other end. Before I moved on, UDFA rookie Biren Ealy made a nice catch in traffic. Vince Young is high on this guy.
Of course, I went on down to watch the lines. Everyone was in full pads and there were plenty of popping sounds from pad to pad and helmet to helmet contact. I didn’t notice Albert Haynesworth or Benji Olson. Antwan Odom took some reps on the left side and KVB later took some on the right side, which looked promising to me. They later switched back to their regular positions.
Tony Brown went as the #1 left DT and showed some good penetration against Isaac Snell, who replaced Olson. Two rookies, DE Jacob Ford and T Michael Otto went at it a few times with Ford getting the better of it, and surprisingly, not because of an outside speed rush. It didn’t go as well for DT Antonio Johnson, who was manhandled a few times in one-on-ones.
Some 11 on 11 work followed and it didn’t get off to a good start in the early going. There was a botched handoff from QB Tim Rattay to RB Dontrell Moore and the ball hit the ground going the other way. From my angle, I wasn’t able to view the exchange clearly, but when a veteran QB hands off to an UDFA rookie, you know which one gets the benefit of the doubt and which one is suspect.
Chris Henry got a lot of work and had both good and bad moments. He ran hard and tough at times but also put the ball on the ground once after taking a hit.
Courtney Roby made the play of the morning, latching onto a deep pass in tight coverage. Roby and Vince Fuller both came down with the ball and neither was able to wrestle it away from the other after they hit the ground and fought for possession.
Practice concluded with field goal drills. Rob Bironas got the first reps and rookie John Vaughn followed. There have been reports about a Bironas injury and surgery, but he looked fine and was still booming the ball. Vaughn also showed a pretty good leg and the difference between him and Bironas was noticeable. Bironas was kicking farther, but with a lower trajectory. In a game situation it might have been possible to block some of those with a strong push up the middle. Vaughn didn’t have quite as much distance, but he kicked with more of an arc on the ball, high enough to avoid any block attempts from the middle. Cortland Finnegan was used as an edge rusher and came close to affecting a few kicks.


6 Responses to “Titans training camp report, Tuesday morning, July 31”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Mea culpa. Correction — I thought Roby and Fuller had come down with that one pass simultaneously. After seeing it again on tape, Roby’s catch was even more spectacular. He caught it behind Fuller and then transferred the ball from Fuller’s back into his own chest. When it happened live I saw the two of them wrestling for possesion after they fell to the ground and thought they each had their hands on the ball before that. A helluva catch..

  2. Garo Dykstra Says:

    Good work Andrew. The Roby catch must’ve been impressive…I’ve read about it in no less than 10 different reports/articles. Roby seems to be taking that “3rd year WR” step.
    Seeing things in person…who impressed you the most? Who looks like they might not make the team?

  3. Andrew Says:

    George Walker got some great photos of Roby’s catch which are in this morning’s Tennessean. I’ve added one of them above this post, which should give everyone a good visualization of it. Roby held on and maintained possession after he and Fuller hit the ground.
    Roby impressed me a lot with that play. Tony Brown and Ben Hartsock have impressed me too. David Stewart and KVB always impress me. Usually, most veteran starters are just out there, if you know what I mean. They know their jobs aren’t in jeopardy and don’t need to impress like the rookies and marginal players do.
    It’s far too early to guess who might not make the team based on a few practices. Obviously, the undrafted rookies are just camp fodder and won’t make the team, but one of them has a shot.
    Biren Ealy has been impressive and would have a shot at making the team if it wasn’t for all the other receivers they already have. He worked out with Young in Houston this summer and Vince convinced the Titans to bring him in and give him a shot.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Need more positives about the team!

  5. Brandon Says:

    I believe people would like to here more positive things about the Titans. All people talk about is “Pacman did this” and “This player is hurt AGAIN” People tired of hearing bout negative things about there teams! Fans deserve to hear about the good things that are going on with the team, they deserve to know what new talent has come to the team especially with all the young talent that is on the team now! I believe that these preseason games should be used to let the younger player get a feel of whats to come since they are going to have to step up and play anyway! Tell about how good “Chris Henry” did in the preseason opener “yea they were back ups but they were’nt all rookies” dude still got heart. Tell people have the defense did great even though the score didn’t show it! I believe that the TITANS need a younger backup! I understand keeping a older more experienced QB but not two. You have to prepare your team for years to come, having two older QBs is not doing that! There’s plenty of young talent out there like Omar Jacobs, Troy Smith(if he’s cut) and plenty of others. I also feel that the team should look into receivers that are similar to VINCE YOUNG that can pass and scramble so that when he’s out (god forbide that he’s not) you will have someone to come in so that you won’t have to change up your whole game plan! Well that’s all I have and I hope that someone see’s this and takes my advise on giving more of what the FANS want to know! Yea PLAYERS ARE HUMAN TOO AND THEY DESERVE TO ENJOY LIFE TOO SO WHEN ONE GETS HURT FROM HAVING FUN DEAL WITH IT!

  6. Kendrick Tilley Says:

    When looking at the wide-out selection the titans need to take a few things into consideration. I mean now there are 10-way battle for like 5-7 spots if the titans go that way….. I feel that R.Williams and J.Gage did an okay job but not enough to take pressure of of the running game or V.Young. I think the lay-out should be this way for the wide-out corps for titans:
    M.Williams(already cut)
    Then you can throw like another wide-out drafted or signed later. But the only way to see if they will truly do well all need to get the same amount of time throughout each game in the pre-season, the same looks, passes, and blocking assignments to see how they really fair out in the game time. In camp its easy to standout without the pads and really speed(game contact0 but when you put them on the field, those same guys who stood out are now dropping passes and little things. yes it says allot that P.Williams was not active the whole season but sometimes you have to be sat down and showed that nothing is given to bring out the real talent that they he has. To me he has the natural talent and abilities with a dash of freakiness on the field plus the speed. To me he is the sleeper and will show that he has what it takes to give V.Young a true pair of hands to lay the ball in.

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