Total Titans questions about the Jets


I’ve asked Joe Caporoso, one of MVN’s writers on The Cockpit, four questions about the Jets regarding Tennessee’s game with New York this Sunday. The questions and Joe’s answers follow.
Total Titans: What’s the difference in the Jets offense when Chad Pennington is the quarterback as compared to when Kellen Clemens plays? If Clemens is healthy enough to play Sunday, which one would you prefer to be the starting QB?
Joe Caporoso: This season, Pennington has been highly accurate but has refused to take any chances down the field. He didn’t turn the ball over last week against New England but prior to that he was throwing a lot of killer INTs. Clemens is wildly inconsistent and turns the ball over way too much. Both have struggled to lead the offense to touchdowns and have been highly ineffective in the end-zone. Clemens does have some mobility, which is something Pennington doesn’t possess at this stage of his career. I would prefer to see Clemens play so the Jets organization can get a better idea of what he can do heading into this off-season, we already know everything there is to know about Pennington.
TT: What matchups do you see that favor the Jets? What matchups concern you most?
JC: The Jets defense has been playing much better and I think they can give Vince Young some real problems throwing the ball. They did an excellent job on Tom Brady last week and I think that performance will carry over. Darrelle Revis has been excellent in his rookie campaign and should be able to shut down his side of the field, and Rhodes has been playing at a Pro Bowl level the second half of the season. I expect the Titans to have a tough time throwing the ball. Yet, on the flip side, I do think the Jets won’t be able to run the ball at all and overall will struggle offensively.
TT: Eric Mangini threw a lot of wrinkles at the Patriots last week. What do you think his gameplan will be this week?
JC: I think he will try to confuse Vince Young with a lot of different fronts. The offensive game plan will depend on the QB. Yet, no matter who starts I think the Jets will have to rely on the pass more than the run.
TT: Kevin Mawae said when he was with the Jets, any time they were out of the playoffs they wanted to take other teams down with them. It’s only been two years since Mawae was a Jet and many players from that roster are still on the team. Has that mindset carried over to this current Jets team? How motivated do you think the team will be after the disappointing loss last week?
JC: Yes, this team has a lot of character. Despite being long out of the playoff race, they still upset the Steelers and played New England and Cleveland very tough. The Jets won’t lay down for anybody and even in games they lose, they are usually very close.
Thanks to Joe for doing this. Joe also sent me four questions about the Titans and I’ll post those, along with my answers, Thursday on Total Titans. Titans fans, for more information and opinion from the other side’s point of view, check out MVN’s The Cockpit.


2 Responses to “Total Titans questions about the Jets”

  1. Garland Says:

    Nice work! Thanks, Joe.

  2. tom junior Says:

    Yes, I’m liking this exchange with the CockPit prior to the game…good stuff.

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