Does Jake Scott upgrade the Titans’ o-line?


We continue our look at the new Titans with guest commentary by Matt Adams of Colts Couch Crew, who gives us his opinion of former Colt guard Jake Scott.

      Scott has been an invaluable part of the Colts’ offensive line over the past four seasons, in which he started 57 games, including the last 55 in a row. He’s helped anchor one of the best-kept secrets in the NFL: the Indianapolis Colts offensive line. Indy’s line play is typically exemplary; Scott was a major contributor to that.
      He didn’t start right away as a rookie after being drafted in 2004, but soon earned a starting spot. I’d say they got their money’s worth out of Scott; he was a fifth-round pick.
      Scott is a tough blocker, and he excels at pass protection, something every member of the Colts’ offensive line must do. He’s no slouch at run blocking, either. One of his greatest assets is his versatility; he’s able to play both left and right guard (though he played primarily on the right side with the Colts). In addition, he started several games at tackle during his time in Indy. When the injury bug hit the O-line last season, the Colts slid Scott out to right tackle and played Dylan Gandy at guard. It was hard to notice much of a drop off in the line play.
      He’s a durable player who should provide a boost to the Titans’ offensive line. I don’t have any hard numbers off the top of my head, but I don’t remember him making a lot of mistakes with the Colts in terms of penalties and such. I mean, when Tarik Glenn was at left tackle, you could almost bank on two false starts a game! Nothing like that comes to mind when I think of Jake Scott. Instead things like smart, solid, and dependable come to mind.

Thanks to Matt for sharing his opinion with us.
Is Scott an upgrade over Jacob Bell? Jeff Fisher and Mike Reinfeldt would like for us to believe he is, as they claimed in the press conference introducing Scott.
By saying he’s an upgrade over Bell, the inclination is to believe Scott will replace Bell at left guard. It’s equally likely that Scott will be the starter at right guard if Benji Olson retires. Scott’s 57 career starts include 53 at right guard, though he’s supposedly equally proficient at left guard.
So if Olson does retire, which guard spot will Scott take over? It appears that o-line coach Mike Munchak may be faced with one of those difficult decisions which are nice to have.

Stats Gms Strts Flgs Yds F Sts Hlds Scks Yds
2004 12 9 2 10 2 0 1 8
2005 16 16 5 40 1 3 3 1
2006 16 16 7 45 5 1 2 5
2007 16 16 5 30 4 1 4 25
Total 60 57 19 125 12 5 10 53

5 Responses to “Does Jake Scott upgrade the Titans’ o-line?”

  1. Garland Says:

    Maybe we should see what the Jets bloggers think of Scott…

  2. jrtitans Says:

    I think Jake will be fine. If we get the tackles locked up –we should be good to go for a while on the O-Line
    But after seeing the money going to Ware(Dallas)—I really wonder if we will be able to keep Big Al.

  3. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    The answer is: YES.

  4. Garo Says:

    Agreed..the answer is yes. Jacob Bell was the only FA loss that I thought hurt us…until we signed Scott. It’s rare that you can upgrade for less money…but MR/Fisher are doing just that this year.

  5. beedee Says:

    scott was a slam dunk…the rest of the guys add a vet presence without the cost, but they are also big ifs.
    now i’d really like to see MR lock up a few guys long term and look for a vet as 3rd down RB. my guess is they’ll address that as guys get released in the preseason.

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