The Titans have several options in the draft


There is a general consensus that there are three areas of need the Titans need to address in this draft. The Titans need help at receiver, defensive end and defensive tackle. We’ve had some good discussion here on Total Titans about the various receivers who might be drafted and I’d like to expand the discussion to include the other possibilities.
Why the Titans should select a receiver with their first draft pick: OK, it’s well documented that Tennessee has had problems for years with the receiving corps. The Titans haven’t had a 1,000 yard receiver since 2004. Last year, the Titans finished the regular season ranked 24th in the league in receptions, 27th in receiving yards per game, and 32nd (dead last) in the league, in receiving touchdowns. Dead last — that’s sucking hind teat. The runt of a litter always sucks hind teat and is usually the first one to die.
The offense has only functioned well when the running game has been working. When opponents put eight men in the box to stop the run, the Titans have been unable to take advantage with a deep threat playmaker. They need a new type of receiver, someone different, someone who’s fast, 4.4 or less, to stretch the field and make defenses commit a safety to deep coverage. They definitely don’t need another “possession receiver” who runs a 4.5 and won’t command defensive attention.
Why the Titans should select a defensive end with their first draft pick: Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy have left in free agency. Who’s going to replace them? Jevon Kearse could become a great situational pass rusher again but he’s no longer an every down player. I don’t expect him to play more than 25-30 snaps per game, not all of them effective, and those will be in passing situations. The Titans need someone to stop the run on first downs, third and short situations, and on the goal line. Bryce Fisher isn’t the answer. Jacob Ford is an undersized edge rusher who probably won’t do more than back up Kyle Vanden Bosch and Kearse. KVB is an every down player on the right side, but the Freak needs a partner to stop the run in the platoon at the other end.
Why the Titans should select a defensive tackle with their first draft pick: Two reasons. First, as much as I appreciate what Tony Brown has done for the Titans, his position is definitely in need of an upgrade. Tony is probably the smallest DT in the league. He played decently with Albert Haynesworth lined up next to him last year, but when Big Al was sidelined, Tony’s vulnerabilities were exposed. The second reason why the Titans should select a DT is as an insurance policy, a potential replacement for Albert. Remember, Big Al has been franchised this year, but if Mike Reinfeldt doesn’t pony up enough money for a long-term extension, Albert may be gone next year.
What are the other possibilities? The Titans could also upgrade the running back position. Yes, LenDale White was drafted to be Jeff Fisher’s type of back, an Eddie George-style grinder who could pound the ball, move the chains and wear defenses down. Despite rushing for over 1,000 yards last season, White hasn’t lived up to expectations. So far, there’s no sign Chris Henry might be the answer either. It wouldn’t be a shock if Jonathan Stewart or Rashard Mendenhall hears his name called at #24, if one of them is still available.
What about cornerback? Nick Harper will be 34 years old this fall and is not that good in man coverage. This is another position that definitely needs to be addressed, the sooner the better.
Does Mike Reinfeldt select the best player available? It’s always an intriguing possibility and there will always be arguments whether to draft for a position of need or to simply select the best player available, regardless of position. In his first year as the Titans’ GM, Reinfeldt selected safety Michael Griffin with the intentions of converting him to a cornerback, despite perceived needs at receiver and defensive end. Cornerback wasn’t perceived to be a primary need a year ago, but it was a need. Drafting Griffin was somewhat of a departure from the drafting for need line of thought. Will Reinfeldt stray from the norm again this year? I’ve just heard him say he subscribes to the BPA theory.
A new poll has been started and I’d appreciate your votes on it. The question is which position the Titans will draft for in the first round. Please note, the question is not which position you think should be addressed first, but it’s the position for which you think Reinfeldt will select first. Usually, I ask what you would prefer, but in this case I believe the answer would be almost unanimous for WR. That’s why I’ve changed the question a little to ask you to look into your crystal balls and predict what Reinfeldt will do.
Our last poll asked which free agent acquisition you thought would help the Titans the most this year. Your votes were:
Alge Crumpler 49
Jake Scott 22
Jevon Kearse 11
Justin McCareins 5


9 Responses to “The Titans have several options in the draft”

  1. Adam Says:

    I’d love to see them just go BPA first round & Chris Johnson second round. Granted they are just highlights, but I’ve been watching the YouTube clips of a number of RBs and I love his speed, willingness to take on a tackler. He is elusive and always keeps his feet moving. To me he looks much better than a Ray Rice, Jamal Charles or other 2nd round types.
    Also, word is that cash-strapped Denver is looking to move back. If the right DE or CB is there, I say offer 1st & 3rd and pull the trigger.

  2. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    Get that dominant WR, whatever it takes…build him up from the ground like The Terminator if you have to…

  3. kevin G Says:

    I do not think we will go defensive end because there will not be one worthy of our first found pick available when we come to pick. I do not think the titans go RB in round one just because the class is so deep, and they can probably get a steal later in the draft. defensive tackle comes down to if the titans think they can land one of the 2nd rounders like dre moore or trevor laws with there pick, and if there is a run on wideouts in round one. I think the titans take jackson if he is available, and if he is not than kentwan bolibur and move brown to DE. what I would really like to see the titans do is trade down if some team like atlanta wants to move into the bottom of the first if brian brohm falls past Tampa bay, but we have no control over that. either way, we can get good value on RB and WR in the 3-4 rounds, defensive line not so much, and especially if we can kill 2 birds with one stone by going DT in round one

  4. David H. Says:

    Good Article Andrew! I’ve been saying it since the mock draft on this website had us taking Limus Sweed with the 24th pick. DeSean Jackson will definitely be there at 24. He is explosive in the return game, and can be that quick slot receiver on third down. With Gage, McCareins and Crumpler, we have two big receivers and a pro bowl Tight End who can be our “possession guys” and thrive with VY and the play action game. Jackson in the slot or in third and long situations will add another dimension to our game that teams have to respect. Speed kills always. People are going to criticize Jackson for his size but he is a versatile player none the less. Defensive end seems logical, but like Kevin G. said, I think we can grab a quality player in the second round. As for defensive tackle, Kentwan Balmer would make a lot of sense too. My gut feeling is that Fisher, (Who is synonymous for taking defensive guys in the first) will have influence in the war room and persuade Rienfeldt to look defensively with the first pick. But Jackson’s sub level 4.3 speed would be ridiculous in that offense and we all know how Dinger likes to take shots down field. Finally as far as DB is concerned, I still belive, (and all of you might disagree with me on this) but I think Pacman isnít going anywhere. When you think about it we really could use him too. Imagine him starting opposite of Cort, which would bump Harper to nickel. Our Defense would be complete giving us two corners that can play at a pro bowl level. The draft would primarily be to get depth and bring some young guys along to be future starters.

  5. Worm Says:

    Offensive Guard With potential to play Offensive Tackle or even Center….. Titans like players with Dual Threat ability… get two positions for the price of one…. when it comes game time and you can only have so many people attend… this always become the valuable chess piece…Combo Queen/Knight is a VERY powerful piece to have so to speak
    Although I don’t think there is a Tackle/Center prospect out there…. it would be an intriguing option.
    This will end up being BPA as most teams will have gobbled up the top tier WR’s and Defensive Linemen.

  6. Drew Says:

    what about drafting a DT in the first round and then moving Brown to DE. I faintly remember him playing at the end spot in the past.
    This would a) upgrade the DT position b) give the Freak a partner who is a run stopper

  7. kevin G Says:

    I thought about what I said last night, and the one thing that kept coming up is: is jackson a first rounder if you take away his kick return abilities? I dont think so. we just got carr who is a very good kick returner, so jacksons value has decreased for us.
    Kentwan Balmer just makes too much sense with our pick, we aren’t reaching terribly, and we are able to fix both our line problems with one fell swoop. we can go wide out in 2nd and 4th rounds, and hopefully one of them will pan out.

  8. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for all the comments so far, guys. Drew, I’m with you. I don’t know about a DT in the first round, but definitely in the second or third. You’re right about Tony Brown – he played DT when Albert was suspended but then played a few games at RDE after Albert returned. (KVB was the LDE then and RDEs Odom and LaBoy were both injured.) If Brown is able to move to DE and platoon with Kearse, it might improve both the DT and DE positions.
    Kevin, I wouldn’t rule out Jackson just yet. Carr is obviously being picked up to be the kick returner, but he’s not that good at punt returns. Jackson is.

  9. zeddie Says:

    Limas Sweed makes the most sence, Vince needs a redzone target who can catch the jump balls. He is 6foot4,has great hands,and adjusts to the ball in the air. The receivers dropped at least 6 touchdown passes last year,3 or 4 of which were followed by Vince throwing an pick the next play. Sweed was one of Vince’s favorite receivers at Texas, they are used to playing with each other, and they trust each other.In the 2nd. round they should get Trevor Laws DT. from Notre Dame. If not him they should get Chris Johnson from East Carolina who ran a 4.24, he could be a pro bowl returner and great 3rd. down back. Just for the record, I think the freak is back. Kearse is tired of people saying he is washed up. He will be healthy for the first time in 3 years,and will get single blocked by the right tackle with KVB and Haynesworth each drawing double teams over him early until he proves he’s back. I expect 11.5 sacks this year.

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