Titans screw up in firing Chow


Jeff Fisher is typically a very good communicator who excels in personal and media relations, but he and the Titans have made another public relations gaffe with the way they fired Norm Chow.
It’s about as bad as the way they locked Steve McNair out of the Titans’ training facility two years ago.
Fisher didn’t fire Chow face-to-face, but by telephone. The seat in Chow’s old office was still warm when his replacement was hired. Just a few days, that was pretty quick work. Almost seems that a few things were prearranged.
Nah, couldn’t be! That would be wrong.
Maybe the Titans’ offensive problems were Norm’s fault. After all, he refused to install a spread option that could have ended Vince Young’s career. He didn’t utilize Ben Troupe and his firm command of the playbook. He didn’t let Vince sit back in the pocket with a bombs-away vertical attack to glue-fingered receivers who could stretch the field. Nope, what he did most was that boring thing Fisher likes best, running the football with a big back.
I thought Chow had a good line about his dismissal:

      “Three years of giving everything I had and it took him three minutes [to fire me].”

If you agree that Norm Chow got screwed, then you might get a chuckle out of these imaginary conversations between Bud Adams, Fisher and Chow. Warning: adult language.
Fisher said in his press conference this morning that Mike Heimerdinger was the best playcaller he had ever been around. That’s interesting, since Fisher boasted three years ago that Chow was recommended to him as the best playcaller he’d ever meet.
After Heimerdinger left and Fisher hired Chow three years ago, Fish told the Dinger he had replaced him with someone better. Fisher may have been just taking a dig at Dinger, but it seems rather ironic that Dinger has now replaced a man who was supposedly better than him.


7 Responses to “Titans screw up in firing Chow”

  1. steve Says:

    Hey Andrew…long time no see! Glad to see you are still doing well! Just a quick comment and Im out…personally, Im glad Dinger is back! I never wanted to see him leave because I really felt that noone could replace him. I like the way he calls plays, and I like his hardnosed attitude towards the players! IMO I thought the guy worked miracles for Mcnair and getting him on the right track. Can he do the same for VY? Dont know but time will tell. One thing is for sure though, VY’s play is getting bad, really bad! I mean he goes from 11 tds and 13 int’s in yr one, to 9 td’s and 18 ints in yr two!!! I thought a qb was supposed to get better wit time… not worse!
    Anyway, I stick to my guns on the comment I made when we drafted VY. I said he was a one-hit-wonder who is extremely overrated! Just my opinion though.
    I also feel that Chow got a raw deal. He got stuck trying to make a qb out of someone with minimal talent and loads of immaturity! Can Dinger do any better?? Dont know that either, but Ill tell ya one thing…If he can’t then I think the Titans will be pressed to go after a proven qb! Maybe they take another chance on another draft prospect, who knows! One thing is for sure though, and Fisher said it best….we need touchdowns to win games! Bout time we try to fix that, would’t ya say?

  2. Brent Says:

    Norm is a great coach and will be picked up somewhere this year – even if it is as head coach in college for a few years before coming back the NFL.
    I don’t know Dinger, but with the Titans were so close for the past two years – it is not Norm’s fault. Fisher and the players have responsibility too.
    I think Norm was too smart for Fisher and the players and they did not understand him on how to improve their game plan.

  3. Dan Says:

    I completely disagree with what Brent said. As the offensive coordinator, I think the offense had to be opened up much more, and much more intermediate routes called for the titans offense to be successful. I think I heard a stat were the Titans were last in explosive plays over 20 yards. This is why the titans were so bad in the red zone, when you have no threat to get beat deep, the short field allows you to come up and make plays on the short game, and this all falls on the OC. I will have to admit thou this off season we will have to go out and get 2-3 play makers in the passing game.

  4. jrtitans Says:

    Damn Andrew,
    This is one the funniest articles Ive read. Its true but still funny. Im still laughing 🙂
    Want more funny stuff:

  5. ricky griffin Says:

    This is bull shit I live in the Nashville area and you have it all twisted. If you are going to report shit you need to get your fucking story straight.

  6. Seth Leonard Says:

    I dont know about Chow being a great coordinator, and someone was bound to take the blame for the lack of luster on offense this season. I dont know who gets off saying that Vince has minimal talent; it’s only his second season in the league, and only his first full term as the starter. I doubt there are many people who are smarter than Jeff Fish either. With 40 mil of cap room and a young base, the team is only going up, with or without Chow, and clearly without a pocket QB. Anyone on here who says Vince is no good clearly knows nothing about football. When you put all the pressure of playmaking on one player, bad things happen. Hopefully Dinger is gonna open things up and work more with the tools Vince has.

  7. Matt Meeks Says:

    Not sure but it sounds like Steve has done a little to much back seat driving in his day. It would almost seem safe to say that you probably haven’t played a down of football in ur life(water boy doesn’t count) and even though I’m no expert I don’t see how u can say Vince is overrated. Did u not watch him play in college? His first two seasons he was terrible and then his Junior year ( the year they won the National Championship) all that was talked about leading into that game was how USC would blow Texas out and Vince couldn’t do this or that and boom bringing that trophy back to Austin Texas Baby! Then comes the Draft and all that the Sports writers can say is that Vince is overrated he can’t be a NFL QB boom rookie of the year and although his play this year was below average( it’s only his second year by the way) didn’t they make the Playoffs?? So ur right he is overrated maybe they should have drafted a better QB like Matt Leinart I’m sure Arizona would like to make that trade(u don’t think Vince would have better stats with that receiving core). I think that you should keep hating and doubting Vince because thats all people have done since he was a Freshman in college and he loves to make people look stupid. Give him 2 more years and then bash him if ur not choking on ur foot thats stuck in ur mouth! By the way if Vince is only a one-hit-wonder than would that one hit be the rookie of the year award or making the playoffs in just his second year or if he wins a super bowl would that be it?? Please explain because u know what they say about opinions!!
    Fatman Out!

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