Which Titan will have a breakout year in 2008?


Prior to last season, Albert Haynesworth was a source of frustration for Titan fans. Injuries and a forgettable fit of rage displayed towards Andre Gurode were vivid examples of Big Alís inability to live up to his vast potential.
In 2007, Haynesworth finally put it all together and achieved the best statistical performance of his career, harassing opposing quarterbacks on a consistent basis while attaining six sacks.
Alís presence was also felt by opposing running backs, who failed to sail through rushing lanes that were clogged by the intimidating presence of Fat Albert.
Haynesworth had a long-awaited breakout season in 2007. Which Titan will breakout in 2008?

Vince Young
Entering his third season, Young is poised for a breakout year. A sophomore slump removed the luster from his sparkling debut as a rookie in 2006, when the team rallied from a 0-5 start to come up just short in their bid to make the playoffs.
The return of offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger should help Young in his development as a QB. During OTAís, Dinger has placed an emphasis on improving Youngís footwork.
The combination of last yearís disappointing performance and the return of Dinger should motivate Young to have a solid 2008.
Michael Griffin
Griffin is my pick to have a breakout year in 2008. As a rookie, Griffin experienced his share of growing pains in the beginning of the season. However, by the end of the year, Griff had emerged as a vital cog in the Titansí defense.
I expect Griff to continue to improve and become one of the best safeties in the league in 2008.
Cortland Finnegan
Finnegan is one of the recent Titan 7th round draft picks that have been able to overcome the odds and become contributors in the NFL. Cortland responded well to the challenge of replacing Pacman in 2007, accumulating 95 tackles and successfully defending 13 passes.
Finnegan is a hard worker who has often garnered the praise of the coaching staff, and I expect him to continue his development into one of the leagueís better cornerbacks.†
Justin McCareins
My decision to include Justin as a breakout candidate is solely based on his return to Dingerís offense in Tennessee. As a result of the absence of the injured Roydell Williams, McCareins has been getting starterís reps at WR during OTAís.
After a disappointing tenure as a Jet, McCareins might experience a rebirth in Nashville next season.
Eugene Amano
Benji Olsonís retirement and Jacob Bellís departure via free agency opened up two starting spots at guard. One of those voids was filled with the free agent acquisition of Jake Scott. The other spot will be†earned by the winner of the battle between Eugene Amano and Leroy Harris.
Amano has been the Titansí top backup on their offensive line and was given an extension last season. Itís time for Amano to step up in his opportunity to become a starter on the Titansí o-line.
Who are your picks for the Titan breakout performer of 2008?


12 Responses to “Which Titan will have a breakout year in 2008?”

  1. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Here’s hoping that all of them have breakout years. If only one of them does, the team will benefit most if that player is VY.

  2. jerry t Says:

    I think all 5 of these players will have a break out year
    and the future is looking promised to just can’t afford

  3. kevin G Says:

    the only one I would add to the list is the freak, he was not used properly in the eagles defense, he will not be as good as his first tenure here, but 8-10 sacks are not out of the realm of posibility

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    Kevin G,
    I’d view a Kearse re-emergence as a comeback year, rather than a breakout year, considering the success he has had in the past. That’s the only reason why I didn’t include him on the list.
    I agree that Jevon could have a good season. Of course, the key with him will be his ability to stay healthy.
    As for VY, he’s the captain of the ship, and if he performs well, the Titans will probably have a great year.
    Thanks for the comments, guys.

  5. Harrison Says:

    Here’s hoping Cortland and Griff are the breakouts this year. While it would be great if VY breaksout, Im not really expecting him too. He may even get a little worse while he’s figuring out his footwork. But the secondary bennefited greatly from the D-line and was 10th against the pass last year. That D-line from last year doesn’t exist anymore, so how does that bode for the Titans secondary? And lets face it; we got to the playoffs last year solely because of our defense.

  6. David H. Says:

    Drex, Im going to push the envelope a little bit and say Lendale White. I know hes not listed above and he had a good season as a starter last year, but with Chris Johnson being the Lighting to his Thunder, his workload will be a lot lighter. And just the thought of having both those guys in the backfield together at the same time is going to cause headaches for opposing defenses. If they come out in a split back formation then flank CJ out in the slot, its going to command attention and leave the middle wide open. Thats just one example of how to use them both, imagine what Dinger is cooking up. Lendale also has had a full season as a starter so he knows what to expect from a physical standpoint. Two back systems are very successful. ie Taylor and Jones-Drew, McAllister and Bush. Lendale also earned my respect after I learned that he played all of last season on a torn miniscus, and did’nt have surgery or make it public until well after the season ended.

  7. Which Titan will have a breakout year in 2008? | Fleur D Licious Says:

    […] Prior to last season, Albert Haynesworth was a source of frustration for Titan fans.http://mvn.com/nfl-titans/2008/06/04/which… […]

  8. bobcomu Says:

    If the the offense can find a way to get the ball in the endzone when they are in the redzone they will be the breakout players of the year, much like the defense had a breakout year last year. The Titans have never been a team that relies on just one player to get the job done, although there has been some standouts. If the offense can have the same type of breakthrough that the defense enjoyed last year then the AFC elite had better watch out cause the Tennessee Titans will be for real!! But if I had to pick one player it has to be VY.

  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    David H.,
    I’m also hoping that LenDale can step it up next year. He probably had one of the quietest 1,100 yard seasons a back could possibly have in 2007.
    I didn’t put Lendale on the list because I think Johnson is going to steal some of his thunder (pun intended). If Johnson is as good as we think he is, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him earn his fair share of carries next year.
    Lendale should continue to be the hammer in the Titan running game, with Johnson emerging as the home run threat.
    As always, thanks for your thoughts.

  10. jrtitans Says:

    I like all the guys mentioned and think all of them will do well. Lets get ready because I think this will be VY’s best season to date.
    But my breakout guys are:
    1) Chris Johnson–I think he will be the home run hitter we all hope he will be.
    2) Biren Ealy–He went from the practice squad, to playing and maybe he’s number 3 on the depth chart now. I think he will push to be the #2 receiver.
    3) DT/DE Rookie–I dont know which one, but one of the guys: Ford, Johnson, Jones, Hayes–is going to be a new fan fav.
    4) a special teamer–Im thinking both Stamper and Carr are going to be well liked also.
    5) TOTAL TITANS—what a great group of writers we are lucky to have–this site is getting better and better.
    Ita all good it titan land!

  11. Dave Says:

    I agree with #5. Excellent writing, good polls, and overall quality site.

  12. Andrew Strickert Says:

    jrtitans and Dave,
    Thanks for the kind words which are very much appreciated.

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