Ron Dayne: Future Titan?


According to the Tennessean, former Houston Texan RB Ron Dayne will be in town today to take a physical.

Dayne, the 1999 winner of the highly coveted Heisman Trophy, had his best season as a pro last year, rushing for 773 yards and six touchdowns.
Dayne has failed to live up to the lofty expectations surrounding him as a former first round draft selection, but he has proven to be a capable back the last couple of years.
This potential move is somewhat of a surprise, considering the Titans’ selections of running backs high in the draft the last three seasons. The idea of signing Dayne may be an insurance policy for LenDale White, who is coming off of offseason knee surgery.
The Titans’ interest in Dayne may also be yet another indication of the team’s unhappiness with last year’s second round draft pick, Chris Henry. The drafting of Chris Johnson and the idea of signing Dayne don’t appear to be ringing endorsements for Henry’s chances of being a factor in the running game next season.
What are your thoughts on the potential acquisition of Dayne?


8 Responses to “Ron Dayne: Future Titan?”

  1. Matt Says:

    you’re right, the expectations were ridiculous for dayne. as far as being a team player, we know he’s not against sharing carries, which is what we’re trying to do.
    lendale has interested me this offseason. to recap, he got into some legal trouble in denver as a result of a party he threw for himself, he admitted to playing last season with a torn meniscus, and he had a cameo in a snoop dogg video. now, i don’t think the titans front office is ecstatic with any of these things. plus, should one or two more allegations arise, lendale could be looking at a suspension.
    injury adds to pac-mannish behavior and the titans start looking at an older, wiser, and possibly better version of lendale white…we shouldn’t be surprised. if byner doesn’t like henry, then we’ll definitely sign another back because the insurance policy for a player like lendale is verging on necessity.

  2. Tom Gower Says:

    A slightly upgraded version of LenDale White, when healthy. Not much of an upgrade, but I think Dayne is a little better at not dancing and not trying to run outside when the play isn’t designed that way. The biggest RB need I see, though, is somebody who can be a 3rd down back, including blitz pickup, and I’m not sure Dayne can do that, and I’m sure he’s not fast or elusive enough to be a good receiver.

  3. Scott Says:

    I agree that this is an insurance policy for Lendale White. But, more importantly, it has to be seen as an indictment of Chris Henry and an insurance policy for him as well. If White were to go down with an injury this season, the only RB on the current roster who might be capable of consistently pound it between the tackles is Henry.
    Chris Johnson isn’t that kind of running back and Quinton Ganther just hasn’t shown enough to be relied on to do the job. I don’t think Omar Cuff and Rafael Little (even if he is healthy) are those kinds of backs either. If Henry does not prove by the end of training camp that he can be the capable backup to White, then the Titans need another option. Dayne would be good competition for Henry.
    I am getting the feeling that Byner is not a fan of Henry.

  4. Marty Says:

    Dayne has always been good at picking up the blitz. Fumbles only once every thousand yards gained. Team player. Expectations way too high out of college.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    Looks like RB Kevin Jones, formerly of the Lions, also visited today:

  6. Dave Says:

    I know he didn’t set the world on fire last year, but I think Chris Henry looked pretty good when he was in. His suspension didn’t help, obviously, but we drafted him fairly high so I hope he at least gets a chance to redeem himself in training camp.

  7. cld12pk2go Says:

    I think these are just normal CYA moves.
    If we have a RB go down during the season, we already have a list of people that we have checked out and know if they would be good for us or not. This will help to quickly fill a void later if required.

  8. Bobert Says:

    Yeah, I’m optimistic about Henry, actually. I don’t see why he couldn’t be a capable backup for pounding it between the tackles. If during TC he shows that he can’t be relied upon for that role, I’m not sure why we would keep him at all, to be frank. I realize that he’s raw and needed time to adjust coming out of college. But he should at least show that he can be a backup during this preseason in order to justify his spot on the roster.
    People get too caught up in his inability to return kicks; something he never really did before that anyway. He wasn’t good at it, but I agree with Dave about how he looked when given carries. He flashed some nice ability and has more explosion than Lendale. Once he starts playing instead of thinking, Henry could be quite good out there.
    The combination of Young, CJ, and Crumpler should really open up things for our run game. Those three will be a threat that will spread defenses out a bit, allowing us to pound it up the middle. The key will be that our pounder (whether White or Henry) must be able to hit the hole fast and hard. White was a little too slow through the hole this past season, which is part of the reason his YPC was a bit low.

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