Some Titans’ radio talk and character issues


I’ve heard some good post-draft talk on Nashville sports talk radio the last few days. Jeff Fisher was on at least three separate times on Monday, including a hour-long special. As usual, he claimed the Titans were very happy with the players they drafted and that every position of need was addressed.
One encouraging thing he did say was that the Titans didn’t consider Chris Johnson to be just a running back. He indicated the Titans were going to use him in a variety of ways, including splitting him out as a wide receiver, to get the ball in his hands multiple times per game. Fish also made a statement that Vince Young had been in town this spring far more than most people realized, he had spent a lot of time with Mike Heimerdinger and they were very excited about the offense.
Johnson was on briefly but didn’t say much that I recall. He did say he didn’t want to replace anybody but just wanted to contribute to help the Titans win some games. He seemed to have a good attitude.
One guy with a great attitude was second-round pick Jason Jones. He’s an articulate, well-spoken and intelligent man. Jones had nothing but praise for the organization, Jim Washburn, KVB, Albert and Jevon.
Frank Wycheck was talking about the third-round pick, TE Craig Stevens. Wycheck said he had been working with him at a local training facility and had some good things to say about him.
I also got to hear an interview with the Winston-Salem coach of William Hayes. He was another well-spoken man and had nothing but praise for his former player, saying the Titans had selected a very fine player and a good person.
I’m sure there was more radio talk than that mentioned above, which I missed.
From listening to these interviews, it doesn’t like there is anybody with any “character issues” in the group. Wonder if the Titans are being particular about that or if it’s just a coincidence?


11 Responses to “Some Titans’ radio talk and character issues”

  1. kevin G Says:

    I would imagine that there that was very much intentional this year, but has anyone heard anything about stanford kegler, he is the one we have to worry about, (already been arrested for a bar fight

  2. Seth Leonard Says:

    Damn I love the Titans. I’m not from nor have I ever been to Nashville (Johnson City native), but it seems like they really have the team community built up over there. Just look at Wycheck. Writes about the Titans, speaks about them and even takes the time to work with new a new TE. I cant wait for next season so everyone who has given us the big F for the draft can see just how good the team really is.
    Does anyone know if you have to pay to go see the Titans at training camp?

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Seth, training camp has always been free in the past and I’m sure it will be again this year. It generally starts in the last few days of July and lasts until about the end of August. It’s a good way to see the players up close and you can always take pictures and get a few autographs if you want.

  4. Billy Joe Says:

    I review this site copiously, but don’t say very much. I’m a Nashville native, but I’ve lived in Chicago for several years. I’ve been to and have great friends in JC. You need to make a point to get to Nashville. You’ll find a unique community and you will dig it.
    As for everyone else, ALL my roots are in Nashville. People love the Titans wherever I’ve been. It’s good to get back to the character foundation, with developing good players as well. Obviously, based on the draft, the Titans are going to spread the offense out in the Fall, which will probably be very positive.
    Look, Nashville is considered very cool by EVERYONE I’ve encounter outside of Nashville. There’s a reason the Eddie George’s and Frank Wycheck’s and Jevon Kearse’s of the world want to stay there or come back there. It’s called a GREAT culture. Now let’s build a Super Bowl Championship out of it!!!

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    Nashville’s a great city. It’s big in terms of population but it has that small town feel unlike many of the other major metropolitan areas of the country.
    Nashville is mecca if your a Titans’ fan, and if you ever get the opportunity to venture there, you’ll enjoy it to the fullest!

  6. Seth Leonard Says:

    Thanks guys,
    Looks like I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and drive over this year.

  7. Tom Gower Says:

    Training camp is fee for a good and simple reason: normally, teams can’t send scouts to other teams’ training camp. If you charge an admission fee, though, other teams are permitted to attend. AFAIK, there’s only one team in the past decade or more that’s charged an admission fee for training camp, and, well, it worked just as well as paying a bunch of money for Steve Spurrier.

  8. Garland Says:

    Hopefully camp won’t be as brutally hot as it was last year.

  9. jerry thompson Says:

    Go titans and god bless you all on a successful camp.

  10. harrison Boyd Says:

    hey does anyone know when this years training camp starts, or if not training camp the earliest possible thing that i can go watch at Baptist Sports Park, I’m in need for some football

  11. jerry t Says:

    yaaa me to. go titans prove all you’r cridits wrong.

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