Draft Day has arrived: Final thoughts, Michael Roos extension


Draftniks and NFL aficionados can finally toss out the mock drafts, because the real thing is about to occur. The premier event of the NFL offseason is finally upon us: Draft day is here!

At Total Titans, we have attempted to provide you the reader, with well-rounded coverage of the Titans’ wants and needs for the 2008 Draft. Whether its Andrews’s wishes to bring in a DE such as Phillip Merling, Tom’s desire to improve the defensive trenches via the acquisition of Kentwan Balmer, or my own dreams of adding Vince Young’s ex-teammate Limas Sweed to the Titans’ offensive arsenal, we’ve tried to give you a variety of different perspectives on the Titans’ draft needs.
At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that the Titans acquire some talent that is going to improve their team and enhance their aspirations of continuing their journey to becoming a legitimate Super Bowl contender, regardless of what position the Titans’ new first rounder will play.
In what hopefully will serve as a positive omen for the Titans on draft day, tackle Michael Roos has agreed on a new six-year contract worth $43 million, making him one of the game’s highest paid tackles. Michael’s extension ensures his presence on the Titans’ offensive line for many years to come. Next up is focusing on the other bookend on the offensive line, David Stewart, who the Titans also hope to sign to a long term deal in the near future.
Well, that’s it for Titan news for now. Of course, we will have plenty to tell you about once the draft begins later today. In the meantime, enjoy the draft, and hopefully, we’ll all be applauding the decision-making of the Titans’ front office this weekend.


12 Responses to “Draft Day has arrived: Final thoughts, Michael Roos extension”

  1. kevin b Says:

    drex , lets hope that with that news,and the subtraction of jones saga we will have a morre positive year. kenwtan in the first or whom ever the best end is left at that pick would be nice. we could do wide out with our second, according to the NFL radio they are falling in quality/value ….. enjoy the draft drex !!

  2. adam Says:

    Reinfeldt and the Titans are handling these signings well. Roos is under contract for the same money Minnesota shelled out for Berrian. I think Jacob Bell is making close to as much per year as a LG. Good job Titans!

  3. Drexel Perry Says:

    kevin b,
    I am excited about the draft as well. I’ll be posting my thoughts throughout the day, probably in this post, as the events occur. Feel free to do the same.
    I agree that locking up Roos long-term was a great move by Reinfeldt, and hopefully the signing will have a domino effect and usher in new long term deals for Stewart and Haynesworth.
    As always, thanks for the comments guys.

  4. Dan Says:

    wow that was an awesomely shitty trade for the jags.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    They could have kept their draft picks and ended up with a solid DE like Merling, Jackson or Campbell at #26.
    I understand that DE was a need, but they gave up way too much to secure that need.
    According to many mocks, the Bills were supposed to go WR in the first round but instead, they chose the CB McKelvin.
    It’s looking like the Titans may have their choice of WR’s if they decide to go that route at#24.

  6. Dan Says:

    The titans are going to have there pick at wr, so they better take one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Drexel Perry Says:

    The Titans are on the clock and they will have their choice of WR’s.
    Of course, guys like Balmer and Merling are still available as well.
    Gonna be interesting.

  8. Dan Says:

    what this is fucking bullshit

  9. Dan Says:

    again the titans find a way to fuck things up

  10. beedee Says:

    ok…i’ve kept quite during the whole lead up to the draft but a first rnd pick on a RB from East Carolina…bitch please!
    what is up with that? i realize jones was taken but why not address that in another round and take a higher talent at another position. nothing against chris johnson but there were better players for the titans out there. this is not the way i hoped they would start the draft.

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    Their goes Merling to the Dolphins, with the first pick of the second round.
    That’s a nice pick by the Big Tuna.
    I am surprised they drafted a rb this high, especially considering the picks they’ve spent on the position in the last two drafts.

  12. Reviewing past Tennessee Titans drafts: 2008 | Total Titans Says:

    […] this pick, I wanted defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer, who has was out of the league last year and had 39 career tackles. […]

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