Jets questions about the Titans


Joe Caporoso, one of MVN’s writers on The Cockpit, and I did a question and answer exchange about the Titans vs Jets game this Sunday. I published my questions and Joe’s answers yesterday. Today, it’s time for Joe’s questions and my answers, which follow.
The Cockpit: The Titans are on the outside looking in right now in the AFC playoff race. Do you expect them to make a late charge and put themselves in a position to overtake the Browns, Steelers, or Jags?
Total Titans: Tennessee has played well (for the most part) several weeks in a row and there’s no reason to think they’ll let down now. The problem is, even if the Titans win out, they’ll still miss the playoffs unless they get some help from other teams. All the Titans can do is play to win and then let the chips fall where they may.
TC: Vince Young has been inconsistent this season, not taking the strides many expected in his second year. Do you blame this on his weak WRs, the offensive coordinator, or does the majority of the blame fall on Young?
TT: Inconsistent is a kind way to put it, but he has been better lately. He seems to be in tune with offensive coordinator Norm Chow, who has a history of developing quarterbacks. The problems are with inconsistent receiver play (a lot of dropped balls) and in Young’s decision-making at times. There have been occasions when he’s had opportunities to run for good yardage but threw into coverage instead.
TC: LenDale White has taken over as a feature back. Do you still remain confident in him moving forward toward next season or do you think Chris Henry will give him a run next season for the majority of the carries?
TT: White has improved during the season and is starting to realize some of the potential he was drafted upon. Tom Gower, one of my writing partners, disagrees with me somewhat and doesn’t like White too much. Some of White’s stats give a lot of credence to Tom’s opinion. Chris Henry (no relation to the other one) had the reputation of a workout warrior who didn’t do much in college but turned some heads with his measurables at the Indy combine last year. In short, he’s a project. If the Titans aren’t satisfied with White, I believe they’ll try to make a run at Michael Turner in free agency rather than depend on Henry. The Titans like Turner and tried to trade for him last year.
TC: Would you support the argument for Albert Haynesworth for defensive player of the year?
TT: When he’s played, he’s been dominant this year, blowing up lines and disrupting offenses. The problem occurs when he hasn’t played, so if you’re one who believes a player should play in all or almost all the games, then he’s not deserving. Of course, that argument can be turned around by looking at how much he was missed when he was out, reflected in both the stats and the W-L record. Albert’s still not back to full strength and the cold weather forecast for Sunday won’t help his hamstring any.
Thanks to Joe for doing this. Titans fans, for more information and opinion from the other side’s point of view, check out MVN’s The Cockpit.
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3 Responses to “Jets questions about the Titans”

  1. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    Nice exchange with The Cockpit, Andrew…A quick observation on Vince Young’s development: I saw the same pattern of development with Randall Cunningham when he came into the league about 20 years ago. The inconsistency you mention with VY this year is just a temporary blip, a learning curve as defenses adjust to his “young Randall Cunningham” gunslinging style of play. Watch for a healthy Vince Young to blow out the AFC with a career year of sensational excellence next season.

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    Nice work, Andrew. Very informative post about the opponent as well as some good insight about the team we all follow and write about.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Thanks, guys. Stay tuned, I’ll post a game preview Friday morning.

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