Steve McNair announcing his retirement


Steve McNair is announcing his retirement this morning.
This comes as a little bit of a surprise to me. I believed he’d be one of those guys who tried to play as long as he could. He certainly hasn’t been able to play effectively since going to Baltimore two years ago. He lost the ability to throw deep and had some injury problems, especially last year.
He definitely is not the type who would assume a backup role, simply trying to hang on. Maybe his injuries and lessened abilities were such that he saw the writing on the wall. If that was the case, then I’m sure he had enough loyalty to let his current team know his plans before the draft.
Steve was the face of the Titans since they relocated to Tennessee ten years ago and until he was traded to the Ravens. Although he’ll announce his retirement in Baltimore, I’ll always think of him as a Titan first.
McNair still has a house in Nashville, but I imagine he’ll spend most of his time on his farm/ranch in Mississippi. He’ll probably spend some of his time in retirement hunting and fishing with his buddy Brett Favre.
I’ll probably remember him most for the Giants game in the Meadowlands when he led a fourth quarter comeback and overtime victory. What’s your favorite Steve McNair moment?


8 Responses to “Steve McNair announcing his retirement”

  1. beedee Says:

    steve is a player’s player. congrats on a great career. i hope he heads back to nashville and takes a position with the club.

  2. adam Says:

    Just the whole 2002 season in general and yes the Giants game in particular was amazing. Each week he wouldn’t practice, was listed as questionable and played lights out. The Titans needed that out of him after starting 1-4. It’s just a shame that the Titans parted ways with him in the manner they did. He was a leader and a warrior.

  3. David H. Says:

    Air McNair has had a hell of a career. Its a crying shame that he couldn’t retire a Titan. Im sure hes long overdue for a serious rest. My favorite moment in his 13 year career is a play that basically sums up his whole career. In the Superbowl on that infamous final drive when he broke away from Kevin Carter and DeMarco Farr, to hook up with Dyson and set them up for the go ahead score. Man I had goose bumps watching that. Still do to this day. The escape ability, tenacity, toughness, fearlessness, and durability he played with for 13 years will never be forgotten by all us Titans fans. This man bled for us and played with the heart of a lion. He is a legend in my opinion. McNair was synonymous for giving his all not only to his team but to the game of football itself. He played the game the only way it should be played. Now the torch is officially passed, with “Pops” out of the game, its time for Vince to lead us to the same prominence that Steve did.

  4. Mike Brown Says:

    As the writer for Ravens Roost I can relate to the Titan fans feelings. McNair was only with the Ravens for a short time, and he’ll be remembered as a Titan first and foremost. He was one of the toughest competitors there ever was.
    Most players don’t know when to call it quits, but McNair was smart enough to see the writing on the wall and did the right thing. He didn’t want to be a liability to his team mates. That shows he was, and will always be a class act.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    The McNair performance that stands out to me was during 2000 when an injured McNair relieved Neil O’Donnell and threw a game winning touchdown pass to beat the Steelers on the road.
    McNair was the ultimate warrior, and his presence in the league will be missed.

  6. Ben Says:

    My favorite memory was his 2003 campaign. Although he wasn’t on par with Peyton Mannings numbers that year, he definitly deserved the MVP award even if it was split with the infamous Mannng! Without a doubt the Titans would not have been nothing without him! I very much agree that McNair will always be a Titan, and I do wish that he would have been able to finish his career here, but none the less he was fun to watch and fun to cheer for! 1 TD away from a SB Championship and how GLORIOUS that would have been (DAMN you Mike Jones HAHA). I will miss seeing his toughness on the field. Congratulations on a GREAT career Steve “The Air” McNair!

  7. Seth Leonard Says:

    Goodbye Steve. You were a great player, and I’ll never forget the only time I got to see you play: a few seasons ago in Charlotte when Eddie George smashed some guy and hurt him, and Steve threw for 3 TD’s and made everyone around me stop talking crap for wearing a Titans jersey. We all loved you man, and I hope you can still swing through and show Vince some tricks.

  8. clarence Says:

    it seem like yesterday when i saw you play in a titan uniform. i live in LA now but i have to say as the song says ” i had the time of my life” watching you, eddie, jervon and the rest of the gang give a city something to call their own. we had the titans, even though you never had that big time receiver we were still winners. i know the players will change and oneday the coach. however when i remember the titans it will be eddie, frank, bruce, jervon, coach jeff and the first quarterback of the tennessee titans #9 Steve”Air” McNair. thanx 4 the memories Steve.

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