Could Travis Henry return to the Titans?


Denver’s decision to sign veteran free agent RB Michael Pittman yesterday could usher in the release of former Titan Travis Henry. Henry, who is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, may be expendable as a result of the acquisition of Pittman and the development of young RB’s Selvin Young and Ryan Torain.
If last week is any indication, the Titans appear to be interested in attaining a veteran running back to pair with their young stable of runners. If Henry is released, the Titans should consider bringing him back to Nashville.

Henry’s performance during the 2006 season was one of the main reasons behind the Titans’ near-playoff birth that year. Henry rushed for 1,211 yards and 7 touchdowns, including a memorable 178 yard effort in the Titans’ first win of the season against the Redskins.
Injuries are a concern with Henry, whose 2007 season was permeated with nagging ailments. However, the Titans’ interest in oft-injured former Lion Kevin Jones indicates that injuries aren’t the biggest factor in their attempts to bring in a veteran back.
Henry rejuvenated his career once with the Titans, and if released, I’d like to see him get the opportunity to revive his career once again in a Titan uniform.
What do you guys think?


15 Responses to “Could Travis Henry return to the Titans?”

  1. jerry t Says:

    He’s not worth a pick at all, let denver dump him, than
    we can talk henry talk, jeff likes 4 running backs in his system and he fits it, he still have that nagg-ing injury
    his hamy is a issue.JEFF & REIN will wait it out.

  2. I.jason Says:

    Not really interested in seeing Henry back in TN again, to be honest. Still, he might be worth a similar deal as what went down with Erasmus James. I believe the ‘Skins owe the Vikings a 7th rounder, only if James sees the field for a certain number of games, or something similar.
    Can we put an “only if not further children show up claiming Travis as their Father” clause in a conditional trade agreement?

  3. jerry t Says:

    They should, he had a good run with the titans.

  4. travis Says:

    That’d be fine with me. He’s just gotta lay off the weed. One more problem with that and he’s gone for a year…

  5. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Well, Henry still has a lot of value. If Mike Shanahan decides that the Broncos should go in a different direction, he’ll try to trade him and get some compensation for him. The only way the Broncos release him outright is if they’re unable to trade him. Denver has some serious money invested in him and I’m sure they’d like to get some kind of return on their investment.
    It’s one thing for the Titans to look at free agents like Ron Dayne, who will come on the cheap with little risk. It’s another thing to trade away a draft pick for a fourth RB when you already have three young ones who were high draft picks.
    If I’m Mike Reinfeldt, I don’t give up a draft pick for him, but if Shanahan is unable to make a trade and decides to release him in August, I’d sure be interested.
    What do you guys think? Would you give up a draft pick for Henry? Fourth round? Fifth? Sixth? Or wait and see if the Broncos release him outright?

  6. Garland Says:

    I would not place much value on Henry. It would have to be a small, short contract with nothing traded. Actually, I’m not sure I would be interested at all after learning the stuff that came out after he was gone.

  7. Dave Says:

    I think we are better off without him. He’s got a lot going on in his personal life and I’m not sure football will be easy for him to focus on. Between drugs, 4 million (est.) kids, and his recent injury problems, let some other team deal with that mess. Thanks for what you did while you were here, but you were/are not missed.

  8. Drexel Perry Says:

    Of course, the potential release/trade of Henry is purely hypothetical. Considering the Titans’ recent interest in attaining a vet back, it’s logical to think that Henry, if jettisoned, could be a possibility.
    If the Titans have any interest, they should wait to see if he is released because they already have LenDale, just drafted CJ and C.Henry is still on the roster.
    As always, thanks for the comments guys.

  9. Ruben G Says:

    Hell no we got our stable of backs,he needs to care of all his kids

  10. Drexel Perry Says:

    Wow..Henry was just released…

  11. Dave Says:

    Good. Now he can go be a father to, at least, a few of his kids. He’s made enough money to be able to live a comfortable life after the NFL. This guy is the epitome of what’s wrong with today’s pro-sports leagues. Too much money, to easily tempted by the women/ drugs/ what-have-you. I don’t expect any of these guys to lead perfect lives, but for god sake, use a condom once in a while.

  12. Scott Says:

    I wonder if he regrets leaving the Titans. Things might have been different for him if he had stayed in Tennessee.

  13. Dave Says:

    I don’t know much about his Denver contract, but it seems to me they will owe him some money….it was a 5 year deal if I’m not mistaken

  14. tompkins Says:

    it’s like this…our running game is questionable..this is the nfl…we all want to win…every team deals with thugs…that’s the nfl…why not bring him in for a small fee and see what happens…at least create some competition. we have to run the ball…he runs hard…we haven’t seen a back run hard for the titans since he was here…give him another chance…he’s a thug…so what? this is football…not church….i want to win

  15. Dave Says:

    Our running game is fine. We do not need this guy back. He’d have to play for next to nothing because of the risks involved with his character and I’m sure he won’t do that. I’m sick of hearing/seeing/reading about Adam Jones and I sure don’t want to have to hear…etc….about T. Henry after he screws up again. I’d much prefer the Titans had good character players and gained back some of the respect they lost when Pacman came to town.

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