Titans-Chargers Liveblog Today


As I did with the preseason opener and the Titans’ appearances this year on Monday Night Football, I will be liveblogging today’s playoff game against the Chargers.  Please join me closer to when the game starts at 3:30 PM CT for the liveblog.  I’ll be putting up a separate post for the actual liveblog, so please look for that.


2 Responses to “Titans-Chargers Liveblog Today”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Today is the biggest day in four years for the Titans. I’m hoping for an even bigger day next week in New England. I’ll be watching the game on a big screen TV at a local establishment today and unfortunately won’t be available to comment during Tom’s liveblog. My thoughts are with you though. Go Titans!
    Injury report:
    Tennessee Titans:
    Out – G Benji Olson (back)
    Doubtful – C Kevin Mawae (calf)
    Questionable – QB Vince Young (quad), RB LenDale White (knee)
    Probable – DT Albert Haynesworth (hamstring), RB Chris Brown (back)
    San Diego Chargers:
    Doubtful – FB Lorenzo Neal (fibula)
    Questionable – LB Marques Harris (hand)
    Probable – K Nate Kaeding (fibula)
    Eugene Amano is a capable replacement for Olson, but if Mawae can’t go, Amano would have to switch over to center, leaving Dan Loper to play right guard. Not the ideal situation. It would also mean rookies Leroy Harris and Mike Otto would be the two o-line backups. No offense to them, but neither has played a down this year, so hopefully they won’t see their first action in a playoff game.
    The loss of Roydell Williams and Bo Scaife will also hurt. Justin Gage and Eric Moulds will need to step up, as will Ben Hartsock and Ben Troupe.
    It rained hard yesterday and the forecast for today calls for a 100% chance of rain. Field conditions are still likely to be a factor, as I predicted in my game preview Friday morning.
    The rain should help the Titans neutralize the Chargers’ speed but it will hinder them rushing the passer. Remember how the slick field in Kansas City didn’t allow KVB and the d-line to get good traction on the pass rush? It could be the same today.

  2. brian Says:

    mawae is inactive.

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