Will Albert Haynesworth be a Titan beyond 2008?


As a result of his contract situation, Albert Haynesworth won’t be attending the beginning of the Tennessee Titans’ organized team activities, which start today at Baptist Sports Park.
The inability of Haynesworth and the Titans to hammer out a long-term deal continues to be an issue for the team as it heads into the 2008 season.
Haynesworth, who was designated as the team’s franchise player, has until July 15th to negotiate a contract that would allow him to be a Titan for probably the rest of his career and if a deal isn’t struck; the team may face the daunting prospect of “Fat Albert” being available on the open market next offseason.

Preventing Haynesworth from becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2009 should be an issue of great importance to Mike Reinfeldt and the Titans’ front office. If Tommie Kelly can command a seven-year $50 million deal from the free-spending Raiders, can you imagine what Haynesworth’s price tag will be if he becomes a free agent?
Haynesworth’s presence on the defensive line was felt tremendously by opposing teams last season. He played a big (pun intended) role on the Titans’ #5 ranked defense last year. By commanding double teams on a consistent basis, he allowed the likes of Kyle Vanden Bosch, Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy to take advantage of one-on-one matchups.
Losing Haynesworth after next year would be a catastrophic blow to the Titans. We’ve all seen what the defense looks like when Al isn’t playing, and folks, it isn’t a pretty sight.
During last November’s three-game losing streak, opposing teams took advantage of Haynesworth’s absence by running all over the Titans’ defense. The relentless pressure that the Titans usually put on opposing quarterbacks suddenly disappeared because of the failure of anyone outside of Haynesworth to command the level of attention that made the jobs of the defensive ends so much easier when Al was in the lineup.
The Titans, blessed with a ton of cap room at the onset of the offseason, have already locked up franchise LT Michael Roos for the next several years. Now the Titans should focus on the other side of the trenches by reeling in Haynesworth for the remainder of his career.
It’s time to reach a long-term deal with Haynesworth, or else, the Titans could be faced with the unfathomable possibility of losing him next offseason.


12 Responses to “Will Albert Haynesworth be a Titan beyond 2008?”

  1. Drexel Perry Says:

    The franchise tag is a dicey issue, especially among players and their agents. It’s usually the root of alot of problems that take place between a franchise and its coveted players.
    I think that the best solution is to sign Al to a long term deal before July 15th, which would appease all sides involved.
    We all know Al’s worth to the Titan defense, so hopefully he can be signed up for the long haul.
    Thanks for the comment.

  2. barry stricklin Says:

    i have no clue what the titans are waiting for ,the biggest mistake was giving a olineman that has not won anything 43 mill ,hey titans ,are you crazy? albert haynesworth is begging to sty ,and, you say he is not worth what tommy kelly got . get real ,he is the reason you guys made ti to the superbowl, and, now you guys draft d linemen ,and ,now we might not have our best player back.

  3. cld12pk2go Says:

    They could just tag him again next year if they don’t want to lose him and cannot agree on an extension.
    I see no reason to compromise and let him add a line to the contract that we won’t tag him again next year.

  4. I.jason Says:

    Here’s the thing with Big Al: He has yet to play a full season. In fact, he has yet to play an entire _game_ without taking plays off (not talking about rotating here, talking about half-assing a play). Also, he has that history of “relaxing” right after his rookie payday.
    He and his agent should be realistic and reasonable (but of course they won’t), and accept the fact that the Titans need assurances that Al won’t “coast” on his guaranteed-money, long-term contract. If they can give us a year at the Franchise rate (or even two years, with a large incentive package), and Al can prove he’s going to remain a monster, and not just a “contract-year-wonder,” he’s gonna get paid, and paid well.
    As for Al being the key to the D-line, that’s less about him as a player (though he CAN be a monster difference maker), and more about the team not having anyone decent behind him. Tony Brown is a ‘tweener, and got run over without decent help. Starks was not “decent help.” The young guys we have (from the draft and last year’s “red-shirts”) should make a big difference this year.
    I’m not saying the Titans would be a better team without Albert, but they shouldn’t have to break the bank to keep him long-term.
    A realistic compromise would be a 3-year deal, with perhaps 1 or 2 voidable years at the end. He’s going to want a big guaranteed payoff, but that should be split between a mid-range signing bonus and yearly roster bonuses. His agent won’t go for that, but it’s what he’s worth.
    To be honest, I’d be ok with watching Albert play under his franchise tag for a year, playing hard and playing pissed off, looking for a big FA contract. If he proves to be worth the big money, we can pay him next year (taging him won’t work, because he’d probably just sit out). If he’s not worth it, we can let him walk, and in the meantime, the youngsters have a year of experience playing beside and behind an angry Albert.

  5. Bradd Says:

    His price tag will be astronomical…
    and we’ve all seen Big Al play WELL below his ability when his heart just isn’t in it.
    There is no doubt that this year, if we just tag him, he will play out of his mind…with big $$$ on the horizon.
    But what kind of player will he be if we signed him to big contract, and he had nothing to play for except pride?
    Has he ever played 16 games in a season?
    Before last season, has ever shown close to 100% every game?
    Heck, in 2006 he almost got cut due to his head stomping incident.
    Did Big Al play like he was worth a big contract last year?
    Did our defense suffer when he was out?
    Will he keep playing like 2007 if we give him a giant contact to finish his career?
    who knows.
    Remember what happened with 2005 MVP Shaun Alexander after he was signed to a mega deal….

  6. jerry t Says:

    Listen up , fellows, we all know what albert can do on the field showed that last season,but he was hurt missed alot of the last part of the season, why do to conditioning, until he realize the best get the big contracts because they stay in shape.

  7. Tom Gower Says:

    I strongly believe the front office thinks they’ll get Albert done to a long-term deal by the deadline. I think that’s an incredibly risky proposition, for reasons that have already been noted. I bet it’ll happen, and Albert will be the classic Albert we knew and got incredibly frustrated with, the same guy who’ll be incredibly dominant one play and disappear the next.

  8. kevin G Says:

    albert will get paid stupid amounts of money for a 3-4 year deal, I think this will be best for both parties, it will give us a hainseworth without an incredible ammount of risk, but it will not lock us up for an extended period of time. we have johnson, who was one of the “redshirt” draftees, and washburn says he sees jason jones as a tackle down the road, not an end. if we do let albert go after this year we will not be as bad off as we would have been had he hit the market this year.
    at the end of this year hainsworth will probably be the highest paid DT in football, weather he deserves it or not.

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    Yea, when guys like Tommy Kelly get paid $18 million in guaranteed money, God only knows how much Haynesworth is going to command.
    Great all around discussion guys, with some excellent points on both sides of the issue.
    In other news, Bironas has signed the one-year tender:

  10. jrtitans Says:

    When Al commented one time that he like the Patriots–I knew then we would have a hard time keeping him.
    I am neutral—who wouldnt want a pro-bowl tackle ?and then , the years before ( stomping and complaining)–who knows which albert is going to show up?
    The titans would like to keep him but they wont pay THAT big money he knows he can get. I think unless Al really wants to be here–he gets tagged twice and then leaves.

  11. jerry t Says:

    Big al, just be ready this season, you will get you’r money.you are the best line man in all of football.
    I just hope he get in shape.For an injury free season.

  12. Brad Says:

    I think the titans are done with Albert after this year. Not because he is a bad player, in fact he is a great player. But I think the titans have something against players with big names. Albert wasn’t that big of a deal until his breakout year last year, now that he is a big name player and the titans will let him go. The titans have tons of cap room. We could have gotten Donte’ Stallworth, Randy Moss, tried to work out a deal with the Lions to get Roy Williams, or even push for a trade with Chad Johnson. I know we are talking about two different positions but WR was obiously our biggest need going in to this year and we got Justin McCarrines (how ever you spell it)??? Hey titans players have “BIG NAMES” because they are the best players. Try being like the patriots and actually make it to the super bowl, not just get in the playoffs and lose.

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