Tennessee Titans in free agency


Who should stay and who should go — one man’s opinion
The number of days left in the NFL calendar year is now in single digits. On February 29, the league will officially begin its new year, which also means the onset of free agency. (Actually, some players around the league have already been released and are now free agents.)
Like every other team in the league, the Titans have a sizable number of players who will be effected. Those not tagged, resigned or tendered will become free agents, so Mike Reinfeldt, Jeff Fisher and the Titans’ staff have some decisions to make.
If I was the one making the decisions, this is how I’d look at it.
Players I’d like to keep and should be able to:
Albert Haynesworth will be tendered and probably signed to a new multiyear contract.
Rob Bironas, Vincent Fuller, Ahmard Hall, Reynaldo Hill, Dan Loper, Bo Scaife and David Stewart are all restricted free agents who should be tendered. I’d also like to get Bironas, Hall and Stewart signed to long-term deals.
Justin Gage, Ben Hartsock and Travis LaBoy will be unrestricted and should hopefully (fingers crossed) be resigned. I wouldn’t mind overpaying a little if that’s what it takes to keep them.
Players I’d like to keep, but probably won’t be able to:
Jacob Bell and Antwan Odom will be unrestricted free agents who will each be offered stupid money by someone.
Players I’d let walk but who I’d take back:
Jeremy Cain, Sean Conover, Casey Cramer, Gilbert Gardner, Ingle Martin and Donnie Nickey shouldn’t have their phones ringing off the hook from other teams wanting to sign them. Bring them back for minicamps and training camp if no other team wants them. They’ll provide some competition and may even make the team.
Thanks for all you’ve done for us and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out:
Chris Brown, Eric Moulds, Jamie Petrowski, Randy Starks, Ben Troupe and Mike Williams have each probably played their last game as a Titan. I don’t see much upside or the ability of any of them to contribute much more to the team.
Obviously, these are very subjective and just my personal opinions. I fully recognize there are also alternative opinions which are just as valid. You won’t have any problems with me if we disagree — that’s one of the enjoyable things about talking Titans football. What would you do if the decisions were yours to make? Where do you agree and disagree? Thanks for your comments below.


4 Responses to “Tennessee Titans in free agency”

  1. Josh Says:

    I definately agree with you. I would sign Gage to a long team deal though, and we’re taking care of Big Al just fine. The one Free Agent I want to see go the most is Randy Starks. Such a dissapointment and seemed like everytime he went in, he really didn’t try.

  2. David H. Says:

    Starks was just awful, he didnt really provide any kind of relief for Haynesworth or Tony Brown comming off the bench. He was probably the most underacheving defensive linemen on the team. The only player who probably is going to get released that I would’nt mind staying on, for at least one more year is Ben Troupe. Sure he hasn’t panned out like we all would have hoped but hes only 25, and he still has so much potential, I think he should get one more shot. It be a shame to see him go to a team like Buffalo or The Jets or even Jacksonville and develop into a weapon for their teams. Sometimes players just need a change of evironment, or a different system. Perfect example… Wes Welker. He was good in Miami as a number two or even three reciever. What happens…. the Dolphins cut him, he lands in New England and leads the NFL in receptions. Probably would have been superbowl mvp if the Pats won…. I say let Dinger see if he can work Ben into the offense a little more this year. If he can cool, if not PEACE!!!!

  3. Dan Says:

    wes welker was not cut, he was traded to the pats for a 2nd round pick in the 2007 draft.
    Just though u’d like to know

  4. David H. Says:

    My mistake. But still, new team new system, better results. Im not saying that Ben Troupe would have the same type of Impact that Wes Welker had but its just an example of a player with potential who lands with a rival team and makes a signifcant impact for that team. Thats all im saying.

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