NFLDraft101’s Titans’ selections in seven round mock draft


There are a lot of mock drafts out there but very few good ones include a real life seven round mock. Two of our MVN colleagues, Chris Maier and Dan Wernery, headed up this one on Chris and Dan have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the last few years and are once again doing a great job this year. Chris led the AFC draft team and Dan did the same for the NFC in this seven round mock.
One thing I like about this mock is that is was conducted pick by pick and included some real world draft situations. It’s pretty easy for someone to say they’d like to pick this player in this round, that player in the next round, and what’s his name after that. The problem with that approach is it assumes the players you like will still be available. That’s not the case with this mock. Chris said it was an awesome experience which turned out to be a ten hour process.
I think you’ll all enjoy reading the finished product, especially when you see who the Titans are projected to pick. You can view the Titans’ selections and the entire mock here on NFL Draft 101. Enjoy.


5 Responses to “NFLDraft101’s Titans’ selections in seven round mock draft”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    Oh I totally missed Hart on there. Well maybe learning to read will be a good idea sometime soon. I’ll agree that I think the center position is deep enough. I’ll also offer that I think no matter what we think about first round receivers, the front office is going to feel pressure to get a guy early. I guess we’ll see soon enough—my draft hat came in a few days ago, so I’m in the mode.
    Oh, and the schedules came out today? I see about 8 wins that I’d bet on, then we’ll just have to see about the Indy and Cleveland games. I miss the days when we could whip the Browns, Steelers and Bengals for 6 easy W’s each year….
    Also, only one Monday night match up? And why can’t we play the Panthers in Charlotte every year so I can make it to a game?

  2. Seth Leonard Says:

    After all the talk, I’m surprised that we didn’t take any running backs. Not that I think we need one. Lendale is really under appreciated, in my opinion, and you can’t hope to have your man develop unless you stand behind him. Who knows: maybe this year he will morph into some kind of Earl Campbell and smash a certain Chargers player who has it out for Vince.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    They have us taking Mike Hart with the supplemental 4th.
    My hatred for 1st round WRs notwithstanding, I could live with these picks. DE, DT, WR is where I’d try to go the first 3 rounds. Picking a C (Cody Wallace) with the first 4th round pick, though, looks wrong-Amano, I think, is ready to play center, and they just drafted Harris.
    One other issue with the mock is I don’t they have enough smaller (non-BCS) school guys. Too many guys you’ve heard of in the 7th round, not enough athletes.

  4. Garland Says:

    Yeah, I saw the new schedule too. Looks like Chad will get to go back home to play his old team in week 2. 🙂

  5. David H. Says:

    Speaking of the 08 schedule, whats up with the Browns having 5, count them 5 primetime games? I know the Browns are definitely better than they were last year(s) and could be possibly heading towards prominence but, come on man 5 primetime games!!! At least I’ll have something entertaining to watch while Im having my Thanksgiving dinner!!! Instead of Detroit id rather us play Dallas and take it to Pacman and the Cowgirls.

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