Titans to play for playoffs on Sunday Night Football Week 17


Following the Browns’ 19-14 loss to the Bengals today, the Titans controlled their own destiny. Win twice, and they’re in the playoffs. Lose a game or two, and the postseason dreams are ended. Well, the Titans came through on the first half with a 10-6 win over the Jets this afternoon, and the second half will take place in front of the entire country. That’s right, the Week 17 game against the Colts in Indianapolis has been moved from 1 PM ET to Sunday Night Football.
The rules for this game are simple: win, and the Titans are in the playoffs. Lose, and they’re out of the playoffs. A tie, and, well, in with a Browns loss or tie, out with a Browns win. Alas, I’ll have a break in my liveblogging effort of the Titans’ national telecasts, as I’ll be at the RCA Dome cheering them on. Feel free to throw brickbats in my direction.
I’ll be back later this evening with a Jets game recap.


One Response to “Titans to play for playoffs on Sunday Night Football Week 17”

  1. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    Oh yeah! It’s playing out just the way I called it. Gimme some love, Tennessee! Nolw it’s all up to you—take care of Indy, and you are golden!

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