2008 Titans’ schedule released


In 2008, the Titans will†start and finish the season against the same opponents they faced at the beginning and end of the 2007 campaign.
The first week matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the end of the year battle against the Colts†bookend†the Titans’ 2008 schedule that was released today.

In addition to the yearly skirmishes against AFC South rivals, the Titans will also play games against former AFC Central rivals such as the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who visit LP field in the next to last game of the season.
The Titans will also have the honor of playing in one of the league’s annual Thanksgiving games, as they head to Motown to face the Detroit Lions on Turkey Day.
Other interesting matchups include an October 27th Monday night matchup with the Colts at LP field,† and a December 7th battle with the Cleveland Browns, who lost out to the Titans for the final AFC playoff wildcard spot last year.


12 Responses to “2008 Titans’ schedule released”

  1. David H. Says:

    Iím very excited about the schedule and upcoming season. Just one question though, how do the Cleveland Browns get 5 primetime appearances? I know there “a team on the rise”, but I thought we were too. And really do you guys thing they deserve 5 primetime games!?! I canít wait to see what were made of when we play them at seasons end. On a final note Drex, our very own Frank Wycheck has us taking DeSean Jackson on the NFL.com mock draft. What are your thoughts on that, and how do you think we’ll do this year with this schedule? I personally see us finishing 1 win better with a record of 11-5 with us entering the playoffs based on either a win in the Browns game or Colts finale.

  2. Ben Says:

    I love our 2008 Schedule! Another match-up that intrigues me although everyone will have already figured out how they are by the time we play them is the GB game. I just personally want to see how they do without Favre this year. I do like how we are at home on our Monday nighter, and extremely excited about playing Detroit on Thanksgiving! What a Thankingsgiving it will be if the Titans win that one! Also in order of who I want in the draft my top 3 selections are Sweed, Thomas, and Balmer rounding out the top 3

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    The NFL hates me. I’m all excited about lots of opponents in decent driving distance, then the Colts game ends up Dec. 28 and the Lions game is on Thanksgiving, forcing me to choose between family and football. Thanks a whole, whole lot. Maybe I’ll drive up to GB for the preseason game to make up for it.

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    David H.,
    I have no problems with Jackson being selected if Sweed is off of the board. Jackson, despite his small stature, is a playmaker, and the Titans are in need of someone who can make defenders miss and take it to the house.
    As for the Titans schedule, I think it’s pretty favorable. Jax is going to be tough in week one, but at least it is going to be in front of the home crowd. Three of the first four games are at home, so that’s an opportunity for the Titans to get off to a quick start, which is going to be crucial playing in such a tough division.
    I think I’ll save the predictions for the summer, but by glancing at the schedule, I agree with you that 11-5 is attainable, if Vince bounces back from last year and the defense is anywhere near as good as it was last year.
    Of the non-conference games, I am curious to see how the Titans fare against the Adrian Peterson and the Vikes. Peterson is one of the best young rb’s I’ve ever seen, so it should be fun to see how the Titan d stacks up against him.
    As for Cleveland’s 5 prime time appearances, I chalk that up to the hype surrounding the moves they made in the offseason. They are probably going to be one of the popular picks in the AFC to make it far, but they still have to go out and prove it on the field.
    Championships are won on the gridiron, not on paper.
    Next year should be a lot of fun.

  5. wacko jacko in remington Says:

    Good, let Cleveland get all the limelight as they lose in prime-time TV games while Titans build up a nice 11-5 record very quietly. I like it like that!

  6. Garland Says:

    The guys on NFLN were pointing out how tough the AFC North is going to have it this year going up against the AFC South and the NFC East. The winner of that division could easily be sitting at 8-8 when it’s all said and done, and the Browns could potentially be out of the playoff hunt by the time some of those prime-time games roll around.

  7. Garland Says:

    You know, that scenario is probably a good reason not to reseed the post-season as was proposed this year. If a division is dealt a very tough schedule like the AFC North is, the wildcard from another division is not necessarily the better team just because they have a better overall record. When two teams from the same division make the playoffs, that could be more related to the divisions they faced that year than to how good those teams actually are. That said, the AFC South will have two teams again, and one of them will be TN.

  8. kevin G Says:

    @ garland: as much as I would like to think so, what is more likely to happen is Jacksonville will clench a wild card slot, and the other one will be fought over by the rest of the AFC, and it is pretty likely that the south will send 3 teams again next year!

  9. jrtitans Says:

    jackson, sweed, thomas , balmer–all sound good to me.
    But this schedule is the greatest pick up of all. We should be able to roll up some wins easily.
    While we miss some primetime- I guess because of our small market or conservative play– I was going to ask DREX: what about the flex scheduling that happens at the end of the year? Isn t is a good possibility we will get some more primetime?

  10. Docs Sports Picks Guru Says:

    That’s the way it always works: teams get primetime love based on what they did LAST YEAR. But in case folks haven’t noticed, TV execs are awful at handicapping teams for the upcoming season. That’s why MNF games suck after about Week 5.

  11. mooney Says:

    tennessee is gonna kick ass

  12. Drexel Perry Says:

    If the Titans remain in playoff contention, they could be featured on a Sunday night game like last season, when they visited the Colts for a chance to qualify for the postseason.
    Looking at the schedule, the final home contest of the year against Pittsburgh could easily be an attractive contest with playoff implications that could be moved to the primetime stage of Sunday night football.
    Of course, the final game of the season against Indy is another possibility.

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