Reflections on Titans vs Packers


LenDale White made a statement last night and laid claim to a starting job in the process. White ran tough and at times looked like a bull in a china shop. It often took two Packers to bring him down. I loved the block he made on Vince Young’s touchdown run.
I believe Ryan Fowler has also won a starting job. He got the nod at MLB last night and played into the third quarter. He and Stephen Tulloch had been alternating starts and it was Tulloch’s turn. Tulloch didn’t get passed over due to injury, he played in the second half.
On special teams, Chris Davis moved past Cortland Finnegan into the lead for the punt return job.
Those were the only three jobs I saw being decided last night.
Before the game Jeff Fisher said most of the roster spots were already decided upon but the ones that were still available could be won by a good performance against the Packers. I didn’t notice anyone on the bubble stepping up and doing that. Courtney Roby may have come the closest by making two receptions.
Calvin Lowry didn’t play particularly well and the coaches will have a tough call to make at free safety. It doesn’t look good for Lamont Thompson though. He may be gone tomorrow.
As a matter of fact, the entire secondary looked bad, particularly in the Packers’ second series when Brett Favre picked them apart.
The Packers outplayed the Titans in the first quarter, when both teams had their starters on the field. It wasn’t until Green Bay pulled their starters that the Titans first team began to play well.
On a positive note, two former starters who have been injured played again last night. Reynaldo Hill started at corner, spelling Nick Harper, who was nursing a slight injury, and Ben Troupe finally saw some action. Neither one played too well, but I think both were understandably rusty.
I don’t expect Hill to be more than a fifth CB at best. My hopes are higher for Troupe. He needs to get it together and return to form so he can contribute. The offense sure could use him.

6 Responses to “Reflections on Titans vs Packers”

  1. Garland Says:

    The fact that Fisher had Roby returning kicks last night makes me think he will make the roster. Otherwise I would have expected to see the projected starting kick returner out there. But that might be reading more into it than is warranted.

  2. Garo Dykstra Says:

    The only thing I would disagree about is Lamont Thompson and the Packers 1st quarter. He’s appears to be playing at his best and it would surprise me if he’s gone…wont hurt my feelings…but will surprise me.
    Packers came out with the sole objective of working on there two minute drill so of course there going to get some yards and move the ball. We didnt give up anything big, held them to 1 TD and stuffed the run yet again. Other than some sloppy tackling and sub par play from Hill and Lowry, we were solid.
    Andrew is right on though about LenDale, Chris Davis and Fowler. I also felt Corey Simon’s two or three plays were huge. He caused havoc. If he stays healthy, him and Haynesworth could be our version of Jacksonville’s Henderson/Stroud. Could be very impressive.
    I also agree that Hill is a career backup. Finnegan and Griffin are leaps and bounds better.
    Good article. Meaningful games are now here.

  3. steve Says:

    Ryan Smith was released today. If someone would have told me that he wouldn’t make the team at the beginning of training camp, I would’ve been really surprised due to his production last year at Florida.

  4. brian Says:

    that must have been some show if the redskins had to aide the packers in getting white to the turf! 😉
    the tackling, if you wan’t to call it that, was bad at best during the first half, the defense better fix that fast because the jags have out hit the titans lately. i hope things continue in the “w” column for us next week.

  5. Andrew Says:

    Brian, that’s what happens when I haven’t had a second cup of coffee yet. 😉 I noticed I did the same thing with the photo credit too. They’re fixed now, thanks for catching that.

  6. jrtitans Says:

    Probably time to make some predictions in some key areas:
    DBs: (10) Harper,Hope,Grif, Finnigan,Herndon–and I go with Fuller,Lamont,King,Nickey,Scott.
    Cuts: Lowry,Hill
    DLs: (9) KVB,AL,Simon,Odom,Conover, Brown, Starks,Mehalona and a DE from the waiver wires.(remember the Europa exemptions of Winkler and Hall so 9 will work)
    Cuts: Sape,Savage, LaBoy,Long
    WRs: (6) Jones,Moulds, Davis, Ealy,Gage, Williams
    Cuts: Filiani, Roby, Roydell
    And I think Cramer makes the squad–somewhere.

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