Titans vs Colts Preview


Titans fans are still euphoric after last week’s road victory over the division rival Jaguars. Those good feelings carry over into Week Two as the Tennessee Titans play host to another division rival, the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts.
A win Sunday would give the Titans a 2-0 division record and leave the Colts, Jaguars and Texans winless within the division. The Colts looked impressive in Week One with a 41-10 win over the New Orleans Saints.
Field: Grass. Forecast: Sunny, with a high near 78. Wind northeast around 5 mph.
Colts Scouting Report:
Overview – Despite three personnel changes on offense, the Colts look to be as dangerous as ever. Although they’ve also lost some good players on defense, they’re still extremely active and quick to the ball. Indy has to be considered one of the favorites to advance deep into postseason play once again.
Offense – Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne looked as sharp as ever in the win over the Saints. Joseph Addai takes over as the full-time running back and the Colts shouldn’t miss a beat there. First round draft pick Anthony Gonzalez replaces Brandon Stokley as the slot receiver, which may prove to be an upgrade before the year is over. The only dropoff may be at left tackle, where rookie Tony Ugoh steps in for the retired Tarik Glenn.
Defense – Quite a few starters are missing from last year, including CBs Nick Harper and Jason David, DTs Montae Reagor and Booger McFarland, and LBs Cato June and Gilbert Gardner. They still have the stars of their defense though. DE Dwight Freeney is a game changer as a premier pass rusher. Remember how the Colts defense was having problems in the middle of last season? That all changed when playmaknig safety Bob Sanders returned to the lineup. The Titans know it will be a different ball game trying to run the ball with Sanders in there. Coach Tony Dungy still favors playing his familiar Tampa-2 defense.
Keys for the Titans – 1) As always against Indy, Tennessee needs to be able to run the ball effectively to gain a time of possession advantage. Ball control drives are especially desirable to keep the Colts offense on the sidelines.
2) The Titans need to be more efficient in the red zone, scoring touchdowns instead of field goals. The Titans scored only 13 points last week from four trips inside the Jacksonville 10-yard line. That won’t cut it this week.
3) The Titans have had recent success by allowing the Colts moderate ground gains while trying not to give up the deep pass. They’ll have to continue that, but you can bet Manning will try to pick on FS Calvin Lowry.
Matchups to watch – There are a lot to choose from. Harper vs Harrison and Cortland Finnegan vs Wayne. RDE Kyle Vanden Bosch will test the rookie LT Ugoh. On offense, LT Michael Roos hopes to have another decent day against Freeney. Guards Benji Olson and Jacob Bell should do well against the Colts new DTs. I’m looking forward to the first head-on collision between LenDale White and Sanders.
Last meeting – Vince Young led the Titans to another come from behind win and Rob Bironas kicked a 60-yard field goal in the final seconds for a 20-17 win.
Prediction – The Titans held Indy to only 31 combined points in two meetings last year, a number the Colts usually score in one game. Can the Titans defense hold the score down again? Can the offense put more points on the board?
Colts 20
Titans 17


10 Responses to “Titans vs Colts Preview”

  1. Garo Dykstra Says:

    Titans 21
    Colts 18

  2. Andrew Says:

    🙂 I like your prediction, Garo, and hope the Titans will have more points on the scoreboard, but how do you figure 18 for the Colts? Six FGs and no TDs? Off the top of my head I don’t remember the last time the Colts had more FGs than TDs.
    I’ll be happy with Titans 21, Colts 17! It will take some serious work though.

  3. Garland Says:

    Andrew, the Colts start off with a TD and FG for 10 points. Then trailing the Titans 21-10, they score a 4th-quarter TD to close the gap. To make it a 3-point game instead of 4, they successfully go for 2, making the score 21-18. Michael Griffin, playing in the dime package, intercepts Manning to win the game. How’s that, Garo?

  4. Silverback Says:

    Garo – Dont act like a Giants fan and man up. Andrew busted you. Its like like a team scoring “4” or for that matter sleeping with your mother. It can be justified after the fact but its just not done.

  5. Garo Dykstra Says:

    It was just a number that popped in my head. Didnt put myself through the trouble of doing a series of mathamatical equations but Garland’s explanation sounds is very logical and very possible as 18 points has been done before in that manner. Fact is, Im probably wrong as the Titans will probably kick a couple of field goals themselves…my point is I think we’ll win a close one by roughly 3 points. I’m 1-0 at predicting the Titans this year, and like the Titans, a win is a win, doesnt matter by how much. 🙂

  6. kareem Says:

    the titans will be the colts this sunday thats right the colts. listen offensively their good but they cant stop the run. i promisre u tht the titans will win this football game 31-14 yep manning will get fustrated because of our ability to put pressure on him

  7. jrtitans Says:

    Hard game to call but I see a titans win also. I see a some things that make in our favor:
    (3) colts defections this year that are now with us.(harper has to know they will be looking at him)
    I understand their guy keona(sp) is hurt and he was a playmaker for them.
    Dont think Ugoh can stop KVB.
    Our first home game with the loud crowd and they are on the road with an AFC Foe– usually when they have lost in the past.
    Their smaller line will have no answer for the run game.I think their “faster” guys will have to be tackling in the secondary. No reason why we dont control the clock. If we are able to keep it close- It will be a running frenzy for the TITANS in the 4th quarter. I dont see their backups able to cover.
    I think we were tested with the Jags–while I dont think the Saints D showed anything and really tested the Colts.
    Always an important game–it means more to us (a true test) as a breakout game, a true identity and can secure us in the playoff hunt. If we can beat the Colts..who cant we beat?
    If we win, “katie bar the door”, we could confidently win the next 6 games and be almost playoff secure by midseason.This is a great opportunity–I just dont see the Titans letting this one get away from them.

  8. Dan Says:

    The titans lost that football game, the colts did not win that!

  9. steve Says:

    Im conVINCED….that Young absolutely sucks when it comes to throwing the football! We could have one that dam game!

  10. steve Says:

    Im conVINCED that Young absolutely sucks when it come to throwing the football! We could have won that dam game!

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