Titans Release Thompson


Several veteran players were among the cuts the Titans made today.
The most notable was free safety Lamont Thompson, a four-year starter for the Titans. I believe it was 50-50 if he would stay or go and I’ve been uncertain after the good camp he’s had. When coupled with Calvin Lowry’s failure to step up and seize control of the job, it led me to believe Thompson might hang on.
The other veteran cuts of note were expected for the most part. They were WR Courtney Roby, QB Tim Rattay and OT Seth Wand.
Rattay is the only one of the three that’s much of a big deal, and only because it means the Titans will go into the season with two quarterbacks instead of three.
I don’t think it’s much of a big deal to cut your seventh or eighth receiver or your ninth offensive lineman.
None of the other cuts were surprises.
Here’s what happens next. All teams will notify the league office which players they want to claim off waivers. If more than one team puts in a claim for a player, he goes to the team which had the worst record last year. Coming off an 8-8 season, the Titans will be in the middle of the pack in the pecking order. The league will notify the teams Sunday morning of any players they were awarded off waivers. That applies to players with less than four years experience.
I expect the Titans will try to claim a defensive end and perhaps a veteran receiver. It’s also possible for them to claim an outside linebacker.
More on this as it develops.
Sep 2 Update: The Tennessean reports the Titans didn’t claim any players off waivers. There are still some veteran free agents out there they might try to sign.
The following have been named to the practice squad.
QB Ingle Martin (2nd year, from Packers)
G Isaac Snell
T Mike Otto
RB Quinton Ganther
TE Cooper Wallace
TE Jamie Petrowski
LB Colin Allred
I’m surprised they kept two TEs. There’s still room for one more player on the practice squad. DE Ulrich Winkler is also on the practice squad as an exemption.


10 Responses to “Titans Release Thompson”

  1. Garo Dykstra Says:

    Im with you, I was 50/50 on Lamont. I personally would’ve kept him instead of Nickey…I know Nickey has great special teams but if the goal is to have the best 53 man roster…
    But! I’m pretty darn happy with our team and looking forward to this season. There have been alot of decent players let go by other teams but Im not sure any of them are a great upgrade over what we have.

  2. brian Says:

    I’m with you, I like the team and hope we can get off to a great start next week.
    Personally i’m glad to see Thompson hit the road, atleast Nickey make mistakes at full speed and plays with a bit of a mean streak. Andrew, I only see one addition, with both Troupe and Hartsock hurt, the Titans may pick up a TE if one is out there. Although that will likely be addressed on the practice squad.

  3. jrtitans Says:

    Have to say Im happy with this team also. What a vote of confidence by Fisher to keep 7 receivers. Who can say VY doesnt have targets with a backfield that can catch and so many people to throw to?
    Andrew, your article is right on. I would have thought LT beat out Lowry but really dont want to defend either one. He may still go since I saw releases of S Josh Gattis and Donovan Darius.Also saw DE Quentin Moses released and a DT Wimms from Tampa. I dont know if any of these released guys will help but OLB in place of Woods and DE in place of LaBoy would be opportunities for upgrade.
    On TEs–They evidently kept Cramer and Petro will get signed to the practice squad so I think they will be ok. Scaife appears to be an impact player.
    What do you think of my starting defensive secondary of:
    Harper, Hope, Griffith, Finnegan.

  4. Dan Says:

    I like it. In your scenario is Griffin a safety or a corner. Andrew how is this possible: “I believe it was 50-50 if he would stay or go” then “it led me to believe Thompson might hang on.” Wouldn’t that be more than 50-50?

  5. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, I can maybe see them picking up a TE. But the injuries are only temporary. Still don’t know about Troupe’s. He showed that he can take the field but he didn’t show that he can play. He better hurry. Not sure if the Titans sign Petrowski to the practice squad – they may go with Wallace instead.
    If the Titans pick up an OLB, I’m thinking they’re looking for a guy who can play both sides. And it wouldn’t be Woods that got dumped, it would be Gardner.
    The Harper, Hope, Griffin, Finnegan secondary might happen sometime in the future, but not for a while. You can’t just throw Griffin into a position before he’s had a chance to learn it.
    Thanks to all for your comments. We’ll see what happens later today. I’m not expecting much. The only pickup who might get a bit of playing time would be a fourth DE who would rotate in as needed.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, I see what you’re saying Dan. Thanks for pointing that out. I should have worded that better. I thought early on Lowry would win the job, but later on I thought Thompson had a chance to stay.

  7. Garland Says:

    I see that Cooper and Petrowski both made the practice squad (for now anyway). I’m glad they hung on to Petro. I saw him play in one of the NFLE games (the next to last game, maybe) and was very impressed. He could be good once he gets his legs back under him. Playing in Europe pretty much wipes out any chance you have of making your NFL team that season because you miss all the off-season work and come back with tired legs. Hopefully they can replace NFLE with a spring developmental league in the US. I like the idea that Larry Stone proposed last month on TitansRadio.com. Two NFL teams would share a developmental team in a city between the two NFL cities (like the Titans and Falcons sharing a team in Birmingham). Each team would supply coaches and players, so the time spent wouldn’t be wasted learning someone else’s system as it was in Europe. It will be interesting to see what the NFL comes up with.

  8. jrtitans Says:

    Glad to see that I wasnt the only one watching Europa :). Im a fan of Petro too but Andrew predicted him not making the team over a month ago on this site. The 9/2 update here is great and you always can count on Total Titans to bring the best specific news. Anyone notice that the practice squad is almost all offense? The note about a developmental league is ok with me because I like year round football but many say it just never works.
    The pressure is on now from many areas! Too bad we dont have a cupcake schedule like the Redskins or we could start 5-0.
    We have 3 tough games starting the season. Some wins here could put us in the playoff picture while 3 drops would put us behind the 8-ball. The tone for the season starts early. Also, backup players will add some pressure.
    Behind Troupe, you got TEs on the practice squad waiting in the wings and the potential returns of Givens and Pac which leads me to another question.
    If a player returns like a Givens or Pac, Can you kick a starter to the practice squad or do you just have to release a guy to make room?
    News around the net also sounds promising:
    (titans)-say they have confidence in Lowry to make the plays.
    (John Clayton report) says Fisher has made comparisons with this team to the 99 Superbowl Group.
    (Don Banks-SI) says Titans seem to have a viable run option and White wants to play football.
    Most people have the Titans doing no better than last years record and not making the wild card game. All I can say to them and the other teams: Get ready for the Pain Train because we didnt accept that answer.

  9. brian Says:

    you have to release a player from your roster when a guy is activated off the PUP or IR. Once the player is released and if he goes unclaimed by any team then he may be signed to the practice squad.
    This first game against the Jags will tell us a lot about what to expect of the titans over the first 6 to 8 games. Our defense is going to be key. We have to tackle well, and win the line of scrimage, if not it’s gonna be a long day against a very physical team that can pound the rock.

  10. Andrew Says:

    Brian, thanks for answering jr’s question.
    Also for jr — Givens and Pacman won’t be back this year. Regarding Fisher’s positive comments, what do you expect him to say? That he has no confidence in Lowry or this isn’t a good team? Fish is putting a positive spin on it like any coach would, whether they believe it or not. Don’t believe all the propaganda the teams’ coaches and spin doctors spew out. Trust what you see on the field, not what the coaches say.

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