Possible offseason needs outside of the WR position


Upgrading the wide receiver position is the proverbial elephant in the room as the Titans prepare for free agency and the draft. Due to a lack of playmakers, the 2007 Titans struggled mightily offensively, especially in the passing game.
In addition to bringing into the fold some talented performers at the wide receiver position, the team may also be inclined to address other areas where injuries, free agency and possible retirement could all have negative ramifications.
Letís take a look at some areas other than wide receiver where upgrades may be in store.

Defensive End
Antwan Odom finally began to live up to his potential last season. After a few ordinary seasons, the former second round draft selection burst onto the scene last year, accumulating eight sacks and combining with Pro Bowler Kyle Vanden Bosch to form one of the leagueís better defensive end tandems.
Odomís breakout season occurred during his contract year, so expect a lot of suitors for Odomís services once free agency begins. Blessed with a plethora of cap room, the Titans have the salary cap resources to bring Odom back into the fold next season.
Fellow defensive end Travis LaBoy is also a free agent. LaBoy had a solid contract year, attaining six sacks while also forcing four fumbles. Re-signing LaBoy would be a great insurance policy in case Odom isnít re-inked and in an ideal world, both players would remain Titans for the foreseeable future.
Whether itís re-signing their own or replacing them, the defensive end position will be one to watch this offseason.
Addressing the guard position may be of the utmost importance this offseason. A back injury is the cause of veteran Benji Olsonís contemplation of retirement. Losing the 10- year veteran to retirement would be a tough blow to a Titansí offensive line that performed adequately last season.
At the other starting guard position is Jacob Bell, who enters this offseason as a free agent. Re-signing Bell is one of the teamís top free agent priorities. If Olson decides to call it quits and Bell isnít retained, the Titans are looking at the prospect of replacing two of its starting lineman next year. That’s a scary thought.
The Titans are hopeful that Chris Hope will be available next season. Losing Hope was a tough break for the Titans defense, and his playmaking skills and veteran presence in the secondary was missed during last seasonís stretch run.
Despite the expectation that Hope should be ready for next season, the safety position may also be an area of need this offseason. Whether it is through free agency or the draft, Jeff Fisher and the Titansí front office may look to secure some insurance in case Hope is lost for any significant amount of time next year.


13 Responses to “Possible offseason needs outside of the WR position”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    Well, with the cap room that the front office has accrued under the rebuilding plan, it looks like the T-men will be able to bring back whoever they want, as well as have a strong call for any free agents that they want. After beefing up, filling out, and signing draft picks, the team should still have millions to work with for coming seasons. While the Titans aren’t known for their legendary draft picks, they certainly aren’t the worst (panthers picking Wienkie over Vick, etc.) Bring back the whole D-line, sign some corners/wide outs, and get a couple of line men and the 2008 season might just be the best yet. I hope Vince is throwing 50 passes a day while he works on that degree.

  2. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    DE, Guard and Safety free agents are out there if the Titans want to sign up some insurance—I just don’t know if the quality of free agents this year will be suitable to fill all the Titans’ needs. But Seth is correct about the cap room being on the side of the Titans. A good draft pick or two could fill in a missing link. All in all, I like the Titans’ chances to get the personnel insurance they need to make a run at a division title.

  3. Drexel Perry Says:

    It is going to be very interesting to see what the Titans do with the ton of cap room they have at their disposal.
    In terms of the draft, I’d like to see a young DT brought into the fold to hopefully replace an ineffective Randy Starks. His performance last year filling in for Haynesworth was quite a letdown.
    Thanks for the comments guys.

  4. Dan Says:

    I think we get some weapons via the draft. As I see the draft at this moment our 1-4 picks should be a combination of 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 DT. In the offseason we need to sign/retain Haynsworth, odom, laboy, bell, stewert, gage, and Scaife. And maybe go after Asante Samual, imo brake the bank for this guy if necessary because I think he is the best corner in the NFL.

  5. Andrew Says:

    I agree entirely with Drexel about needing WRs, G, and maybe safety, depending on Hope’s medical condition. I also agree with Dan that a TE is needed.
    Odom and Bell are history. Their price range will be out of the Titans’ range, especially Bell’s who has Rosenshark for an agent. LaBoy and Gage are maybes. They may or may not accept the Titans’ offers, quite possibly not.
    Haynesworth, Stewart and Scaife will all be back. Albert will be tagged while Stewart and Scaife will be tendered.

  6. tom junior Says:

    Dan, you’re making a lot of sense with your draft+sign-to-retain plan….Wonder how much you would actually have to pay Asante Samual to get him?

  7. Andrew Says:

    As good as it could be to get him, Samuel will be out of the Titans’ price range. Furthermore, he would limit what the team could do to make improvements elsewhere. Nate Clements set the bar last year with his $80M contract, 23M of which is guaranteed. Asante will want substantially more and there’s no way Reinfeldt will pay that.
    It’s a nice thought, though and would be nice if it could somehow work.

  8. David H. Says:

    A trade for a reciever will fix some offensive problems. Im almost certain it won’t be adressed entirely in the draft. Weither its Ocho-Sinco or Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams… Whoever!?! The front office has got to pull the trigger and make some kinda deal. Haynesworth should be tagged so they can work out a long term deal and Justin Gage is our best reciever right now, so resigning him should be a top priority.

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    David H.,
    I’d also like to see Gage return next season. He really started to assert himself during the latter portion of the season. He isn’t a speed guy or a #1 receiving threat, but his size is an asset to the team.
    I also agree with Andrew that the chances of seeing Asante in a Titan uniform are probably between slim and none. Someone is going to give the guy a herculean contract, but I highly doubt if the Titans are that franchise.

  10. Jeff D. Says:

    Well i agree with everyone that the titans NEED wr help. Gage was good last year, but he is no better than a number 3 receiver. Yes we need help at that position, and no i hope its not OCHO CINCO. we had to deal with a guy named pac man, and we dont need any more drama. I could see the Tight Ones perhaps trading there number one this year to get more mid round draft choices. theyve done it before, and with this years less then stellar choices they could do it again.

  11. Matt Says:

    While the WR position is a need….
    I still don’t firmly beleive in Vince. All the Dropped passes, miss-communication, everything that happened weren’t JUST the WR’s fault.
    Granted, the WRs aren’t the speediest bunch.. But in my opinion: The last thing we needed was a WR blowing past coverage, and having Vince underthrow(A worst case, yet often happening sceneario).
    His Rookie year, Vince benefited from his legs. Which seemed to have dissapeared(not literally) this year. Even before the Quad injury.
    Since Vince wasn’t able to run, and Nor white nor Brown could consistently runthe ball well.. This put the team in a bas position. So what does Vince do? Try throwing, to okay to decent WRs. We all know the results.
    I don’t think getting Vince a superstar WR will change anything. Vince will be Vince.

  12. Drexel Perry Says:

    Matt, thanks for the comment.
    I think that we need to exercise at least a bit of patience when it comes to Vince. Look no further than Superbowl MVP Eli Manning to see an example of a franchise that exercised patience with their young qb and as a result of it, they are sitting on top of the football world as champions.
    I am curious to see what Vince has in store for next season. I’m hopeful that he will continue his development into one of the league’s better signal-callers.
    Securing the services of a legit #1 receiver will speed that development tremendously.

  13. David H. Says:


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