Titans at Jaguars injury report and thoughts on inactives


Jacksonville Jaguars
Out: LB Clint Ingram (ankle), DT Tony McDaniel (knee), C Brad Meester (ankle), LB Kenneth Pettway (quadricep)
Probable: DE Brent Hawkins (illness), DE Reggie Hayward (achilles), DT John Henderson (shoulder), G Chris Naeole (knee)
Tennessee Titans
Doubtful: TE Casey Cramer (knee)
Questionable: C Kevin Mawae (illness)
Mawae returned to practice Friday and is expected to play. I doubt if we see Cramer, he’ll probably be put on the eight-man gameday inactive list.
C Leroy Harris should be another inactive. Between them, Dan Loper and Eugene Amano can backup all five line positions, making Harris unneeded. Two of the seven receivers should also make the inactive list. I don’t know which two, but Alan Lowry should have a lot of input as to which he needs most on special teams and which he can do without. Perhaps Biren Ealy and Paul Williams?
That makes four of the eight inactives. With nine d-linemen, I’d normally expect two of them to be inactive. But with Corey Simon only expected to see limited action and with the heat and humidity, I wouldn’t be surprised to see eight actives. DE Sean Conover should be the one who’s sat down. If a second d-lineman doesn’t dress, it will probably be Jesse Mahelona.
Corners Reynaldo Hill and Kelly Herndon are possibilities, as is LB Gilbert Gardner.
All in all, none of the inactive players will be greatly missed.
I don’t see the Titans cutting any vested veterans for salary cap purposes. Vested veterans (four or more years of service) who are on the roster Opening Day have their salaries guaranteed for the entire season. With about $10 million in cap room, that shouldn’t be an issue, as it used to be.
Two years ago, I recall the Titans did cut a guy for that reason. I don’t remember his name offhand, but seem to remember he signed with someone else a few days later. There may be a few cuts around the league like that this weekend, with most of those guys latching on somewhere else next week. We’ll see what happens.


6 Responses to “Titans at Jaguars injury report and thoughts on inactives”

  1. brian Says:

    man, what a catch by Bo!
    Go Titans

  2. brian Says:

    and big al’s stupidity strikes again…TD jax

  3. brian Says:

    this team has to learn how to get it in the endzone

  4. brian Says:

    why am i having flashbacks to auburn’s game last night?

  5. brian Says:

    the run and the defense look great. vince looks awful.

  6. Dan Says:

    Titans win!!!!!!!!!!

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