The UDFAs – the rest of the Titans’ rookies


It doesn’t happen every year, but it’s not uncommon for an undrafted free agent rookie to make the Titans’ 53-man roster. Last year it was Biren Ealy and the year before it was Ahmard Hall. In previous years, Drew Bennett and Brad Kassell not only made the team but eventually became starters. UDFA Billy Volek became the #2 quarterback and got a lot of starts when Steve McNair was injured.
Will any of this year’s UDFAs make the team?
DT Barry Booker probably has the best chance — the Titans had given him a sixth-round grade for the draft. I am not aware of any of the others having a draftable grade. The Titans must really like Rafael Little, though. He’s a project who will have to spend the year rehabbing from ACL surgery and won’t see the field until 2009.
I don’t know much about the others. Most of them are probably just camp fodder. Frank Wycheck has a kinder description — he calls them “legsavers” — they’re the guys who do a lot of the training camp work for the veteran players. saving their legs for the beginning of the season.
Following is the list of this year’s UDFAs. If anyone has any info on any of them, your input will be appreciated.

      • DT Barry Booker – Virginia Tech
      • RB Omar Cuff – Delaware
      • LB Jerrell Freeman – Mary-Hardin Baylor
      • S Tony Joiner – Florida
      • RB Rafael Little – Kentucky
      • T Brock Pasteur – Stephen F. Austin
      • WR Jason Rivers – Hawaii
      • C Eric Scott – Kentucky
      • C/G Fernando Velasco – Georgia
      • WR Edward Williams – Lane College

4 Responses to “The UDFAs – the rest of the Titans’ rookies”

  1. jrtitans Says:

    I only had read that article that Williams (WR)was doing well and I agree that taking a guy (Little)that will rehab all year must be really liked.

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    I wrote an article about the undrafted free agents the day the draft ended, and within the comments section, you can find additional links to info/profiles of each of the UDFA’s.

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Excellent stuff, Drexel. I had obviously forgotten about that. My bad.

  4. Scott Says:

    I am a little more optimistic about this year’s UDFA group than you Andrew. I think the Titans did very well in the UDFA market. There are a number of quality players on this list that have a great chance to, at a minimum, make the practice squad. I agree that Booker has a chance to make the 53 man roster.
    I also think that Cuff has a good chance to hold down the 4th running back spot, which means that Ganther will likely be out this year. Little will be put on IR and will be back next year to compete for a spot. He is a good RB and he will likely play in the NFL some day. But for his injury, he would have been drafted.
    One of the offensive line prospects also has a chance to crack the 53 man roster – it will likely be either Velasco or Scott. Both were quality college players.
    And I hate to say this, but I think that both Rivers and E. Williams are probably in the WR mix. One will surely make the practice squad, if not the 53 man roster, particularly if either can make a contribution on special teams. Both were good college receivers. There is so much mediocrity among the current receiving group that either of these guys could stick around as the 7th receiver, if Graves and Heimerdinger conclude that one of them has significant upside.
    I know there is no way that all of the guys I have mentioned are going make the 53 man roster, but I do think that 2 of them might, and that the rest will be part of the practice squad (except for Little who will be on IR).

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