Titans vs Redskins Preview


Live Blog Here Tonight
My partner Tom will be liveblogging the game tonight here on Total Titans. Please stop by to check it out and feel free to add your comments as the game progresses. Thanks, Tom. You can watch the game on NFL Network or the Nashville MyTV station while you follow Tom’s commentary on the live blog. You can also listen to it on Titans Radio. Check here to find your local Mid-South Titans Radio station.
Jeff Fisher hasn’t named his starters at several competitive positions, but it really doesn’t matter, since he said he’ll give the other contenders the start next week. I assume this would include RB, WR, MLB, CB and FS. Fisher said he expects the starters to play three or four series, which should be well into the second quarter. However, Fisher added that some players would have to play longer than planned due to injuries.
I don’t expect to see much, if any, of the following players, who have all missed practice time with injuries this week.
G Benji Olson (back)
T David Stewart (shoulder)
T Mike Otto (knee)
TE Ben Hartsock (ankle)
TE Jamie Petrowski (legs)
WR Brandon Jones (hamstring)
WR Roydell Williams (hamstring/groin)
WR Justin Gage (toe)
WR Jonathan Orr (leg)
DE Travis LaBoy (hamstrings)
DE Nathaniel Adibi (hip)
DE Josh Savage (ankle)
DT Albert Haynesworth (back)
DT Jesse Mahelona (hamstrings)
CB Michael Waddell (ankle)
CB Andre Woolfolk (hamstring)
DT Rien Long hasn’t practiced in over a week. The official word from the Titans every day is that he’s been held out for “rest.” I wonder if he’s rested enough to play tonight.
Don’t expect to see much in the way of strategy. It will be pure vanilla on both sides of the ball for both teams as the coaches evaluate talent.
The best thing about these “exhibition” games is the chance to watch the new free agents and rookies. I will try to pay a little extra attention to Ryan Fowler, Nick Harper, Kelly Herndon and Eric Moulds. First round draft pick Michael Griffin will merit a look too. I also want to try to keep an eye on Eric King, who’s been doing well in practice.
Problem positions to watch will include DT, RDE, FS and WR.
Unless you already have all of the players’ jersey numbers memorized, I highly recommend printing a roster so you know who’s who. You can get the roster here listed by name, jersey number, or positional group sequence.
For a look at the Redskins, please check out Hog Heaven, our Redskins site here on MVN.


One Response to “Titans vs Redskins Preview”

  1. brian Says:

    young will not play tonight due to a team rule violation.

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