The door hits Chris Brown in the ass


You can’t blame a man for trying to make a buck.
Nobody else in the NFL wanted Chris Brown, so when the Houston Texans signed Titans’ castoff Chris Brown, he and his agent were more than happy to take their money. It’s nice to know that a divisional rival’s new GM is foolish enough to make unwise decisions like his predecessor. All of a sudden, I don’t miss Charley Casserly quite as much.
I used to like Brown, but it’s been quite a few years since he’s given me much to like, other than the season opener last year.
I recall him as a Colorado Buffalo, when he ran roughshod over Nebraska for six TDs, among other great games. He made highlight films as Colorado went on to finish second in the nation. I liked his burst through the line and ability to shed tackles and outrun the rest of the second level. It looked like the Titans got a bargain when he fell to them in the third round of the draft.
My respect for him grew in the playoff game against the Ratbirds, when he filled in temporarily for Eddie George and his separated shoulder. Brown ran hard and won some respect and recognition. When he gained 1,000 yards as the starter, his credentials grew.
But there were negatives as well … he kept getting injured and couldn’t hold on to the ball. Brown had a proclivity and propensity for putting the ball on the ground at the most inopportune times.
When his fumbles inevitably occurred, I couldn’t help but think the Titans would have been better off if he had been sidelined with another of his nagging injuries.
Then Brown started making demands to be traded two years ago. When the predictable fan backlash occurred, Brown copped out by claiming his agent made those statements without his approval. Bull.
Only two teams showed interest in him as an unrestricted free agent last year. The Titans gave him another chance, which he didn’t take advantage of.
Has Brown’s game fallen to such depths that the only team that wanted him this year was Houston?
Does this help the Titans in two ways, by strengthening their roster while weakening Houston’s?
I can almost feel sorry for Texans’ fans if Brown will be an upgrade for them. And he very well may be.


13 Responses to “The door hits Chris Brown in the ass”

  1. Dave Says:

    Took the words from my mouth, Andrew. Goodbye and good luck, Chris. Can’t wait ’til we play Houston now!!!

  2. jrtitans Says:

    WOW! we lost randy starks, travis laboy and now chris brown…what will we do?
    Probably win!!!!!
    go titans:)

  3. jrtitans Says:

    who is your number one pick in the draft for the titans?

  4. David H. Says:

    He won’t last 8 games this year as a full time starter. I think Houston is crazy but, If they think Brown can contribute by all means take him!!! They could still be formidable if they draft a guy like Felix Jones or Jonathan Stewart with their pick but Brown had his best days in two tone blue, and its hard to imagine that he’ll have better days in Houston. I just love when a division opponet takes our garbage off our hands, while we rob the teams like the Colts of quality players. GO TITANS!!!

  5. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I really am undecided on that, jrtitans. To tell the truth, I’ve been paying more attention to free agency than the draft. While I feel there’s not good value takiing a receiver in the first round, the Titans may just have to. I wouldn’t have a problem with a good DE, but haven’t really studied them yet to know which ones could be candidates. I’ll start getting into that soon. Thanks for asking..

  6. Johnathon Says:

    Whatever you loser, enjoy your 3.2 a carry with LenDale and your new (old) tight end. Brown singlehandedly got the win v. Houston last year with a TD from 29 yards out (on two carries).
    Now Houston will Roll the titans!!

  7. Dave Says:

    HAHA!!!! That’s some funny stuff right there, johnathan. You better have a WHOLE lot more than Chris Brown if you think the texans will be competitive. I understand that it’s hard being at the bottom of the AFC south since their inception, but oft injured and fumble ” at the worst time” prone Brown won’t get you out of the cellar. Good luck, anyhow.

  8. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Nice to hear from a Texans fan. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
    It’s a little humorous to note that every year Texans fans predict victories over the Titans, despite having an inferior team. The only year the Texans ever beat the Titans was in 2004, when Tennessee set a NFL record for games missed by injured starters. The Titans lead the series ten games to two. The Texans have never had a winning record. Despite all the above facts, we can always count on a few Texans fans to predict a turnaround in their team’s fortunes at the expense of the Titans.
    Good luck to your team this year, Johnathon. If you haven’t done so yet, please check out our Texans site, Texas-Sized Football here on MVN.

  9. mike Says:

    The Texans went 8-8 last year in the best division in football. They have improved over the last 2 seasons under the guidance of Kubiac and Smith. There is no reason to believe that they won’t continue their improvement next year. 9-7 or 10-6 would look pretty good and allow them to compete for a playoff spot. I understand how many people still think that this is the Texans of old, but the new regime has had two of the best drafts that I can ever remember an organization ever having. In their 1st draft they got a starting tight end, pro bowl linebacker and a dominant/should have been a pro-bowler last season defensive end. That same year they drafted a left tackle who, if not for a serious leg injury, would have been a dominant player at his position. Last years draft they strengthened their interior line with a young defensive tackle and they also got another young, big receiver / kick returner. This organizations ability to evaluate talent has been the key to its turnaround and will only make them more dangerous in the future……..and they would have made the playoffs last year if not for a leg injury to Andre Johnson. That injury cost them at least two games. The future is bright here in houston…..

  10. Dave Says:

    I am a Houston fan in general ( astros, rockets, oilers). My oilers moved to tennessee so now I am a titan fan. Anyhow, I hope the texans do improve, but irresponsible texan fans shouldn’t believe Chris Brown is an upgrade.

  11. Dave Says:

    Just to be clear, I’m not calling all Texan fans irresponsible, just any of them that think signing Chris Brown was a good move.

  12. mike Says:

    A healthy Chris Brown will be a huge addition to the Texans backfield. What the Texans got was a back with speed, who has run in their zone blocking system before. The Texans will utilize Ahman Green and Chris Brown as their main backs. The hope is that both of them are healthy all season, but the reality is that one of them probably will get injured at some point and time. The Chris Brown addition gives the Texans quality depth at a very important position.

  13. Drexel Perry Says:

    No offense, but a healthy Chris Brown is an oxymoron.
    Maybe his susceptibility to injuries will change in Houston, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
    I do like Andre Johnson and Dunta Robinson, and Mario Williams is turning into a beast of a D-lineman.

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