Titans prepare for fourth quarter


For as long as I can remember, and probably long before that, coaches have talked about having to play hard in the fourth quarter.
With three quarters of the Titans season gone, it’s now time for them to play hard in the fourth quarter. A wildcard berth is the reward in sight.
AFC Wildcard Race:

     Team                     W-L
Jacksonville Jaguars     8-4
Cleveland Browns         7-5
Tennessee Titans         7-5
Buffalo Bills            6-6

Winning three of the last four games would leave the Titans with a 10-6 record, and it will probably take at least that to earn a wildcard spot.
The final four games on the schedule are:
vs San Diego (7-5)
at Kansas City (4-8)
vs New York Jets (3-9)
at Indianapolis (10-2)
The Chargers should be the toughest game of the four. Tennessee has not played well against them in the last several years and was blown out last year by an embarrassing 40-7 score which could have been worse.
The win against Houston last week gave some cause for hope after three straight losses and we’ll know more about this team after the Chargers game. Drexel and I will both have our usual pregame analyses in the next several days.
The Chiefs and Jets games look winnable, with both teams having down years after winning the two AFC wildcard berths a year ago. The Jets have only one win against teams other than the hapless Miami Dolphins.
It will probably come down to the final game of the year, at Indianapolis. The last three games against the Colts have all been very close, but the next game with them may not be. Indy may very well rest their starters if the game is meaningless to their playoff seeding. Tony Dungy has done that before.
Playing a division rival in the last regular season game for a playoff berth seems like a fitting way to close the year out.


2 Responses to “Titans prepare for fourth quarter”

  1. jrtitans Says:

    Great article. Yes its time to start talking playoffs!
    Titans nation–RISE UP!!!!!!!!!
    We need to win this game!
    Jacksonville may stumble against Pittsburgh and we have the division tie-breaker when we beat Indy in the last game.
    Cleveland may stumble when they play the battle of Ohio with the Bungles.
    This is the most exciting time of the year and it all comes down to the wire! Dont you love the NFL.

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    I agree that this week’s contest should be the toughest of the remaing games.
    Kansas City traditionally is tough to defeat at Arrowhead, but losing Larry Johnson has sent that team into a tailspin.
    The Jets are struggling this season but Clemens has showed some signs of being a good qb in recent weeks, but I’ll take the Titans at home for that one.
    Whether or not the Colts will be motivated to play hard in the final game or resting their starters for the playoffs will depend on how Pittsburgh finishes the season, since the Colts and the Steelers are competing for the #2 spot in the AFC. With games remaining with New England and Jax, the Colts may have the #2 seed wrapped up in time for the Titans, which means we could see less of Manning, Addai and Wayne and more of Sorgi, Keith and Thorpe which of course, is a good thing.

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