Titan offseason mantra: Slow and steady wins the race


The NFL offseason is upon us. This weekend marked the beginning of the hectic timeframe known as free agency. In the span of a mere seventy-two hours, clubs have begun their quests of improving their rosters through the means of signing free agents.
Coming off of an abysmal 1-15 campaign, the Big Tuna-led Miami Dolphins raced out of the gates to secure the services of several free agents, including our own Randy Starks (good riddance). The Cleveland Browns, searching for that piece or two to catapult them into the stratosphere of the NFL’s elite, made a statement by signing speedster Donte’ Stallworth and trading for defensive tackles Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams.
In contrast to the activity of the hares of the free agent market, the Titans have played the role of the tortoise in their attempts to improve their squad. The slow and steady approach appears to be the theme of the Titans’ offseason thus far.

As other franchises move at a blistering pace in the realm of free agency, the Titans have been traveling at a much slower speed. Despite having an obvious need at the WR position, the Titans watched idly as potential acquisitions Donte’ Stallworth, Bernard Berrian and Jerry Porter cashed in with lucrative deals with other teams.
A few days after the onset of free agency, the Titans finally made a move today, as Alge Crumpler’s agent has stated that his client will sign a contract in Nashville on Monday. Crumpler has been on the radar for a few weeks now, with the Titans displaying interest shortly after his release from the Falcons.
Crumpler’s signing is a vivid of example of Tennessee’s free agent strategy. His deal is only for two years and a little over $5 million, which is a bargain for a tight end of his stature. Despite having one of the league’s highest amounts of salary cap room, the Titans are treading carefully in the free agent market.
I highly doubt that the Crumpler signing will be the end of the Titans’ activity in free agency. With the free agent status of defensive ends Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy, Mike Reinfeldt may be in the market for another defensive end if he decides not to re-sign Odom and/or LaBoy. A decision may also need to be made regarding the guard position if Jacob Bell decides to leave for financially greener pastures.
Regardless of what takes place with Odom/LaBoy and Bell, expect the Titans to continue their slow and steady approach to free agency.


16 Responses to “Titan offseason mantra: Slow and steady wins the race”

  1. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    Daggone it, the Browns got Donte….It would have been great to see Stallworth work it out with Vince Young at QB, that could have been a great combination.

  2. Dan Says:

    At least we got alge and for a good deal too.

  3. Dan Says:

    I think our draft should go like this:
    1. Limas Sweed WR Texas
    2. Red Bryant DT Texas A&M
    3. chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech
    4. Adarius Bowman/Adrian Arrignton WR
    5. Chris McDuffie OG Clemson
    6. Glenn Sharpe CB da U
    7. Tyler Clutts OLB Fresno State.
    Then bring in a punter for some competition.
    What does everyone think?

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    Yea, I was definitely in favor of bringing Stallworth to TN. However, the Browns beat the Titans to the punch and gave him a long term deal. Playing alongside Braylon at WR and K. Winslow at TE, the Browns have the makings of a very formidable passing game.
    Alge was a great pickup, especially for that price. Even if he doesn’t pan out, the team isn’t going to be weighed down by an expensive contract.
    Nice draft thoughts. Sweed is tempting, considering his size/speed and his experience with catching passes from Vince in college. Considering the situation at DE with LaBoy and Odom being free agents, selecting a DE in the 2nd or 3rd round may very well happen.
    Thanks for the comments guys.

  5. David H. Says:

    Javon Walker is still available. Just like Crumpler who some had concerns with his knees, I think Javon would be a nice pickup. I hope we are at least one of the teams showing interest in him. If we aquire a guy like that and draft a guy like Limas Sweed or Mario Manningham are offense this season will be far from offensive. Can you say division crown?!?

  6. Drexel Perry Says:

    Walker does have a relationship with new/old coordinator Mike Heimendinger, so that may help his efforts to land in TN.
    His injury history scares me a bit, though.
    In terms of the draft, the team may need to spend a high selection or two on the defensive line, which lost Odom and LaBoy to free agency today (Odom to Bengals, LaBoy to the Cards).
    It’s gonna be interesting to see what the Titans’ next moves will be.

  7. jrtitans Says:

    I hope Dan is right and we get Limas Sweed in the draft, That would be a great pickup.
    I can say Im glad the Titans did focus and get Crumpler because I think he will help this team.
    But besides losing Bell( which I think Amano can step in) Im not sure what their plan is on the defensive line since they lost 3 people. Some have mentioned they might pickup Kearse to replace Laboy and Coleman ( atlanta) for Starks replacement. that leaves the rookie Jacob Bell as the DE. Is that right? Are we waiting for last minute cuts to 53?
    I thought they had Eugene Wilson (s)coming in as a replacement for Nickey and insurance for Hope.
    The Tennessean said that the Titans were trying to schedule Hackett ( WR from Seattle) to come in.
    If they get the guys I mentioned ,which they could, I would consider it a successful free agency.

  8. beedee Says:

    i know the guy is good, but with the titan’s track record i’d rather not take the risk.

  9. Dan Says:

    What are the chances that the Titans sign Javon Walker?

  10. Drexel Perry Says:

    I’d say if the Titans are interested in Walker, they have as good of a shot as anyone to secure his services.
    They have the salary cap room to give Walker fair market compensation and his last o-coordinator, Dinger, is on the staff here in Tennessee.
    It’s just a matter of whether or not Reinfeldt/Fisher want Walker in Nashville.

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    According to several media outlets, Walker is now a Raider.

  12. Jeremy Tull Says:

    The free agent we need to sign is Bryant Johnson WR out of ARI. He has had over 40 catches the last 3 years despite being behind Boldin and Fitzy. He is a fairly tall WE with good hands.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing the “Freak” back. I think he could be productive in a Platoon at DE. And besides, I could take the tape off of the back of my Kearse jersey.

  13. Jeremy Tull Says:

    The free agent we need to sign is Bryant Johnson WR out of ARI. He has had over 40 catches the last 3 years despite being behind Boldin and Fitzy. He is a fairly tall WE with good hands. I wouldn’t mind seeing the “Freak” back. I think he could be productive in a Platoon at DE. And besides, I could take the tape off of the back of my Kearse jersey.

  14. Drexel Perry Says:

    Johnson reminds me a lot of a guy the Titans just resigned: Justin Gage.
    Both are big receivers who are good targets because of their size.
    In my opinion, the dimension of speed is what is missing from the current set of Titan receivers: someone who can make plays down the field on a consistent basis.
    As for Kearse, a lot of Titan fans would love to see the Freak back in Nashville, mostly because of the memories he provided during his first stint here.
    Thanks for the comments.

  15. David H. Says:

    Haynesworth was quoted Wednesday morning in The Tennesseean as saying: “We need more weapons for Vince. Now we need more defensive linemen [after losing three free-agents this week.] We are not doing anything. We are really just making ourselves worse, the way I look at it. … It doesn’t look like we’re trying to get better.”
    This is our FRANCHISE PLAYER, talking people!!!
    Reinfeldt must have some draft day tricks up his sleeve because as of right now honestly…I cant see how this team is trying to get better from last year. And if we keep taking this conservative approach to free agency, other teams ie Cleveland, Jacksonville, even Buffalo are going to pass us by. Literally!!!
    F.Y.I just some stats from last year that should spark a little conversation.
    Titans offense stats from 07 season. Total point avg 18.8, Total Yards avg 311.7, Total Pass avg 179.9, rushing avg 131.8. (Major and only offseason aquisition Alge Crumpler). Now lets compare them to the team that we beat out for the last playoff spot, the Cleveland Browns. Total point avg 25.1, Total yards avg 351.3, Total pass avg 232.9 Total rush avg 118.4. (Major offseason aquisition(s) Donte Stallworth, Shaun Rogers, Corey Williams). I know the 2008 season hasnt come yet, and who knows maybe these guys won’t pan out for the Brownies but at least they are TRYING to get their team better.

  16. Adam Says:

    Yes the sky is falling just as it was last year. The Titans didn’t overpay for Bennett, Wade or Henry. They didn’t overpay for Clements and couln’t overpay for Stallworth, leading fans and pundits to annoint the Titans as the biggest losers in free agency. Last year wasn’t electrifying, but a good solid team. Titans need some cap space to lock up Haynesworth and sigh Roos & Stewart to extensions. The cap space isn’t what many people think it is, and furthermore, they’ll need a big chunk if they are somehow able to trade picks for a legit #1 WR.

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