Titans prepare for new year with last minute moves


Today, February 28, is the last day of this NFL calendar year. Like every other team in the league, the Titans are making some last minute moves before the 12:01 a.m. ET deadline.
Justin Gage signed a new four-year, $14M contract, as was commented on yesterday on Total Titans.
The Titans released David Givens, who played only five games with the Titans before suffering a hellacious knee injury. As I recall, he tore his ACL and meniscus and also broke his kneecap, all on the same play. From what I know about it, it was one of the worst knee injuries in NFL history. Drexel wrote a very good article on Givens recently, which I recommend in case you missed it.
The Titans are working on a possible contract with unrestricted free agent Antwan Odom and have also given RFA Reynaldo Hill a tender offer at the seventh round level. I seriously doubt if they can reach an agreement with Odom at this late date.
Restricted free agents David Stewart and Bo Scaife have both been tendered, at the first and second round levels, respectively. Doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon.
I’m still waiting to hear about more tender offers. I fully expect Rob Bironas, Vince Fuller, Ahmard Hall and possibly Dan Loper to be tendered.
So far the only thing unexpected is the lack of tender offers to those mentioned. Everything else seems to be going as anticipated so far.
I’ll keep this updated throughout the day as more comes in. As always, please feel free to join in with your comments.
Update: 4:10 p.m. – Word has now come through that all of the RFAs have been tendered. Like Scaife, Bironas was tendered at a second-round level. Fuller (fourth), Loper (fifth) and Casey Cramer (seventh) also received tenders. The only one that surprises me a little there is Cramer, but he may make the team again as a special teamer and backup H-back/fullback.
Still no word on the unrestricteds, and frankly, I don’t expect there to be any. Odom, LaBoy and Jacob Bell almost certainly will test the market and it looks like Hartsock would have already resigned if both sides wanted to get a deal done.


3 Responses to “Titans prepare for new year with last minute moves”

  1. tom junior Says:

    Sorry to see Givens go, I guess the terrible knee damage turned out to be a career-ending injury…I wish him well in his future. —– Signing of Gage was a good move, hopefully they will get more deals done today.

  2. Garland Says:

    Andrew, how does the money work on a deal like Givens’? How much did he end up making for those 5 games?

  3. Andrew Says:

    Garland, you have me a little stumped with your question. When I went to check my old notes, I wasn’t able to find all the info. From what I can piece together, this is my best guesstimate on what he’s been paid by the Titans:
    2006 – $6M signing bonus and perhaps as much as $5M in salary and bonuses.
    2007 – 2.5M base and 500k option bonus.
    That’s about 14M and he’ll also collect a settlement for being released.
    Sorry I can’t be more specific until I find the rest of that in my 2006 notes, if the ones I need still exist. I also checked the union website, which gives partial info, but his info isn’t listed there. Perhaps because he’s been on IR? If anyone else has this info handy, it will be appreciated. I’ll look again for this info when I get a chance. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help yet.

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