Haynesworth to be tagged, Smith accepts ‘Skins offer, Pacman pleads no contest


There are three big Titans stories in the news today. Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt has informed Albert Haynesworth’s agent that the team plans to use the franchise tag on him.
Sherman Smith has decided to accept the offer to be the Redskins’ offensive coordinator.
Earlier in the day, it was reported that Pacman Jones pled no contest to a felony charge in Georgia.
None of the three stories are really news, in one sense, since all three outcomes have been anticipated for a while. It is good in a way, though, that none of the three will continue to drag on.
It looks like the Titans will continue to work on getting a long-term deal done. That’s good news for all Titans fans.

      “I spoke with Mike [Reinfeldt] and we are working on a long term deal for Albert. I don’t anticipate that we will be able to get anything done prior to the designation deadline for franchise players on (February) 21st,” Haynesworth’s agent Chad Speck said. “Mike confirmed to me that he will use the franchise tag on Albert, but is committed to trying to get a deal done by July 15th. I spoke with Albert today and he is encouraged that talks have resumed.”

In most instances, a player will be upset over being tagged but I don’t anticipate that in Albert’s case. He’s been genuinely embarrassed and contrite for the 2006 stomping incident and has stated he still feels he owes something to the team and the fans. You won’t see him sulking and threatening a holdout because of the tag, in my opinion.
Sherman Smith’s decision isn’t a surprise either. It was probably the best chance he’ll ever get to be an offensive coordinator. The bad news is he’ll be working for Daniel Snyder, who’s liable to fire Jim Zorn and his entire staff if the ‘Skins don’t have a good season.

      “It was back and forth and I just decided it was time,” Smith said. “It’s a great opportunity to work with a guy I have a great deal of respect for. Just getting over the fact leaving a great organization like the Titans… Every time I thought about taking the job I felt bad because there was a good reason to stay here.”

Why is it that good guys like Sherman Smith end up working for guys like Snyder?
I have no clue who might replace Smith, but Jeff Fisher will be sure to get plenty of phone calls and applications for the job. I’m not worried about him being able to find someone capable. Two guys who won’t get the job, for much different reasons, are Eddie George and George Henshaw.
The Pacman news was also expected. His attorney, Manny Arora, has said several times it was the most difficult case Pacman has been facing and that he would have difficulty having it dismissed or plea bargained down to a misdemeanor.
Since one of Roger Goodell’s conditions for Pacman’s reinstatement was to have all his legal [criminal] problems satisfactorily resolved, it will be a while before Pacman will be able to play football again, now that he’s a convicted felon. That hurts the Titans’ chances of being able to trade him soon.
What are your thoughts on these three stories?


4 Responses to “Haynesworth to be tagged, Smith accepts ‘Skins offer, Pacman pleads no contest”

  1. Craig Says:

    Thank you Titans….as a dedicated Redskins follower since the 1970s, we will do our best to make Mr. Smith feel ‘at home’ in the DC area. Thanks Andrew for your insight into Mr Smith’s background earlier this week. This is a great hire for the team. In other news, it was rumored that the Titans might be interested in our former RB coach Earnest Byner. I can truly say that he is one of the ‘classiest’ individuals on the team, never saying anything bad about the ownership even when he apparently is under-appreciated. From what I’ve heard, Mr Byner is an incredibly hard worker, and much loved by the Redskins running backs (and fans). So…it’s not all bad for the Titans on this one if they happen to land Mr. Byner. Have a great season guys, have ALWAYS pulled for Vince Young, and think Jeff Fisher is an awesome coach.

  2. gman24 Says:

    Pacman should never be aloud back in the NFL. he should go back to the streets, its were he wants to be so let him go. he is a bad image for sports in a whole

  3. Tony from the UK Says:

    gman24 Isn’t there a double standard in the Pacman case? All his problems have been off the field, on the field he has been a good player. On the other hand when Bellicheck is caught cheating, and it appears he’s been doing it for years, he gets a slap on the wrist and a pocket change fine. Which is the worse image?

  4. Josh Says:

    Craig, I sure hope we do land Byner to our coaching squad, the way you speak so highly of him, he sure does sound great, and good luck to you and your Skins this coming up season.

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