Titan reunion tour stop #3: Dwayne Blakley


The Titans signed their third former player of the offseason, bringing to town TE Dwayne Blakley. Well known as “the guy who would’ve made the team in 2004 if Ben Troupe hadn’t been a 2nd round pick,” Blakley spent the past four years in a reserve role with the Atlanta Falcons, behind . . . new Titan Alge Crumpler!
Blakley only had 21 catches in the four years he spent with the Falcons. The only year he shows up on being targeted for as many as 10 passes was 2006. Suffice to say, he probably won’t be much of a receiving threat, but will instead be a blocker. I don’t see salary information, but I can’t imagine it’s much (for an NFL player, that is).
I’m actually mildly surprised by this move. The Titans needed another body at TE, and more of a blocking-type, but I expected them to spend a mid (3rd-5th)-round draft pick on the position. They still might do this, and possibly have that player battle Blakley for a roster spot, but I doubt it.


4 Responses to “Titan reunion tour stop #3: Dwayne Blakley”

  1. Dave Says:

    He can’t possibly be a bigger flop than Troupe. I’m sure he was cheaper too.

  2. Garland Says:

    Can’t hurt. Good move.

  3. Seth Leonard Says:

    We can shoulder some financially light moves like this one. You naturally have to cycle through some players to find the ones that fit, so here’s Blakely’s shot

  4. Bristow Says:

    I see this as an insurance move. It never hurts to have TEs since they seem to be Vine’s fav target. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one more low dollar TE added or quite a few picked up in the undrafted column. MAYBE a 4th or later draft pick.
    As much as I’d like to see us load up on receivers… I honestly think we’re going to focus more TE formations this year. There just isn’t enough depth, talent or worth in many of the FA or draft choices this year.

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