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Titans offseason positional review – nickelbacks

January 31, 2008

Somehow the nickelback position doesn’t get a lot of respect from fans. It’s as though the nickel is viewed as the third best corner on the team. I look at it as if he’s a starter. After all, he plays more than the middle linebacker, who’s considered a starter. Every team needs a good nickelback, especially with the popularity of three-WR formations.
These are the nickelbacks now on Tennessee’s roster and my thoughts on them:
Vincent Fuller – He’s listed as a safety, where he’s played occasionally in the past, but seems to have found his niche at nickel. (more…)

Titans offseason positional review – cornerbacks

January 29, 2008

Before the 2007 season started Titans fans had plenty to worry about at cornerback. So did Titans management, which used their first-round draft pick on a safety who they hoped could play corner for them.
After the season started, however, a pair of corners were playing well enough for Michael Griffin to move back to safety, where it appears he’s found a permanent home.
Here’s the outlook on the corners currently on the roster. (more…)

Titans offseason positional review – middle linebacker

January 27, 2008

The middle linebacker is only on the field for about 40% of the Titans’ plays on defense, but when one is in the game it’s a position of obvious importance.
The middle of Tennessee’s defense looks to be in good shape this year with two veterans who are experienced as starters.

Gregg Williams fired: How it may impact the Titans

January 26, 2008

In a stunning development, former Titan defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was fired today and eliminated from consideration in the Redskinsí search for a new head coach. Despite three top-ten defenses in Washington since 2004, owner Daniel Snyder has decided†to eschew Williams and go in another direction in†his quest to find a new field general.
Of course, Gregg Williams will always have a special place in the hearts of Titan fans. His defenses were consistently hard-hitting units that performed admirably during the teamís glory days. The Titans rode the wave of the deadly combination of his defenses and a strong running game to several postseason appearances, including a trip to the Super Bowl.
Williams is now essentially a free agent in the coaching market.

David Givens: Another high-profile free agent WR gone bad

January 25, 2008

Yesterday provided news that served as a painful reminder of the Titansí bad luck with signing high-profile free agent wide receivers. David Givens, the proud owner of a lucrative contract extended to him in 2006, underwent yet another surgery on his left knee and his status for next season (as well as the remainder of his career) is in jeopardy.
The signing of Givens in 2006 was supposed to be the teamís latest attempt to secure the services of a #1 wide receiver. Givens emerged as a go-to guy in New England while catching passes for Tom Brady. He was a player who came into the league as an unheralded seventh round draft selection but worked his way into being a top receiver on New Englandís championship teams in 2003 and 2004. Unfortunately, as a result of numerous knee injuries, Givensí Titan career only consists of eight catches.
Now where have we heard this story before? Tennessee Titan fans are well aware of the dangers associated with navigating the waters of free agency when it comes to the wide receiver position. The mere mentioning of the names Yancey Thigpen and Carl Pickens continues to be a source of distress for Titansí fans.

Titans offseason positional review – outside linebackers

January 24, 2008

Last year was the first season since 2001 that Keith Bulluck didn’t lead the team in tackles. There were two reasons for that and their names are Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch. The Pro Bowl duo played in front of Bulluck and the beneficiary was David Thornton, who had 122 tackles as the Titans strongside linebacker.
You can count on Bulluck and Thornton to be the starters again this year. The pair gives Tennessee sideline to sideline range with their speed and they’re both good in pass coverage as well. The question for 2008 is who their backups will be. Gilbert Gardner was inactive at the end of last year, LeVar Woods was released, and three newcomers were added to the roster late in the year.

Titans offseason positional review – defensive tackles

January 22, 2008

It all starts up front on defense. The first priority is stopping the run; if you can’t do that, you’ll lose a lot of games. The defensive tackles had an outstanding year, leading Tennessee to a fifth-best NFL ranking against the run. Before Albert Haynesworth missed some time with an injury, the Titans led the league in rush defense.
There’s both good news and bad news about the Titans’ situation at the defensive tackle spots.
The good news is that both starters from last year will return. The bad news is that their backups, who are needed to rotate in and out frequently, require an upgrade. (more…)

Pacman wants out of Tennessee

January 20, 2008

Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones said in this video he doesn’t want to be a Tennessee Titan anymore.

      “Hopefully I can get out of Tennessee. I want to go to Dallas.”

    Since he was drafted three years ago, Pacman has been an enigma. Like many fans, I’ve both cheered him and booed him for his play. Also like many fans, I’ve both criticized him and defended him from criticism for his actions off the field.

    The Fisher/Chow marriage: Doomed from the start

    January 19, 2008

    The Jeff Fisher/Norm Chow divorce was finalized this week. As the case with many marriages that end, Fisher decided to give his ex another try by hiring Mike Heimerdinger as the teamís new/old offensive coordinator.
    So what went wrong with the Chow/Fisher marriage? How did one of the gameís well-renowned offensive masterminds fail in his attempt to bring his magic to Nashville?

    Titans screw up in firing Chow

    January 18, 2008

    Jeff Fisher is typically a very good communicator who excels in personal and media relations, but he and the Titans have made another public relations gaffe with the way they fired Norm Chow.
    It’s about as bad as the way they locked Steve McNair out of the Titans’ training facility two years ago.
    Fisher didn’t fire Chow face-to-face, but by telephone. The seat in Chow’s old office was still warm when his replacement was hired. Just a few days, that was pretty quick work. Almost seems that a few things were prearranged.
    Nah, couldn’t be! That would be wrong.
    Maybe the Titans’ offensive problems were Norm’s fault. (more…)