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Intriguing Cowboys who could be involved in Pacman trade

March 29, 2008

According to recent media reports, the Titans could be acquiring an unnamed Dallas player alongside a conditional draft pick in return for the services of controversial cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.
The cupboard is far from bare in Dallas, who sent an NFL record 13 players to last year’s Pro Bowl. New Miami Dolphin executive Bill Parcells left behind an extremely talented Cowboy squad that won 13 games last season.
Obviously, Terrell Owens, Marion Barber, or Jason Witten won’t be involved in the rumored Pacman trade. However, there are several talented Cowboys who may be available that could fill positions of need in Tennessee.
Let’s take a look at some of the candidates:

Scouting report on Josh Stamer

March 28, 2008

Thanks to Dan Goldman, who writes on MVN’s Buffalo Bills site, Circling the Wagons. Dan has been kind enough to give us his perspective on former Bill Josh Stamer, the Titans’ newest free agent acquisition:

        Josh Stamer has been one of the team’s key special teams guys since joining the Bills in 2003. The most noticeable area he works in is kick coverage. During the 2005 season I was a season ticket holder and watched Stamer pump up the crowd on the opening kickoff. His intensity made him a fan favorite and the guys in one section I believe painted their chests with his last name.

      Benji Olson announces his retirement

      March 27, 2008

      The Titans’ old offensive line, which we were familiar with for years, has lost its last stalwart. We were used to seeing Bruce Matthews, Brad Hopkins, Zach Piller and Benji Olson on the field for years. Now, after ten seasons in the NFL, Benji Olson has announced his retirement.
      It’s something which has been expected, but sad to see nonetheless.
      Olson’s recurring back problems caused him to play less and less, especially in 2007. It wasn’t hard to see that if Olson did come back for another season, it wouldn’t be for sixteen games.

      Titans improve special teams by adding Stamer

      March 26, 2008

      In a transaction that probably won’t be the lead story on tonight’s Sportscenter, special teams stalwart and former Buffalo Bill Josh Stamer was signed by the Titans today.
      Stamer, a backup linebacker and a demon on one of the game’s most underrated and unspectacular units, provides the Titans with a solid veteran who has demonstrated the consistent ability to make tackles on punt and kickoff returns over the course of his career.

      Eagles writers weigh in on Kearse

      March 24, 2008

      Thanks to the writers on Eagles Eye, MVN’s Philadelphia Eagles site, for their opinions on former Eagle and new Titan Jevon Kearse.
      Alex Whiteleather writes,

          Jevon is a good role player to have now but he can no longer withstand a full season and be a dominating pass-rusher. His production declined yearly in Philadelphia culminating with his benching to former Titan teammate Juqua Thomas. I wouldn’t expect much from Kearse beyond a veteran rotation guy but if the Titans got him cheap enough that might not be a bad idea. Two years ago Jevon looked really good to start the year but in the second game of the year to the Giants he suffered a season ending injury and he hasn’t been the same since. Maybe a change of scenery to his old team will help but I think the Freak’s tank is running low now.


        Finding the next Derrick Mason

        March 23, 2008

        For years, ex-Titan/current Raven Derrick Mason provided the type of #1 wide receiver production that is missing from today’s Titan teams. In the five-year timeframe from 2000-2004, Mason averaged 81 grabs for 1,102 yards and nearly 7 touchdowns per season.
        Mason didn’t become a sensation overnight. Entering the league in 1997 as a fourth round draft pick, his meager start consisted of extensive duty on special teams as the Titans’ primary kick/punt returner. Mason only caught 47 passes combined in his first three seasons.
        D-Mase eventually became the team’s best wide receiver as anointed #1 WR’s such as Yancey Thigpen and Carl Pickens failed to live up to the expectations surrounding them.
        The current edition of the Titans consists of a group of homegrown wide outs who like Mason, entered the league as mid-low round draft selections. Let’s take a look at today’s crop of Titan receivers that aspire to follow in the footsteps of the Titans’ last genuine #1 WR.

        Does Jake Scott upgrade the Titans’ o-line?

        March 21, 2008

        We continue our look at the new Titans with guest commentary by Matt Adams of Colts Couch Crew, who gives us his opinion of former Colt guard Jake Scott.

            Scott has been an invaluable part of the Colts’ offensive line over the past four seasons, in which he started 57 games, including the last 55 in a row. He’s helped anchor one of the best-kept secrets in the NFL: the Indianapolis Colts offensive line. Indy’s line play is typically exemplary; Scott was a major contributor to that.

          Grading Titan free agency moves

          March 20, 2008

          Free agency has been upon us for a little less than a month. Unlike franchises such as the Raiders and the Jets, that have threw seemingly countless dollars at free agents in their attempts to transform into playoff contenders, the Titans have adopted a slow and steady approach to improving their ballclub.
          Here’s my take on how the Titans should be graded for the moves they have made in free agency thus far:

          Guest commentary on Justin McCareins

          March 19, 2008

          In a continuing series on the new Titans, with thoughts and opinions by the MVN writers who cover the former teams of those players, we now look at Justin McCareins through the eyes of the writers on The Cockpit.
          Alex Benesowitz writes,

              McCareins sucks, he drops big catches, drops easy catches, he was a trade bust, plain and simple. A definite waste of the second round pick we traded for him. The Titans can keep him.


            Titan reunion tour stop #3: Dwayne Blakley

            March 18, 2008

            The Titans signed their third former player of the offseason, bringing to town TE Dwayne Blakley. Well known as “the guy who would’ve made the team in 2004 if Ben Troupe hadn’t been a 2nd round pick,” Blakley spent the past four years in a reserve role with the Atlanta Falcons, behind . . . new Titan Alge Crumpler!
            Blakley only had 21 catches in the four years he spent with the Falcons. The only year he shows up on being targeted for as many as 10 passes was 2006. Suffice to say, he probably won’t be much of a receiving threat, but will instead be a blocker. I don’t see salary information, but I can’t imagine it’s much (for an NFL player, that is).
            I’m actually mildly surprised by this move. The Titans needed another body at TE, and more of a blocking-type, but I expected them to spend a mid (3rd-5th)-round draft pick on the position. They still might do this, and possibly have that player battle Blakley for a roster spot, but I doubt it.