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Playing favorites with the Titans

September 30, 2007

Some regular readers have noticed I seem to like some Titan players more than others. They’ve also noticed there are some Titans that I don’t particularly care for and for whom I seldom have good things to say.
I plead guilty. I do have some favorite players, just like many other fans. There are also some players who have given me reason not to make my list of favorites. Others simply haven’t been with the team long enough or had enough playing time for me to evaluate them. Others are neither on my good nor bad list.
In the full spirit of partial disclosure, I will reveal my favorite Titans below, along with some reasons why I like them. Afterwards, I’ll invite you to do the same with your comments. (more…)


Titans Bye Week Report

September 27, 2007

Count me among the doubters who thought the Titans would have a tough time starting out when the schedule was released. It wasn’t hard to think Tennessee could easily have an 0-3 start.
Life is good at 2-1, especially considering the record is two plays away from being 3-0.
Not much else is unexpected, but the play of the d-line and secondary are pleasant surprises.
I can’t recall Albert Haynesworth having two good games in a row before, but now he has three. The synergy created by Albert and Kyle Vanden Bosch has been wonderful. KVB never was able to enjoy that when he was on the left side. (more…)

Thoughts on Titans Win Over Saints

September 25, 2007

Tonight, the Tennessee Titans defeated the New Orleans Saints, 31-14. The Titans came out strong and took a 10-0 lead, but the Saints scored late in the first half and early in the second to take a 14-10 lead. The Titans woke up again, though, and dominated the late 3rd and early 4th quarter, scoring three TDs in the last 17+ minutes to take the win.
Since I liveblogged the game, most of my thoughts can be seen there. Something I didn’t talk about enough there, though, was the dominance of the Titans’ lines, particularly on defense. Drew Brees was under pressure all night and the Saints were unable to run the ball effectively. The Saints eventually had to move to only 3-step passes to keep Drew Brees upright and able to make decent throws. With one notable exception, the Titans were able to really limit the Saints’ deep pass game, while also intercepting Brees four times, three by Keith Bulluck and the fourth returned for a TD by Vinny Fuller to seal the win. (more…)

MNF Liveblog: Titans@Saints

September 24, 2007

Welcome to the liveblog of tonight’s Titans-Saints game, the final game of Week 3 of the 2007 NFL regular season. As I noted in my previous post, this marks Vince Young’s debut on national TV as an NFL player. It also marks the first appearance for the Titans on national TV since a blowout loss to the Broncos on Christmas Day 2004. For the whole liveblog and some preview notes, please see after the jump. (more…)

Thoughts about Titans on MNF, live blog tonight

September 24, 2007

Good news comes first — Tom will be doing another liveblog tonight so please join us. Tom did a great job on his last liveblog and will no doubt have another great one tonight. Get a comfortable seat in front of your TV and computer, have some tasty snacks and cold drinks close at hand and give us your thoughts as the game progresses.
One interesting thing about tonight’s game will be the status of punter Craig Hentrich. He’s listed as questionable with a bad back and may be a gametime decision.
Journeyman punter Josh Miller has been signed as a contingency. While he could handle the punting duties if necessary, the interesting thing will concern one of Hentrich’s other duties, as the holder. (more…)

MNF Liveblog Tonight

September 24, 2007

In honor of Vince Young’s first national TV appearance as an NFL player, I will be liveblogging tonight’s Titans-Saints Monday Night Football game. I hope to commence the liveblog with ESPN’s pregame coverage and will be here all the way through the final whistle and afterward (weather permitting).
I’ll have more thoughts on the game when I start the liveblog this evening, but in the meantime take a look at the preview Andrew posted on Friday. The matchup of the Saints’ ends, Grant and Smith, against the Titans’ tackles, Roos and Stewart, is the one that concerns me the most. Again, more thoughts this evening, and I hope to see you there.

Titans at Saints Preview

September 21, 2007

The Tennessee Titans will return to primetime this Monday night to take on the Saints in New Orleans before a national television audience. Although much of the hype will surround Vince Young and Reggie Bush, two of the top three draft picks last year, the real story is about the teams.
The NFC runners-up last year, the Saints fell one game short of a Super Bowl appearance and were touted by many as favorites to make it this year. Surprisingly, they’re off to an 0-2 start, losing to the Super Bowl champion Colts and the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Monday night will be their home opener and they’ll be as dangerous as an animal backed into a corner.
New Orleans scouting report:

Four more years for Jeff Fisher

September 17, 2007

The Titans have reportedly agreed to a four-year extension with coach Jeff Fisher. An official announcement is expected later today.
Fisher is working this year under an option which was exercised by owner K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. The extension will keep Fisher under contract through the 2011 season.
I’m glad to see Adams finally agree to Fisher’s demands, whatever they may have been. It probably wasn’t a monetary issue, since his new contract will reportedly pay him only $5.5 to 6 million per year, a little low compared to Mike Holmgren’s $8M. (more…)

Reflections on Titans vs Colts

September 17, 2007

It’s a little unusual when a game goes pretty much as expected, but that was my experience in Sunday’s Titans-Colts game.
Indy kept eight men in the box and was effective in slowing the Titans’ running game. It’s not necessary to look at the stats to find out if Bob Sanders had a big game. He was all over the field making plays, almost making me wonder if Indy had more than one #21 in their lineup.
Although the Titans had good blocking at the point of attack, the Colts’ defensive speed prevented them from going far beyond the line of scrimmage. LenDale White had a decent game running the ball but Chris Brown didn’t. (more…)

Titans vs Colts Preview

September 14, 2007

Titans fans are still euphoric after last week’s road victory over the division rival Jaguars. Those good feelings carry over into Week Two as the Tennessee Titans play host to another division rival, the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts.
A win Sunday would give the Titans a 2-0 division record and leave the Colts, Jaguars and Texans winless within the division. The Colts looked impressive in Week One with a 41-10 win over the New Orleans Saints.
Field: Grass. Forecast: Sunny, with a high near 78. Wind northeast around 5 mph. (more…)