We’re only a couple of weekends away from one of the league’s most anticipated offseason events: the NFL Draft.
During this time of the year, NFL fans are bombarded with a seemingly unlimited amount of mock drafts. Fans, prognosticators and armchair general managers voice their draft-related opinions in the form of the mock draft. Team needs and prior offseason moves are taken into consideration as experts attempt to predict the players franchises will select during the final weekend of April.
Here is one man’s take on what the Titans will do on draft day:

1st Round- Limas Sweed WR Texas
This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, considering Sweed was the guy I chose for the Titans in a mock draft conducted about a month ago. Limas has a good size and speed combination and his rapport with ex-college teammate and current Titans’ quarterback Vince Young makes Sweed a logical pick at #24.
2nd Round- Jason Jones DE Eastern Michigan
Jones is an athletic specimen who is moving up the boards as we get closer to the draft. At 6’5” 273 pounds, Jones is a playmaking defensive end prospect who has a good burst and a nice motor to go along with his God-given athletic abilities.
Jones, who also played some defensive tackle in college, is defined as a hard-worker with a great attitude, and would be an intriguing addition to a Titan defensive line that lost two key contributors (Antwan Odom and Travis Laboy) to free agency. The Titans have already displayed some level of interest in Jones, who is one of the draft prospects that will be in town to visit with Titan-management.
3rd Round- Frank Okam DT Texas
From a physical standpoint, Okam (6’5” 347 pounds) is a first round talent. Tagged with the dreaded underachiever label, Okam is a guy who could flourish under the right coaching and in Jim Washburn, the Titans have someone who is more than capable of helping Okam realize his vast potential.
The departure of Randy Starks via free agency opens up a need for another body at the DT position. Referring to Okam as a big body is an understatement, and with his talent, he could eventually develop into a starter in this league.
4th Round- Brian Johnston DE Gardner-Webb
Johnston’s a high-motor guy from a little known school who could be a sleeper in this year’s draft. Johnston has good size (6’5” 274 pounds) and doesn’t stop playing until the whistle blows.
Despite the acquisition of Jevon Kearse, I still believe that DE is a position that the Titans must fortify with the addition of some good young talent. Drafting Jones and Johnston would provide the Titans with the presence of two hard-working/high-motor youngsters with the ability to become solid players in this league.
4th Round (Compensation pick)-Mike Hart RB Michigan
There has already been talk that running back is a direction the Titans may take in this year’s draft. Hart is a little guy with a huge heart who has good vision and has displayed the ability to run in between the tackles. He also produced good numbers at a big-time college program.
Hart is a player who is probably going to be overlooked as a result of his small stature. If he is available in the fourth round, I’d love to see the Titans select him
5th Round- Jordan Grimes OG Purdue
Grimes is a bruising guard with a mean-streak. His skills aren’t well suited to a pass-oriented attack but in the Titans’ run-centered offense, he could develop as a source of depth on a Titan offensive line that lost both its starting guards this offseason.
7th Round- Brian Witherspoon CB Stillman
Speed kills in the NFL and Witherspoon has plenty of it. Timed at a blazing 4.29 in the forty yard dash, Witherspoon is an intriguing athlete who is also capable of making an impact on special teams as a returner.
Witherspoon is a long shot but as a result of his speed, he is worth taking a look at in the last round of the draft.
That concludes my initial Tennessee Titan mock draft. Feel free to add your own views and mock draft selections in the comments portion of this article.


26 Responses to “”

  1. adam Says:

    If Atlanta passes on Ryan & wants to move up to ensure they get Brohm, trade our 1st for their two top 2nd rounders & get RB Chris Johnson, best WR available & best DE/DT available all in 2nd round.

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I really like the way you think, Drexel, especially with your second, third and fourth picks. I still have problems with WR in the first round, but that’s just my personal bias. I also like taking a chance on Witherspoon if he can handle punt returns.

  3. Jacob Says:

    No Limas Sweed or any other receiver in the first round. It’ll be linebacker, running back or traded for a mid 2nd round pick.

  4. Josh Says:

    We will not draft a MLB – we barely use one – We will go DT, DE, or WR – Limas Sweed would be great. Great mock draft – All areas are suitable and I love the Frank Okam 3rd Rounder!

  5. Jorge Says:

    Trade 1st round pick to Bengals and get a proven WR. Number # 85 with strips, and no on the DE they have two from last year coming off injuries. DT i would go with the Kat from ND we need another big body to take pressure off Albert. Running back go with a big speed type runner, LenDale is another jerome bettis in the making good stable, but we need a speedster to compliment slow treed.

  6. Dan Says:

    hey Drexel,
    I like your first 4 picks but instead of picking hart in the 4th i would pick Duane Brown OT for Va tech, who can play guard. Then with the 5th round pick, Antwaun Molden, Eastern Kentcuky for a CB, and then I would address the depth at OLB in the 7th with Bo Ruud an OLB from Nebraska.
    But all in all, I love ur first pick and it should be interesting who we pick.

  7. Drexel Perry Says:

    As always, thanks for the comments guys.
    There are numerous directions the Titans can go in with all of their draft selections. It’s always fun to discuss the many possibilities out there, whether we agree or disagree.

  8. kevin G Says:

    like your picks, but a few questions:
    1) who do we target if sweed is off the board? I ask this because int he wake of kelly’s character issues, sweed has risen to the top of the big WR catagory, couple that with the fact that a lot of teams immediatly in front of us need wideouts makes it a distinct posibility that he will not fall to us.
    2) mike heart is the only pick I don’t like. He is a power back, which we already have, what we need is a speedster and a change of pace back. if you want one in the 4th round, i think kevin smith from central florida or steve slaton would be a better pickups.

  9. Drew Says:

    I would be absolutely satisfied with this draft class, but I would take another reciver in the lower rounds.
    I LOVE the Mike Hart pick at the end of the fourth round

  10. Seth Leonard Says:

    I like Mike Heart because he is basically a man child. I loved watching him get angry last year then use that anger to run the rock. I also like Sweed, and abhor the thought of trying to trade for a certain bengals WR. I would hate to see Chad Johnson come in and totally smash the Titans chemistry. Nice picks, Drex

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    I think there is a decent chance that Sweed will be available at #24. Looking at the teams in front of the Titans, I see Buffalo and maybe Philly going for a WR in the first round. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Philly opt for the speedier Desean Jackson. Philly is in need of not only a WR but a returner as well.
    If Sweed isn’t available, I’d like to see Jackson drafted. I think there is a good shot that at least one of those two guys will be available at 24.
    I selected Hart because of his heart. He is a prime example of the type of player who gets overlooked as a result of the fascination associated with the combine and measurables.
    Hart is a hard-working, productive player and reminds me a little of Earnest Byner, the team’s new rb coach who, despite being smallish for a RB, played the game with a ton of heart.
    I think the Titans already have a speedy/change of pace back on there roster in Chris Henry. A second round selection was devoted to him just last year, so he should get the chance to be the speedy back the team is looking for.
    Again, thanks for the input guys.

  12. David H. Says:

    As always Drex, you’re right on man! All of those picks are solid and justifiable. I would substitute Sweed for DeSean Jackson. He is just too versatile and too damn fast man. Other than that, maybe I would look for Ray Rice from Rutgers instead of Hart. And I would snag him in the third if he’s still there. I doubt it but if he is, I think he has better overall intangibles. Hart played for a more prestigious program and in a more competitive conference but, that doesn’t mean he’ll be a good player in the NFL. In Hart’s defense though, he does have a lot of heart, and is definately a leader both on the field and in the locker room. He would be somebody that the other rookies on the team would follow and look up to. And you gotta love a guy who plays with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Bottom line Drex, other than my suggestions your picks are right on the money man!!!

  13. I.jason Says:

    “I think the Titans already have a speedy/change of pace back on there roster in Chris Henry. A second round selection was devoted to him just last year, so he should get the chance to be the speedy back the team is looking for.”
    The problem with Henry is that he’s demonstarted that the instincts are missing. He doesn’t read the play well – either running or blocking – which is critical for a 3rd-down back. He’s a speedy, North-South-type guy, who REALLY needs a bulldozer of a FB in front of him to show him the holes. It’s difficult to keep a FB on the field in 3rd-and-long situations.
    Also, I’m still not sold on White. He’s too slow to the hole, and he’s not consistent. I think his 1,000 yard season last year is more a product of an excellent O-line and Jeff Fisher’s “grind the ball” mentality (as demonstrated by his 303 attempts, which ranked 6th in the NFL – and his measly 3.7 YPC average, which tied him for 143rd in the NFL).

  14. Drexel Perry Says:

    David H,
    Thanks for the comment, man. I know your a big Desean Jackson guy and as I’ve stated in the past, I wouldn’t be upset at all if he was drafted by the Titans.
    I’m not totally sold on White either. That’s partially why I decided to go with Hart in the 4th round of the mock draft.
    Hart doesn’t have the measurables of guys who will be drafted ahead of him but he has produced for a big-time program. He hits the hole and runs with authority, despite being smallish in stature. Behind the Titans offensive line, I could envision a guy like Hart having some success running the football.
    Hart has also showed the ability to catch the football out of the backfield and is a good blocker, which would make him a viable threat as a third down back, despite not possessing top of the line speed. He has the instincts that Henry lacks.
    As for Henry, the team invested a second round choice in him, and its time for him to show something.
    A backfield consisting of White, Hart and Henry doesn’t look too bad on paper, in my opinion,with White being the battering ram, Henry being the speedster and Hart hitting the hole with authority.
    Thanks for the comment.

  15. jrtitans Says:

    Im going with this:
    First round: we take Devin Thomas(WR) if he is there. If not, we go with Kentwan Balmer (DT) and see our new defensive line of “bomber and Vickerson” if Al doesnt sign a long-term deal.
    If we get get Thomas–then we stay pat at #2 and get Jamall Charles (RB) or if there is a run on backs , we take Chris Johnson (rb) projected 2-3 rounder–he’s the fast guy.
    If we get Balmer –the titans package our 2 with a 4 and move up and Im guessing Sweed (hopefully) or Doucett, in the 2nd round early . They dont let all those WRs Hardy and Mario all get away without us getting one.
    Im ok with Drex’s 5 and 7 picks.
    The 3rd and 4th guys will be BPA and one is a ot/og combo guy like Dan mentions but not sure about any VA Tech guy.
    As usual for the Titans, and in this scenario–They make a 3rd round gamble on potential and get a solid 4th round guy

  16. Drew Says:

    I really disagree with the negative reports on Lendale White’s play last season. I would agree that White had big holes to run through, but once he got through he seemed to be able to break that first hit. He seems to have the Eddie George ability to fall forward and gain a half yard to a yard.

  17. Garland Says:

    In unrelated news, we can rejoice in this:

  18. Ben Says:

    I would just like to see other peoples opinions on Dennis Dixon being a possibility in the later rounds….. maybe a change to WR? He is a very talented athlete and I wouldn’t mind it if we took a chance on him in the late rounds. He has been working EXTREMELY hard to get back into shape after the injury, and remember was a leading candidate for the Heisman until that same injury cost him the rest of the season. I’m just throwing him out their because I think he could possibly be a huge asset to the Titans if we happened to pick him.

  19. Drexel Perry Says:

    Dixon is a great athlete and could be a good developmental project at the WR position.
    He’s the type of guy a team will grab in the latter portion of the draft when they are only looking for the best player available.
    The problem with the Titans is that they are already stacked with developmental projects at the WR position, such as P. Williams, Ealy, Davis, etc. As a result of the Titans spending so many draft picks the last few years on the WR spot outside of the first round, I don’t know if there is room on the roster for yet another developmental prospect at WR.
    I do like Dixon though, and if continues to work hard, he may turn in himself into a player on the next level.

  20. Dave Says:

    After hearing a Limas Sweed interview on Sirius NFL radio the other day, I can’t wait to hear his name called in the 24th spot this year.

  21. kevin b Says:

    I say any running back in the first four rounds , but mike hart he is allways getting injuried ,too small ,and a underachiving wolvirne has never won a big time game . ( check the history books in the NFL on wolverine half backs) ,Drex I am aginst a WR in the first round but i do admit if he is the second or third off the board it may work out for us.The postion of need is a combo DE/DT player . I am galad that many off my fellow breathren know what is best way(s) to go in the draft , almost any selection made will be a team upgrade (plus 2-4 wins)……… But have to beable to beat the charges the next time we meet them it is our” measuring stick ” we know the colts are in the cross hairs and as long as the jags have Del rio on staff we have the advantage ,San diego has beatt us continualy….. once agin great work drex …

  22. Michael Says:

    I’d be fine with the guys you have us drafting, but here’s how I’d like things to play out:
    1st – DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
    2nd – Curtis Lofton, ILB, Oklahoma
    3rd – Pat Sims, DT, Auburn
    4th – Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt
    4th – Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
    5th – Brian Johnston, DE, Gardner Webb
    5th(via pacman trade) – Jacob Hester, RB/FB, LSU
    7th(via pacman trade) – Corey Lynch, S, App. St.
    7th – Jack Ikegwuano, CB, Wisconsin
    P.S. I sure wouldn’t mind us trading a few of these picks to Kansas City for Jared Allen.

  23. Miguel Says:

    Wishful thinking (but possible):
    1st – Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson
    2nd – Chris Johnson, RB – East Carolina
    3rd – Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas St.
    4th – Dre Moore, DT – Maryland
    4th – Eddie Royal, WR – Virginia Tech
    5th(via pacman trade) – Wes Woodyard, OLB, UK
    5th – Jacob Tamme, TE/H-back, UK
    7th – Antwaun Molden, CB, Eastern Kentucky
    7th(via pacman trade) – Jeremy Zuttah, OG, Rutgers
    WE SHOULD ALSO SIGN GRADY JACKSON, TAKEO SPIKES, & TY LAW…or go ahead and sign Roos, Stewart, & Haynesworth to extensions!

  24. BlueRaider22 Says:

    I would be happy with Drex’s picks. I am happy with a WR in the 1st, but for the right reasons. It’s hard to draft immediate (for 2008) WR help. It does happen, but not often.
    I think Jeff and Co. will go for an immediate impact player for the first pick. (Monster DL, or athlete who can double on special teams) Desean Jackson, Felix Jones….players like that can make a more immediate impact.
    It’s hard to get quality WR to a team that doesn’t throw that much. With a “block before catch” coaching mentality. I think Sweed would fit here well. “Ocho Cinco” would shoot himself.
    RB- White is stable, but needs a compliment to excel. Henry is green. Sometimes he looks great, sometimes he runs into his blockers. The jury is still out as to whether or not he has the potential to work the bugs out. A speedy draft (Felix Jones or someone like him) would be good b/c they could help out on special teams.
    WR- Sweed fits the system better, but Jackson could make a more immediate impact by contributing to special teams. I’d go Sweed and give Young a big possesion guy to hit while he’s scrambling.
    OL- Oh, how we’ll miss you Benji.
    DL- Get us a compliment to Haynesworth, and a back-up DE when “The Freakishly Injured” gets hurt again.
    CB- Jeff loves his CB. He goes with what he knows. I’m sure we’ll draft another.
    Finally a big shout out for Michael Vick and Petrino for shredding the Falcons…..thereby landing Crumpler in our lap…….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  25. Drexel Perry Says:

    I’m excited about Crumpler as well. If he can stay healthy, I think he’s going to make a positive impact on the passing game next season.
    Thanks for the comment.

  26. Craig Penn Says:

    I like how u put in draft mock ’08 . It’s all good for me cuz I’m titans fan… but there’s a catch. draft # 24 WR Limas Sweed from Texas is a great pick but remember this… if DeSean Jackson, WR/PR, California still aviable I would pick DeSean Jackson to takeover troublemaker Pacman Jones in PR and he would do well soild WR also. From 2nd round pick to 7th picks looks awesome but I love how u put round 4 pick Mike Hart RB from Mich. I believe that he rarely fumble the ball and very soild running back. Might well use him as 1-2 puch w/ White or use Hart as 3rd down running back.

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