Some Titan-related news in the dead of the offseason


With the draft taking place almost a month ago and a few months remaining before training camp, information is hard to come by for the die-hard aficionados of the NFL.
As we all try to cope with the dog daze of the offseason, here are a few Titan-related tidbits that will hopefully capture your attention.

Veteran Kevin Mawae, who also serves as the NFLís Players Association President in his spare time, recently voiced his opinion on the absurd contract recently signed by QB Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Ryanís contract, which is a six-year deal worth up to $72 million, with a ridiculous $34.75 million guaranteed, drew the ire of Mawae, who stated:

“As a guy who has been in the league for 14 now going on 15 years and being around other veteran guys, for a young guy to get paid that kind of money and never steps foot on the football field, itís a little disheartening to think of.”

The NFL needs to utilize an NBA-style rookie salary cap, which provides a ceiling for rookie contracts based on their draft position. The jury is still out on Ryan, but itís insane that a rookie can come into the league and start off making more money than more established NFL QBís. This is a problem that the league needs to fix fast.
In other news, Chris Carr is extremely happy to escape the purgatory of Oakland for the greener pastures of Tennessee. In a recent article, Carr summed up his feelings towards leaving the Bay Area for Nashville, stating:

ďItís an understatement to say itís a little nicer hereÖitís just so many things that go on over there, and itís disheartening too because you donít win any football games.Ē

It will be interesting to see how Carrís former teammates react to him during the Titan-Raider preseason game in August. Donít be surprised to see a little more than the usual amount of trash-talk for an exhibition contest.
In a surprising development, ex-Titan Randy Starks, who signed a free agent deal with the Fins during free agency, is being moved from DT to DE in Miamiís 3-4 defensive alignment. Starks did display a knack for getting to the quarterback during his first three years as a Titan, accumulating 10.5 sacks.
The Dolphins must have watched a lot of tape of Randy’s performance during Big Albert Haynesworthís absence last season, when Starks filled in with his matador-type performance at DT, while allowing opposing running backs to effortlessly glide by him on a consistent basis.
As for the current Titans, OTAís continue through the end of this week, with the rookies taking the field with the veterans for the first time.
Thatís it for now, folks.


4 Responses to “Some Titan-related news in the dead of the offseason”

  1. adam Says:

    Thanks Drex – the Tennessean reported that Ron Dayne will visit Thursday, do you think CH could really be on the way out this soon? I’m not too high on him right now, but they spent a 2nd on him last year and Sherm Smith saw something in him to vouch for his selection as he did on draft day.

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    The Dayne news happened right after I submitted this post, so we’ll have something up tomorrow about it.
    It is bad enough that the Titans picked up CJ in the first round, but with their interest in Dayne, things don’t look too good for Chris Henry right about now.

  3. jerry t Says:

    Dayne could help us out remember lendale is injured
    and jeff loves the run game, chris might not be going
    no where so we will have 4 running backs and dayne

  4. barry stricklin Says:

    with the drafting of chris johnson ,we need a player to replace henry if we do,t keep him. i see that dayne could come here if he is still healthy we could have a real running attack.

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