It’s official, Titans rehire the Dinger


The Titans have announced Mike Heimerdinger has been hired as the new offenive coordinator, a role he held with the team from 2000 to 2004.

      “Mike was at the top of my list and we are fortunate he was available to come back,” said Titans coach Jeff Fisher. “We know each other very well and he is without a doubt the right person to help the offense take the next step.”

I can’t really say I’m excited about the hire. Dinger had some good offenses during his first stint in Tennessee, but that’s because he had some good players at the skill positions, in Steve McNair, Eddie George, Derrick Mason and Frank Wycheck.
When Dinger arrives, he’ll find the cupboard of playmakers is pretty bare.
One thing is for sure, Dinger will bring an attitude adjustment. He’ll yell and scream, kick some butts and take names later. Maybe that will help, as it could be what some players need.
I’m not sure if it’s what Vince Young needs, though. I’d be willing to bet Vince won’t think so. If Vince was an occasional pouter under Norm Chow, he’ll be doing it frequently under Dinger.
The Heimerdinger Resume:
1995-1999 Receivers coach, Denver Broncos
The John Elway-led offenses finished ninth, fourth, first, second and eighteenth in NFL scoring.
2000-2004 Offensive coordinator, Tennessee Titans
Heimerdinger’s offenses were ranked 13th, 12th, 13th, fifth and 15th in scoring.
2005 Offensive coordinator, New York Jets
The injury-riddled Jets were 29th in scoring and compiled a 4-12 record.
2006-2007 Quarterbacks coach, Denver Broncos
Jay Cutler replaced Jake Plummer as quarterback and Denver finished 17th and 21st in the league in points scored.


One Response to “It’s official, Titans rehire the Dinger”

  1. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    The Dinger replaces Chow? I’m still in shock. What can the Dinger bring that Chow couldn’t?

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