Total Titans questions about the Chiefs


I’ve asked Phil and Jon Yoon, two of MVN’s writers on Home of the Chiefs, four questions about the Chiefs regarding Tennessee’s game at Kansas City this Sunday. The questions and their answers follow.
Total Titans: The Chiefs have a lot of injuries. Which injured players will be keys for the Chiefs to beat the Titans? How will the loss of those unable to play impact the Chiefs?
Phil Yoon: Damion McIntosh. McIntosh is no superstar, but he at least gives Brodie Croyle a second or two to throw the ball. Without McIntosh, the Chiefs are exceptionally weak at both tackle positions, and that will only get Brodie Croyle killed.
Jon Yoon: To echo Phil’s comments, I also think that Donnie Edwards’ absence has hurt the Chiefs significantly. I’m not sure whether it’s his leadership or his ability to sniff out plays, but the defense just doesn’t seem to make plays without him. Without Donnie, I’m not sure the Chiefs will have any clue about how to stop Vince Young.
TT: The Chiefs have had problems on the offensive line. What will they do to neutralize Albert Haynesworth, Kyle Vanden Bosch and the Titans’ front four?
PY: Honestly, I don’t know. One interesting development is that Boomer Grigsby has taken over as the starting fullback, presumably to give the Chiefs more blocking help. You may see Grigsby play a significant number of snaps in order to provide extra protection or blocking up the middle.
JY: Put two sets of pads on Brodie Croyle. This game is going to be an absolute nightmare for the Chiefs’ pass protection and the increasing trend is, the worse the offensive line has been, the more reluctant they have been to throw the ball. So expect the Chiefs to run the ball an awful lot and expect the Chiefs to be extremely conservative in the passing game. The Titans should shut the Chiefs’ running game down because they know exactly what the Chiefs are going to do and Brodie will be lucky to get 150 yards, but at least it keeps Brodie off of the stretcher.
TT: What favorable matchups do you see for the Chiefs?
PY: I like the Chiefs’ secondary versus the Titans’ receivers. The secondary has struggled of late, but the Titans’ receivers are not elite, and the Chiefs do a pretty good job of shutting down opposing tight ends.
JY: I have to agree with Phil on this point. The Chiefs’ pass rush has been inconsistent of late, but they still do put some pressure on the QB. I expect them to put some pressure on Vince Young. If they do, they’ll either force Young to throw erratically or they’ll force Young to run. Now, I don’t think the Chiefs can stop Young once he gets running, but you can see how a running Vince Young takes the receivers out of the equation.
TT: If you were Herm Edwards, what would your gameplan be against Tennessee? What must the Chiefs do to win?
PY: I almost hate to say this, but he might have to play the kind of ball he loves to play: rely on the defense. The Titans’ offense can be shut down, so the key on offense is really going to have to be not to make any mistakes. The Chiefs simply cannot overcome turnovers, even when the opposing offense struggles.
The Chiefs need to stick to the basics. The secondary has been overpursuing, resulting in some big plays that the offense cannot match or overcome. On offense, give Brodie Croyle at least three seconds to throw the ball. If the Chiefs can win the turnover battle, they have a chance to win.
JY: Unfortunately, the Chiefs have no choice but to play ultraconservative on offense or lose their QB to some kind of nasty injury. The Chiefs must win this game on defense and force Young to make mistakes, and they must contain Young in the pocket.
Thanks to Phil and Jon for doing this. Phil also sent me four questions about the Titans and I’ll post those, along with my answers, Thursday on Total Titans. Titans fans, for more information and opinion from the other side’s point of view, check out Phil, Jon and Ryan Brown on MVN’s Home of the Chiefs.


2 Responses to “Total Titans questions about the Chiefs”

  1. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    I love Herm Edwards as a big fan of his when he was a player, but I’d love to see the Titans beat the Chiefs this week. Any kind of a solid pass rush by the Titans should give them the advantage they need to beat an inferior Chiefs team in a must-win game.

  2. tom junior Says:

    Titans should get after Chiefs QB— I think you’ll get that pass rush, Wacko!

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